Bra Riding Up Back? 4 Causes and Solutions

There are a number of ways in which your underwear might betray you. From panty styles that bunch up to metal bra hooks that dig into your back and shoulders, the list of faux pas seems to make finding comfortable yet sexy bras and underwear feel like a never-ending search. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid these problems altogether. For bras in particular, it's all about knowing what to look for. 

While certain styles of bras might work better for different breast types, finding a bra that fits you perfectly is all about customizing your unique size and fit. One common (and very annoying) problem with bras is that some straps and bands tend to ride up in the back. If you've experienced this before, you know how irritating it can be, both physically and figuratively. Here's what you can do to prevent your bra from riding up your back, as well as a few easy solutions for when it does happen. 

Cause: Your Bra Is Too Tight 

The most common cause of this issue is due to a bra that is too tight around the ribs. In addition to riding up in the back, an ill-fitting bra band can also bring on a whole lot of other issues including red marks, circulation issues and unwanted bulges that are visible through clothing. However, you can avoid this particular fit issue by taking a quick bra size quiz to help you decide what size you should buy to avoid problems like these. 

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Cause: You're Buying the Wrong Cup Size 

Your bra could also be riding up your back because of your chosen cup size. If your bra cups are too big, the band and straps might ride up in the back as a result of the extra space left by the cups. On the other hand, bra cups that are too small might also give you the same issue due to consequential bulging and spilling. When trying on a bra, look in the mirror from both front and side angles. Make sure you don't see large gaps and extra space or bulging skin around the cup area from either angle. If you do, try sizing the cups up or down accordingly. 

How Is a Bra Supposed to Fit, Anyway?

Cause: Your Straps Need Adjusting

Knowing how to tighten bra straps the correct way is key to getting a perfect fit. Though this primarily helps prevent a bra from riding up in the back, it can also save you from other annoying bra woes like shoulder pain and red marks. When adjusting your straps, take a look at how much they pull at your shoulders. Bulges and lots of pulling are sure signs that you should loosen the straps more. You should tighten your bra straps if the bottom of your underwire or cups feel too low or you feel the need to pull up constantly. 

Cause: You Need More Support

To be clear, you don't have to choose between wearing a cute bra and wearing a bra with ample support. You can have the best of both bras thanks to the revolutionary technology from Leonisa, which means no more bra straps riding up your back due to flimsy materials. SmartLace ® bras, along with our other fabrics, gives you all the flirtiness of a sexy bra while also providing the shape and support of a regular bra. Go ahead and make some room in your lingerie drawer. 

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