How Often Should You Buy New Bras?

If it’s been a while since you refreshed your lingerie drawer, you should think about shopping for new bras. Bras for women can lose their shape over time, so most lingerie specialists suggest replacing your bras every six to 12 months. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong the life of your undergarments and recognize when it’s time to add new pieces to your wardrobe. Read on for tips that will help you care for your bras, extend the life of your favorites, and keep your style fresh.

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When To Replace Your Bra?

Bras are functional garments that work to support your bosom, so they don’t last forever. If you notice any of the signs of wear listed below, it’s time to replace your bra.

Loose Straps or Bands

Your bra should feel secure enough to lift and support your breasts without feeling tight. If the straps and band slip or feel loose on your body, they may be too stretched out to do their job well.

Visible Underwire

An underwire that sticks out indicates that the bra is wearing out. If an underwire is pushing through the fabric, rubbing against your skin, or digging into your flesh, then you need a new bra.

Worn-out Elastic

If you see any fine filaments emerging from your bra, it means the elastic is breaking and won’t provide enough support to lift your breasts. Replace your bra any time you notice damage to its fabric, lace or trim.

Poor Fit

If hormones, lifestyle choices or the passing of time causes your body to change size or shape, your bra may become uncomfortable and unflattering. Any bra that causes physical discomfort or no longer suits your style must be replaced with one that accommodates your changing figure.

Misshapen Cups

Over time, your bra cups may stretch out, start to gap or look uneven. Proper storage and care can affect how well your bras maintain their shape.

How To Make Your Bras Last Longer?

A well-maintained, high-quality bra can last for a year. Bras you wear occasionally can last even longer if they are meticulously cared for.

Keep Several Bras on Hand

Wearing a bra less frequently will help it last longer. If you have a minimum of six bras and you wear a different one every day, you can always have a clean one on hand.

Wear the Right Bra

Choose bras that fit well and provide the materials, construction and levels of support that best meet your needs. Wear a sports bra when you work out and a T-shirt or underwire bra for everyday wear.

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Maintain the Elastic

The elastic fibers that stretch and support your breasts can stop springing back after repeated wear. Bras made for large, heavy breasts may wear out more quickly if the elastic experiences too much stress. Wear each bra every other day at most, and take it off after a few hours to let it rest. This helps its cups, straps and band maintain their elasticity and shape.

Keep Your Bras Clean

Keeping your bras (including posture improvement bras) fresh and clean helps prevent body oils, sweat, dirt and skin care product residue from breaking down their fabric and elastic. You can wash your bra after two or three uses if you only keep it on for a few hours on cool, low-activity days. If you wear your bra on a hot day or while working out, you should wash it immediately after you wear it.

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Wash and Store Your Bras Correctly

Wash your bras gently. Heat, vibration, scrubbing and harsh cleaning agents can cause fabrics to lose their elasticity. Hand wash your bras in a basin of cool water with specialty detergent, mild soap, or baby shampoo, or place them in a mesh bag in a washing machine set to the delicate cycle. After washing, lay your bras flat on a towel and let them air dry. Never put your bras in the dryer; the heat can ruin the fabric. Store your bras flat in a drawer. Avoid doubling the bra to save space; nesting the cups can change their shape.

Stock Up on the Very Best Bras at Leonisa

It’s wise to buy a new bra anytime you want to update and refresh your wardrobe while extending the life of the foundations you already love. With careful attention, quality bras can last for months and even years. Our bras and shapewear at Leonisa have been noted by consumers to last up to five years. But, it is usually best to replace these products every year  because the fibers start to lose their properties as part of the normal breakdown process. 

At Leonisa, we offer plenty of silhouettes in our pieces for different bodies and occasions. Keeping a versatile, current selection of good bras on hand will help you feel confident in any outfit and ready to face the day!

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