What Are Fajas Colombianas?

Fajas Colombianas is a word combination often thrown around to describe shapewear. But what is this shapewear, really? What makes it stand out above others? For starters, "fajas Colombianas" is the Spanish term used to identify specialized shapewear. However, while fajas have always been a Colombian shapewear staple, they've only recently been recognized and embraced by other countries and regions as a new and superior way to secure and flatter the figure. But just exactly what are fajas Colombianas and what makes them so highly regarded? In comparison to other lighter compression garments, what makes them so unique and how did they come under the spotlight? From their medical industry origins to their durable Powernet fabric to their various styles and uses, Leonisa breaks down what makes fajas Colombianas the absolute best shapewear you can find.

The Origins of Fajas Colombianas Before Everyday Shapewear

Before fajas Colombianas became more commonly worn and regarded as everyday shapewear, these garments were intended for medical purposes. Originating out of Colombia, a cosmetic surgery center world capital, fajas were once used as medical-grade postoperative wear for patients recovering from liposuction and other nip tuck routines. Essentially, they were used to aid in a faster recovery, to reduce swelling and to allow the skin to tighten properly. Due to their tighter and stronger hold, especially over the standard girdles that were then on the market, fajas Colombianas became adapted as shapewear by Latina women who desired a more hourglass-shaped, curvaceous figure. And fajas only took off further from there. Today, it is used by women everywhere.

What Makes Fajas Colombianas Unique?

As mentioned, fajas Colombianas, which were once intended solely as post-surgical girdles, are crafted with materials so secure and strong that they can give women a more defined waistline and contoured body shape with the absolute best support. And since Colombian textiles have been innovating to provide this support, fajas Colombianas are more popular than ever, allowing women to achieve the perfectly sculpted body with various types of shapewear. While many body shapers are manufactured in China with cheaper and lighter materials, true fajas Colombianas are crafted in Colombia from stronger fabric materials, such as Powernet. While your standard low compression body shapers and shapewear can be found in nylon and spandex materials, fajas Colombianas' high compression Powernet is an industrial-strength and medical-grade textile. In short, fajas Colombianas are incomparable and unparalleled-second to none. PowerSlim ®, SmartLace ®, SkinFuse ® and DuraFit ® are Leonisa's exclusive developments of Powernet shapewear, which is offered in many unique styles, fits and compression strengths. PowerSlim also comes in shapewear and post-surgical garments and girdles for both women and men. The beauty of PowerSlim lies in its intelligent fabric structure and unique quality, allowing garments to retain their shape after multiple washes and daily wear. Constructed with a hexagonal shape, the fabric also allows for greater air circulation, ensuring a fresh feeling even during sweat on a hot day or at the gym. And, of course, the outer lining is composed of Powernet, a blend of cotton and latex. No matter what type of shapewear you prefer, Leonisa offers Fajas Colombianas for everyone. From seamless soft compression to firm compression shapewear, we're sure you'll find a style you love!

When to Use Fajas Colombianas

Since fajas Colombianas come in a variety of styles, fits and compression strengths, they also offer a variety of uses. These garments are even still prescribed as was originally intended-for postoperative shapewear-to wear after liposuction, augmentation mammoplasty and a mastectomy. But they've also been adopted for many other things, such as postpartum wear and as body shapers to give women a sexy, curvaceous body. Many women love to wear fajas Colombianas shapewear styles under their favorite evening dresses or sundresses during special occasions. And they also make a wonderful shapewear piece to place beneath a wedding gown on your big day. Fajas Colombianas also come in styles to support your baby bump during pregnancy as well as postpartum shapewear for new moms who wish to feel confident and return their bodies back to normal. And because fajas Colombianas were originally intended as post-surgical shapewear, there are also styles available for moms who've undergone a Cesarean section. For women looking to get into shape, some fajas Colombianas are even offered as activewear, capable of being worn under your workout clothes and leggings. There are even fajas girdles to be used as posture correctors, which can also be used while working out at the gym to keep your body aligned and in a proper position.

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