Best Underwear for Workouts: 5 Performance-Boosting Pieces

Best Underwear for Workouts

How do you like to move? No matter what you do for exercise, the most important thing is how you feel when you’re doing it. Whether you enjoy running, walking, cycling, lifting weights, practicing yoga, any combination of those things, or something else completely, it’s essential to choose the proper workout attire. Although you may know to wear lightweight shirts, layered shorts, and training tights, one factor many active guys don’t consider is their underwear.

The best underwear for workouts is anything that’s cool, breathable, and offers adequate support and coverage. For active underwear, you might consider a boxer brief with mesh cutouts or a brief designed for a perfect fit. Leo offers a wide range of sports underwear men will appreciate the design of. Each style of our underwear for men is made using high-tech processes and includes performance-enhancing features. But do you know how to choose the best underwear for a workout? Keep reading to find the ideal style for your ideal form of exercise.

Best Underwear for Running:

If you’re going for a run, you need the chafe prevention that a long boxer brief can give you. Whether you’re running in shorts, leggings, or a layered look with both, what you wear underneath is equally important. 

As an example, our Long Athletic Boxer Brief covers down to mid-thigh, plus it has a pocket on the side that’s big enough to hold your phone while you run. Success is what happens when you’re able to keep your hands free and your thighs chafe-free! 

Best Underwear for Cycling:

When you’re riding a bike – either a regular one or a stationary one – it’s important to stay aerodynamic. That’s where our High-Tech Mesh Boxer Brief comes into play.

The breathable mesh cutouts keep you feeling cool and the length of the legs prevents chafing. This design is also so seamless it won’t show under your biker shorts. What’s more, this boxer brief has a specially-designed ergonomic pouch for superior support! Go the distance in high-tech boxer briefs that feel like you’re wearing nothing.

Best Underwear for Yoga:

Yoga is a great way to center your mind and increase your body’s strength, balance, and flexibility. Whether you’re practicing yoga at room temperature or doing hot yoga, you’ll want to keep it cool in underwear that will offer support but won’t show through your yoga pants.

That’s why our Ultra-Light Brief is a perfect option for yoga classes. It offers the support you need with minimal coverage, and it’s made of FitTech: our signature ultra-breathable fabric that’s so light, you’ll feel like you have nothing on. Most importantly, this brief gives you full freedom of motion, letting you twist into whichever pose comes next.

Best Underwear for Sports:

Some guys prefer to stay active by playing sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, kickball, or something else. No matter which sport you choose, chances are, it will require some degree of full-body movement, so you’ll want to choose underwear that moves with you.

Best Underwear for Workouts

That’s why our Ultra-Light Trunk is the perfect option for sports, whether you’re practicing with friends or playing in an organized game. It offers just enough coverage for comfort and chafe protection, plus it has a supportive, ergonomically-designed pouch. This trunk is made of our signature quick-dry FitTech fabric for a perfect fit, plus it feels like you’re not even wearing anything. Ultra-light underwear offers full freedom of motion and leaves you free to keep your head in the game.

Best Underwear for the Gym:

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll talk about which underwear is best for a workout at the gym. Whether you’re going to the gym to lift weights, do cardio, take a class, or any combination of those things, you’ll want to choose underwear that’s light, comfortable, and breathable.

Best Underwear for Workouts

This Microfiber Trunk is made of our signature ComfortTech microfiber to keep you feeling cool and dry no matter what. It has a supportive, ergonomically-designed pouch and is designed for a perfect fit to give you a full range of motion. Because this trunk is made of quick-dry fabric, it doesn’t hold onto sweat or odor as long as other trunks would, so it’s perfect for any workout that causes perspiration. Put it to the test the next time you’re setting a new PR!

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