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    Are you looking to have some cosmetic surgery done? Leonisa is here to help create your dream figure post-surgery. Leonisa compression garments offer the absolute best solution for post-surgery recovery. Many of our liposuction compression garments are designed as waist-to-knee post-surgical body shapers made with high-quality materials to offer post-op comfort, too. Each high-waisted garment is designed with front or side closures and offers a slide-on, open-bust shape that works with any ladies’ bust size.

    Compression Garment Features and the Healing Process

    Wearing a liposuction compression garment is critical in the healing process. Until your incisions heal and shape into your desired silhouette, you will probably be recommended to wear some sort of bodysuit or shapewear. A necessity in recovery, compression garments help to prevent post-operative swelling, which can last several weeks, as well as the buildup of excess fluid, bruising and discoloration around the tissue.

    Luckily, Leonisa offers the most comfortable body shapers, made with our trademark technology, a smooth microfiber material with fantastic breathability and anti-bacterial features. These garments can be worn for days after surgery while ensuring your incisions stay clean and infection-free.

    Unlike many other Leonisa silhouette-flattering garments that offer a front enclosure, lipo compression garments feature hook-and-eye closures with zippers on the front or sides, avoiding the incision area. Plus, with an open gusset and seamless edges, you can wear liposuction compression garments beneath clothes, too, showing off your sexy new figure. Furthermore, Leonisa liposuction compression garments will even enhance your curvy hourglass silhouette with three back seams and a flattering, butt-lifting effect made possible with sheer fabric at the rear.

    Find the Best Liposuction Compression Garment

    Explore Leonisa’s best-selling post-surgery compression garments to help aid you in the recovery process. Choosing the best liposuction compression garment for your lipo procedure will help you recover faster and give you the body of your dreams. So, if you have an upcoming cosmetic surgery procedure scheduled, be prepared. Don’t wait to find the right kind of compression garment. Ideally, you should wear our garment immediately after abdominoplasty to achieve the best results.

    Unsure what kind of liposuction compression garment is best for your procedure? Consult with your plastic surgeon and reach out to Leonisa specialists for advice. Chances are they know our name, as Leonisa liposuction compression garments are highly praised by surgeons everywhere. Make the most out of your lipo surgery today. Speak to our doctor to help you choose the best post-surgery bodysuit or garment.

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