Do You Wear a Bra With a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits are some of the hottest, most versatile garments a person can rock. They’re available in a multitude of styles and colors, giving you the chance to wear them with everything from skirts to sweatpants. People who want to sport them and have yet to do so often question whether you wear a bra with the bodysuit or go braless. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s completely up to you and what makes you most comfortable, but there are several options to consider if you feel you need extra support.

Back-Smoothing Bra

strapless longline contouring bra

As its name indicates, a back-smoothing bra helps create a streamlined look on the back of the bodysuit. Many ladies appreciate this feature, considering that bodysuits are form-fitting.

As any fashionista knows, a great outfit often starts with what you’re wearing underneath it (and, of course, your confidence!). So, do you wear underwear with a bodysuit? The answer may surprise you. It’s generally not a good idea because it can keep the shapewear from properly doing its job.

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No-Show Bra

Have you ever looked at a person in a fantastic bodysuit and realized their bra lines aren't showing? You can typically thank a no-show bra for that. They do a stellar job of lending support while letting the bodysuit be the star of the show. When you choose a no-show bra that is high quality, is the right size and has the correct fit, no one will be able to see straps, hooks or any of the other parts of the bra that you don’t want visible.

tan strapless bra
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Built-in Bra

Some bodysuits have a built-in bra, giving you the ability to put it on and go without having to also put on a bra. Some people love this option. However, some feel they need more substantial support than what the built-in bra of a bodysuit will typically offer.

burgundy body suit

If you’re curious about the prospect, try on the bodysuit with the built-in bra at home, and wear it for a few hours to see how you feel. The good news is that if you find you need more support, you can always wear a bra anyway.

Backless Bra

Those who want to sport a bodysuit with a low back may have difficulty deciding what bra to wear if they don’t want the back strap to show but don’t feel comfortable going braless. A couple of options offer support without letting the strap show.

One possibility is choosing a bra that looks standard from the front but has a back strap that sits low enough on the back that it won’t be visible. The bra will usually have an additional strap, which wraps around the neck halter-style, or two shoulder straps. Some convertible bras let you mix and match the design.

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Shop today for a bra you can wear with all or most of your bodysuits or ones you’re planning on buying. You’ll adore the way a really great bra with a complementary bodysuit could significantly expand your outfit choices. As excited as you are to add a bra to your online shopping cart, take enough time to choose one in the right size, style and material so you’ll always feel like your best self any time you sport it.

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