How to Fold Underwear: 3 Helpful Tips

Have a drawer stuffed with your favorite panties, but can never find a specific pair? If your underwear drawer is maxed out and disorganized, it's time to learn how to fold underwear properly. 

Folding your underwear all nice and neat has several advantages. For starters, it can create a cleaner space that opens up more storage. You'll be surprised how many more square inches you gain when underwear is not just thrown in there!  Another benefit is that, with everything in its place, you can pinpoint the perfect pair whenever you're in a rush. Plus, you also preserve and lengthen the life of your panties.

If your underwear drawer is chaotic with briefs and thongs jumbled up haphazardly, it's time for an intervention. Learn how to fold underwear efficiently and properly to create ample drawer space and a sorting system.   

How to Fold Underwear: The Top 3 Methods

Easy to learn, these three underwear-folding methods work for just about any underwear style, minus a few. Thongs are an exception, as are wider boxers and briefs. But we'll offer more tips for those, too. For each method, be sure to use a flat surface and smooth out wrinkles after the first two steps. Ready? Let's start folding.

The Roll Method

  1. Lay underwear face up and at a 90-degree vertical position with the waistband to the right side.
  2. Taking the crotch, fold the panties in half to align with the waistband and smooth them over.
  3. Next, fold the underwear in half (to aim tighter) and, rolling away from you, create a compact cylinder-shaped bundle. 
  4. Store this fold style in a single-file and side by side, stacking layers if needed.

The Square Method

  1. Similar to the previous rolling method, you want to lay underwear face up-except this time, with the crotch towards you.
  2. Fold the bottom upward and aligned with the top band, smoothing it over.
  3. Next, fold each side toward the center, overlapping one another.
  4. Now a square shape, flip the panties and fold in half, taking care not to unfold tucked in areas.

The Egg Roll Method

  1. Lay underwear facing up with the waistband towards you.
  2. Starting at the waistband, create three narrow and equal folds toward the crotch. The crotch should remain out. 
  3. Flip the underwear over and fold in each narrow side, allowing them to overlap.
  4. Fold the crotch up and push your fingers into the three folds gap, creating a pocket. This step takes practice, but if you prefer just to throw your panties into the drawer, it will keep them neatly bundled. 

Additional Underwear Folding Methods to Know

As mentioned, some underwear can appear tricky to fold. Instead of winding your thong up using its very own "string", we want to offer a more delicate solution. Wider boxers and briefs also come with their own awkward appearance. Here are the steps on how to fold underwear styles like thongs, boxers and briefs. 

How to Fold Thongs

  1. Lay the thong face down with the waistband at the top.
  2. Take the crotch and fold it up, aligning it with the band.
  3. Similar to the square method, fold the thong into thirds, overlapping each side.
  4. Stack upright so each pair of underwear is visible.

How to Fold Boxers and Briefs

  1. Lay the briefs face down with the waistband at the top.
  2. Take the brief's bottom and fold it over, reaching the waistline.
  3. Rotate sideways and fold in thirds, creating a neat square shape.
  4. Depending on the depth of your drawer, fold once more if you like. 
  5. Stack the boxers or briefs side by side to grab the color you need quickly.

More Tips to Organize Your Underwear Drawer

One significant benefit of learning how to fold underwear is that it opens up your drawer space. Now that you have all your underwear folded into neat squares or rectangles, take advantage of this moment to organize your underwear drawer. Similar to the way you might store bras, you can organize underwear by color, style or occasion. You can also keep your go-to panties front and center. Add a few boxes to the drawer to separate them, standing each upright so you can see your entire underwear collection. Speaking of your collection, place aside old undies and treat yourself to a new pair. 

However you choose to fold and organize your underwear, do what makes sense to you and have some fun with it!

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