How to Hide Bra Straps

When planning an outfit, it's no surprise that you need to think about clothing, accessories and underwear. If you've ever experienced an unwanted panty line or rogue bra strap, then you understand why underwear selection is of equal importance when compared to the rest of your outfit. Though corresponding your panties to your outfit choice might require an extra moment or two of thought while getting ready, it can save you from a number of annoying fashion mishaps throughout the day or night. 

One of the most common underwear issues is having your bra straps stick out when you want them to remain unseen. Thankfully, there are some tips (and a few great bras) to help you avoid this, no matter what style of top or dress you choose. Here's what you need to know when it comes to hiding your bra straps. 

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It's worth noting that knowing how to hide your bra straps might come in handy more often than you think. If you need to pull off an emergency outfit change but don't have the right bra, for instance, it could help you out in a pinch. You might be the one to save the day for a friend in need at a party or event, too. While some of these fixes are best executed with a specific bra, there are also tricks you can use to throw a little DIY action into the mix. Below are some notoriously tricky styles and how to hide your bra straps while wearing them.

Bra Straps vs. Different Necklines

Racerback: This style creates an "X" shape that is common in sports bras, tank tops and dresses. Since many traditional bras don't make this shape in the back, it usually ends up showing most of the straps in the back and can be a distraction from your overall look. If you don't have a racerback-style bra, you can clip the two straps together using a bra clip, some string or even a paper clip. 

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Halter Tops: Ah, the halter top. It looks so nice and sophisticated in blouse or dress form, but it can create some serious bra strap issues. If you want to wear a halter top, the ideal bra is a fitted strapless bra, which will eliminate the problem altogether. Because halter tops make an "A" shape at the base of the neck and usually leave the top of the back area bare, straps are best tucked away or left out completely. If you're in a pinch, try tightening the waistband of your bra and tucking the straps to conceal them while still getting some extra coverage. 

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Camisole or Spaghetti Straps: With regular tank top straps, you can usually get away with tucking your bra straps right underneath your shirt straps. It's not the same with spaghetti straps due to their thin width. As always, a strapless bra is a solid option, but a fun way to avoid showing regular bra straps when wearing spaghetti straps is to go all out with a cute bralette! The bralette straps will help lift up your boobs and make a flirty style statement. 

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Additional Options to Consider

For special or more formal occasions, hiding bra straps might look a little different. For example, if you plan on wearing a sexy bra with lace and want to clip the straps together in the back, try a piece of red or black satin ribbon instead of a paper clip or bra clip. For formal occasions where a strapless jumpsuit or gown is being worn, cover your bases and invest in a sticky bra or another backless option. 

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