The Best Shapewear for Back Fat

There's nothing worse than zipping yourself into a cute dress, only to find that it cuts into your back and creates unsightly, uncomfortable rolls. Shapewear can help minimize the appearance of back fat and make it more comfortable to wear your favorite shirts and dresses. Here's what you need to know about shopping for shapewear for back fat. 

What to Look for in Shapewear for Back Fat

Determine what area of back fat you are targeting.

The type of shapewear that you choose will depend on what areas of your body that you want to shape, and this is true for back fat as well. Decide if you want to shape your whole back at once, or mostly concentrate on the lower back or upper back, and then choose your shapewear from there. For instance, if you're mostly trying to shape your back below your rib cage, then a high waisted shaper short might be perfect for you. If you're trying to smooth out back fat around the bra line, then you'll need a body suit, cami top or shaper bra instead.

Look for shapewear with a higher neckline in the back.

Many women are mostly concerned about smoothing out upper back fat, which can make it difficult to zip up dresses and shirts. If this is your area of concern, then you should always look for shapewear bodysuits that come up higher in the back. Some bodysuits are designed with a lower back so they won't show through clothes, but this won't do much to smooth out back fat so avoid those designs.

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Consider shapewear with straps.

Straps help keep shapewear from shifting around and help keep it in place during the day. While straps aren't necessary for lower body shapewear, they are a fantastic addition to upper body shapewear that smooths out back fat. If you have issues with your shapewear migrating throughout the day, then you should definitely seek out shapewear with straps for the best fit.

Choose bras with thicker bands.

Not all bras are shapewear, but this tip holds true for both shaping bras and regular bras. Thinner bra bands cut into your back, which can be uncomfortable and also creates rolls (even if you don't have them normally!). To keep this from happening, choose bras with wider sides and thicker bands. This will have the greatest smoothing effect and ensure that the bra stays in place throughout the day.

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The Best Shapewear for Back Fat

There are a couple of different styles of shapewear that are suited for back fat depending on your preferences. Here is the best shapewear for back fat:

If you want full body shapewear...

Look for a style with a higher back that comes to at least the bra line. This will smooth out back fat as well as any lines from your bra itself (most full body shapewear is designed with an open bust so you can wear your own bra with it). The most full coverage shapewear we offer is our Undetectable Open Bust Shorty Shaper Jumpsuit, which comes all the way up to the back of the neck.

If you want only upper body shapewear...

Consider a shaping cami. These tank top-like garments provide shaping through the entire back, making them perfect shapewear for back fat. However, they leave your bottom half free, so you can pair it with lower body shapewear or wear your regular underwear. You can choose an open bust cami and pair it with a regular bra, or select a full cami if you'd also like to minimize your bust. 

If you want lower body shapewear...

Look for shaper shorts and panties with a high waist that comes to the bottom of the bra line. This will smooth out lower back fat as well as your tummy. If you want some shaping on your thighs as well, choose shapewear with longer legs for more coverage.

If you are mostly concerned about bra lines...

Then a shaper bra is what you're looking for. These bras have extra thick bands in the back to minimize lines and smooth out back fat. They also have front closures to get rid of any lumps in the back and to make them easier to put on. These bras are an excellent choice if regular bras tend to cause rolls, but you're not looking to wear a full shapewear garment. Ready to find shapewear for back fat? Shop our selection of back support girdles, full body shapewear suits and more and get free shipping on continental U.S. orders over $25!

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