What Color Bra Should You Wear Under a White Shirt?

The perfect outfit requires a few things, including a cohesive color scheme, pieces that fit well and just the right amount of accessories. However, some elements of a great outfit are unseen and should remain that way during wear. Visible panty lines are a common (and annoying) side effect of wearing underwear beneath tight-fitting or thin clothing, but a pair of barely-there seamless panties will be undetectable underneath your outfit. With bras, it's important to choose a style that won't create bumps or show color through your shirt, especially if it's white. Here's everything you need to know about choosing a bra to wear underneath a white shirt.

The Best Bras for White Shirts

When it comes down to it, there are a few colors that work well with white shirts. It's important to know that your personal best bra for a white shirt might differ from someone else's, which is why you should try on a few and see what works best for you. However, it's important to get the style right before you dive into color selection. A good rule is to pair a white shirt with a bra made from smooth or non-textured material. White shirts tend to accentuate lace, mesh and other additions like bows or rhinestones, so it's a good idea to keep it simple if you don't want that stuff to be visible underneath a white shirt. An undetectable no-show bra is the best way to keep things smooth and seamless underneath your clothes. 

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In terms of color selection, a neutral or skin shade reigns as the best bra color to wear under a white shirt. This might be a light, medium or deep skin-inspired shade depending on your unique and beautiful skin tone, so make it your own personal neutral. Though some might think a white bra hides well under a white shirt, the shirt fabric (especially in tighter styles) actually tends to have the opposite effect, highlighting the bra shape instead of erasing it. 

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Getting Your Best Fit

It's also worth noting that an ill-fitting bra will show itself more when worn underneath white shirts in particular. For this reason, it's crucial to buy a white shirt-friendly bra that also gives you the perfect fit! If you've ever noticed uncomfortable bulging, cup spillage, painful red marks or general tightness in the bra strap or band areas, your bra is likely too small. Target the problem areas (like band size, cup size, specific bra style, etc.) and size up where you need more room. 

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Lack of support, drooping or gaps in these problem areas might mean your bra is too big and that you should size it down in the band, cup size or both. Nailing the fit of your bra will help it remain undetectable beneath white shirts and the rest of your tops!

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Spicing Up Your Nude Bra

If you love a sexy bra but don't want it to show underneath a white shirt, there are some elements that will give you both. Look for cute nude bras with a lace or mesh detail that emerges discreetly from beneath the cup or band line. These additions usually lay close to the skin and do not come in contact with your shirt, allowing it to become a sexy addition that won't create bumps underneath your white shirt! 

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