Post-Op Panties & Surgical Underwear


    Check out Leonisa's Post Op Panties for Comfortable Recovery

    Recover in comfort, recover in Leonisa's post-op panties! Each one of these specially designed supportive bottoms was designed to help you heal from surgical procedures. They feature built-in compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling while gently encouraging your body to heal and to take shape. A perfect post op panty is a great way to ensure the best results from whichever surgery you've undergone. Our surgical underwear, or post op underwear, is designed using cutting-edge technology and features details that are as functional as they are beautiful. These post op panties can be worn to recover from plastic surgery or from a c-section procedure, so they're as versatile as they are helpful.

    All of our post-surgical recovery garments are recommended by doctors because they're as comfortable as they are effective. Not only that, they're designed using fabrics that stay fresh and dry, allowing you to wear them all day every day without discomfort, which is important for post-surgical recovery because your doctor may require you to wear it as often as possible! If you're wearing these post surgical underwear items to bounce back from pregnancy, you will be delighted to find that they will help you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body, gently flattening your tummy and shaping your waist while giving you back support. If you're wearing it for post-surgical recovery from a plastic surgery, you'll be amazed that each one of these post op underwear pieces is specially designed to not irritate incisions, because they don't have annoying hooks or zippers. Many of these styles are step-in or feature velcro closures for supremely easy wear and an amazingly comfortable fit. You won't even know you're wearing them! So if your doctor has encouraged you to buy post-surgical or postpartum panties, you're absolutely in the right place. Try them on for yourself!