The Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts

Looking for the best bras for wide-set breasts, or simply wondering whether or not you have wide-set breasts in the first place? You've come to the right place. In this guide, we explain what wide-set breasts are and how to tell if you have them or not. Then, we walk you through the six main features to look for when shopping for the best bras for wide-set breasts.

What Are Wide-Set Breasts?

Wide-set breasts go by many names, including butterfly shape and side-set breasts. You might also see the term "east-west" used, though this usually refers to nipples pointing in opposite directions outward from the body, as opposed to the gap between the breasts themselves. Many people with wide-set breasts also have east-west nipples, but not all of them.

No matter what term you use, they all refer to breasts that have a significant gap between them in the middle-usually a width of three fingers or more. Breasts of any size can be wide-set, but the gap is most obvious on medium size breasts. Small breasts don't form enough cleavage to make the gap very apparent, while large breasts have enough tissue that bras push the breasts together, disguising the gap.

Because many bra styles are made for people with a small or average gap between their breasts, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to find the best bras for wide-set breasts. Choosing the wrong bra type can result in an uncomfortable fit, not to mention they won't make your breasts look their best. In the next section, we explain what features to look for in bras for wide-set breasts.

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The Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts

If you have wide-set breasts, here are six features you should look for as you shop for bras:

Bras with Demi and Plunge Cups

Both of these bra styles have cups that offer less coverage on the front sides of the cups, making them ideal for people who have wide-set breasts where the tissue is concentrated on the outside edges. Demi cup bras offer medium coverage, whereas plunge cups offer the least amount of coverage for those who want to show off their cleavage. If you've been wearing full coverage cups this whole time, try switching to either demi or plunge cups to see if they fit better.

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Bras with Push-up Padding

Push up bras are designed to push your breasts up and together, so if you're looking to get that classic cleavage look with wide-set breasts, then push up bras are a must. Look for bras that concentrate the padding on the outer sides of the bra, which will help push your breasts towards the center of your chest.

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Bras with a Wide Center Gore

The center gore is the triangle in the middle front of the bra that holds the two cups together. The gore is responsible for how close or wide-set the cups are, so finding a gore that works for you is a must for bras for wide-set breasts. Look for gores that have a wider width, which will result in cups that are more widely spaced, mirroring your natural shape. The gore should lay flat against your sternum when you try on the bra.

Bras with Front Closures

Front closure bras are designed to push your breasts together, making them a great solution for wide-set breasts. As an added bonus, front closure bras are way easier to put on and take off. If you're worried about a flimsy plastic clasp breaking, then look for front closure bras that feature numerous hook-and-eye clasps, such as those available here at Leonisa.

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Bras with Racerback Straps

Similar to front closure bras, racerback bras also work to push the breasts together. (They're also a great solution for people who have narrow shoulders and constantly struggle with slipping straps.) If you're not sure if you will like the racerback straps, then seek out convertible bras that can be worn both ways so you can have the best of both worlds.

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Bras with Structured Sides

While thin bralettes may be appealing, they sometimes don't provide enough support for medium or large wide-set breasts. Instead, look for bras that have more support on the sides, which can take the form of thicker fabric, underwire, wider bands and/or padding. All of these features will work together to push your breasts towards the center and keep them from bouncing around the sides.

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