4 Tips for Choosing Comfortable Shapewear

Let’s be totally honest. We have different goals in mind when it comes to shapewear. We often expect a smooth silhouette, a seam-free appearance under clothing, a flattering look for our curves, a polished sense of style and a better posture. However, we can all agree that choosing comfortable shapewear is the topmost priority.

Leonisa carries a gorgeous variety of everyday shapewear that fits right, enhances your figure and feels comfy with every movement you make. You can target specific body areas or give your entire torso a smooth, fit look.

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Check Out Our Shapewear for Women

Pieces you can find include:

  • Bodysuits
  • Waist cinchers
  • Shaper panties
  • Leggings
  • Butt lifters
  • Maternity shapewear
  • Postpartum shapewear

Whichever type of shapewear for women you decide on, use these tips to make sure it’s as comfortable as it is effective.

1. Choose the Right Shapewear Size

Our shapewear experts recommend taking your bust, waist and hip measurements before considering a purchase. When you go with your usual clothing size, the fabric will do its thing, look natural under your clothing and instantly feel just right.

Women sometimes mistakenly choose a smaller size than their regular clothing size because they believe squeezing their body into a tinier garment will deliver the best shaping effects. However, that is not the case. Instead, it will not only make you uncomfortable, but it will also create rolls and bulges where you don’t want them. If you wear a small, buy a small. If you wear a large, buy a large.

2. Understand Shapewear Compression

The beauty of shapewear garments lies in the exceptional and specially engineered fabric that exerts a level of pressure to create a smoothed, shaped, or sculpted silhouette. You can choose a compression level that's comfortable to you and gives you the results you're looking for.

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High-quality shapewear will fit you snugly but never feel constrictive, and you can shop by the ideal compression level you’re seeking. At Leonisa, we feature four levels of compression: super comfy, moderate, firm and extra firm.

3. Shop by Shapewear Style

Today’s modern woman is on the go and needs outfits that look fabulous, have durability and feel good when she’s wearing them. The best way to begin is with the perfect fashion foundation. Once you’ve chosen the right underwear, your shaping garments will deliver the rest, and you have tremendous options.

Shapewear has evolved immensely over the last decade, and now, you can purchase the ideal pieces that work for your wardrobe, schedule and occasion. Maybe for you, it’s a waist cincher or compression leggings.

You can build a better wardrobe when you have the correct shapewear garments that allow you free movement at every angle. Shop by style and consider these:

  • Body shapers
  • Bodysuits
  • Shaper panties
  • Shaper shorts
  • Cami shapers
  • Arm shapers
  • Contouring bras
  • Biker shorts

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Choose Your Favorite Everyday Shapewear

4. Consider the Shapewear Material

Another key aspect of seeking comfy shapewear is selecting the right fabric for your needs. For example, if it’s itchy, you won’t want it against your skin, and if it starts to ride up with any movement, again, that would be a no-go.

When you’re looking for shapewear that smooths and sculpts, you want an unfussy fabric that performs and feels good while you’re wearing this foundational piece. Most often, nylon and spandex materials will give you that amazing stretch, breathability and softness. These well-crafted garments often include stretch cotton, polyamide, microfiber or elastane inserts for superb comfort. Leonisa also offers trademarked fabrics, such as our PowerSlim®, DuraFit® and SkinFuse®, that offer varying levels of compression. 

Loving the Look of Leonisa Shapewear

We are unique individuals, and our bodies are special, strong, attractive and all our own. At Leonisa, we believe in helping women confidently celebrate their bodies and enhance their curves with smoothness and sleekness — without a seam in sight.

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