7-Day Challenge to Renew Your Energy

Our day-to-day lives are robbing us of energy. It's gotten to the point where we can feel our vitality diminish with the passing of each week with the neverending cycle of challenges and work we face. And, of course, every task requires mental and emotional (sometimes even physical) strength, and time...we have to find a way to recharge. Sometimes a vacation can't come soon enough, and we feel our inner fuel start to deplete - in short, we're running on empty.

Well, first off, you'll be glad to know that this isn't abnormal at all. You're not alone. It happens to all of us! That's why we suggest you try this one-week challenge. Although it may seem like just one more task to add to your ever-growing to-do list, this challenge will bring back your energy through simple habits that refresh your mind and soul, helping you feel motivated and enthusiastic again.

Day 1: Everything seems less serious when you're organized.

Let's get a step ahead of Monday by starting this challenge on Sunday. Why? Because then you can plan your week out perfectly. The tasks we have to do always seem bigger in our minds than they really are. So grab your paper and pencil and start to organize everything in order of priority. Try to tackle the heaviest or most complicated things at the beginning of the week. When you jot everything down into a day-to-day schedule, you'll notice that everything will seem more manageable. By tackling a little every day, you'll notice your stress start to diminish. By accomplishing this challenge, not only will you free up your agenda, you'll also have the satisfaction of having accomplished your tasks!

Day 2: Sometimes you just have to breathe.

Nowadays, we hear a lot of talk about meditation. And, you know what? It makes sense. Meditation helps you calm down and feel more energetic at the same time! To meditate, you don't need any tools, supplies, or products. Just take a few minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Of course, there are some more advanced methods...but to start out, all you need to do is spend 2 minutes, right when you wake up, concentrating solely on the feeling of air entering and exiting your body. This wakes up your mind, making you feel more calm, clear, and mentally ready for everything the day brings.

Day 3: Complaints take energy you can't get back.

Our culture teaches us to view ourselves through a lens of deficiency. Because of this, we have a problem: every day, we spend a sizeable amount of time complaining about issues that we can actually, easily solve for ourselves. The reality is that none of our issues can be solved simply by complaining about them. Instead of freeing you from your problems, complaining causes you to spend unnecessary energy and fills your brain with negative thoughts. Make an effort to stop complaining, starting today! If something's bothering you, take action to improve it. Bit by bit, you'll discover that taking action is much more satisfying than allowing complaints to stagnate in your mind.

Day 4: Read to learn that everyone's truth is different.

Just about every story has already been told through literature. For every one of your problems and anxieties, there's at least one book out there that deals with it. Reading gives you perspective, humility, and peace of mind, helping you realize that not everything is so serious or so immense as you think. Every problem is nothing more than a story that will end at some point. Read to find out about other realities, so that your mind won't be so focused on your own problems. Open your mind for a moment and forget about your drama.

Day 5: Hearing a familiar voice can be all the therapy you need.

As our days rush by, sometimes we forget about the peace that spending time in the company of our loved ones gives us. Of course, sometimes there are valid reasons why we can't meet up in person, but you can always make a phone call. Listening to familiar voices, their laughter, their advice, and their words of encouragement can make life much more bearable. Always remember that you're not alone and that encouragement might just be a phone call away.

Day 6: Move along with the universe.

Start off your day by dancing, jogging, or going on a little walk. Remember that everything in the universe moves and, when you sit still, you're going against the flow of nature. A little bit of movement activates the production of endorphins (chemicals in your brain that make you happy), making your brain more receptive and helping you feel enthusiastic. What are you waiting for? Let's get moving.

Day 7: Celebrate yourself.

It's the weekend! You can't work all the time - take this day to have fun, think about other things, and congratulate yourself for all the good work you've done...like finishing this 7-day challenge! Find a way to celebrate and embrace yourself. Remember that we recharge through self-love.

And...that's it! At the cost of nothing but a little willpower, you can change your life - or at least your energy. Keep doing what you're doing. Your newfound energy will give you the power to live your best life!

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