What Kind of Bra Should You Wear with a Halter Top?

Trends from the '90s are coming back and are stronger than ever this season. As the weather is heating up, so are the wardrobe pieces we'll be seeing everyone starting to wear. That's right - it's the return of everyone's favorite sexy shirt: halter tops. Halter tops are a fun addition to your closet and the perfect thing to throw on when it's a warm spring or summer day.

With straps that tie up around your neck to show off your back and shoulders, these iconic tops may leave you with one question though: What type of bra are you supposed to wear with it?

Leonisa is here to help you find the best fitting and comfiest bra that will solve your trendy outfit problems. Don't let an undergarment issue stand in the way of creating the warm weather, fashionable look you desire. Here are two ways for you to rock that halter top, as well as some options for the best bras to pair with it this season.

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Hide It

You have two styling choices when selecting which bra works best with your halter tops. The first option is to go incognito with a bra style that stays perfectly hidden from view. There are different types of bras that can work underneath your halter top without being noticeable. Our top choices for an undetectable bra is either a convertible one with multiple ways to adjust its straps or our classic strapless bra.

We love the variety of outfits that a convertible bra can work under while still providing you with the support you need from a strap. Halter tops, one shoulder tops or racerback tanks are all easily wearable with a convertible bra.

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Straps or No Straps

To wear a halter top with a convertible bra, simply remove one strap and adjust the remaining one so that it hooks to one of the front clasps. Guide the strap up around your neck, under your halter top tie and connect it to the other front clasp on the bra.

If you feel more comfortable sans any straps, then a classic strapless bra is also a great choice for pairing with halter tops. Our trusty and supportive strapless bra will stay hidden from sight beneath your cute and trendy shirts this season.

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Show It Off 

Of course, you don't necessarily have to hide what's underneath your spring and summer outfits. We believe some bras are made for showing off.

If you don't want to worry about hiding your bra underneath your halter top, then try wearing it with a lovely lace bralette that makes a statement and is meant to be seen. A lace bralette is the ultimate piece for feeling comfortable, sexy and worry-free-all at the same time.

Psychologists continue to say that self-confidence is related to an increase in happiness. If you're looking to boost your self-confidence, feel sexier and even happier, throw on your favorite Leonisa lace bralette and let it peek through those halter top straps. Turn heads as you rock your new outfit throughout your day.

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Featured: Sheer Lace Bustier Bralette with Underwire

As you shop for the trendiest, sexiest halter tops to add to your wardrobe this year, remember that you've got options for bra styles.

When it comes to what to wear underneath, Leonisa has you covered (literally!). Choose to go incognito for a classic halter top look with the support you need from an undetectable bra or spice it up with a made-to-be-seen sexy lace bralette. Whichever you choose, do what makes you feel confident and comfortable this season.

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