What Is a Mastectomy Bra?

In the United States, breast cancer is frequently diagnosed among women, affecting around one in eight during their lifetime. Treatment for breast cancer often involves a procedure called mastectomy, which removes all or part of the breast. This can be an emotionally and physically draining experience that requires considerable recovery time. The mastectomy bra is a special type of bra specifically designed for post-surgery wear; it can help a woman, who has undergone a mastectomy, feel more comfortable and secure.

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A Mastectomy Bra

A mastectomy bra is designed to fit and support someone who has had a mastectomy without putting too much pressure on sensitive chest areas where the surgery was performed. They are made from fabrics that are extremely gentle on the skin.

Differences Between a Mastectomy Bra and a Regular Bra

The first is the pockets. Mastectomy bras come with bilateral pockets — one on each side of the bra band — or a single pocket on the affected side. These pockets are used to hold prostheses, also known as breast forms, in place and to keep them from slipping down throughout the day.

They also come up higher on the neckline and under the arms than a regular bra for added support and to ensure that any breast forms stay in place. The straps are wider and are made from softer materials so as not to cut into the skin or cause chafing.

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Lastly, they do not contain underwires. Mastectomy bras have soft cup wings that provide gentle support and coverage without the discomfort and irritation of an underwire.

What To Consider When Looking for a Mastectomy Bra

When shopping for the right mastectomy bra to suit your needs and preferences, keep these factors in mind:

  • Fit: It is important to get a mastectomy bra that fits properly. The band should be snug but not too tight, and the cup size should accommodate any prosthesis you may have.
  • Material: Choose a fabric that is soft and comfortable on your skin yet durable enough for everyday wear. Look for fabrics, such as polyamide or elastane, that will provide gentle support without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable against your skin.

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  • Style and design: Find something that looks good on you while meeting your needs. Consider the neckline, straps, wings and amount of coverage when choosing a mastectomy bra.
  • Cost: Mastectomy bras can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting good quality at a reasonable price. However, cost shouldn’t deter you from buying something that will help you heal quicker and feel more comfortable.
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Types to Include in Your Shopping List

Immediately after the operation, you will need post-surgery bras. These are soft and lightweight and have pockets to hold one or two breast forms if required.

For everyday support, there are mastectomy bras with an under-bust structure for extra comfort, adjustable straps and a wide range of styles for different body types. A good example is a full-coverage bra or a T-shirt bra, which has a seamless look under clothing.

Sports bras and swimwear are also available for those seeking physical activities. These are designed to reduce bouncing when exercising and have materials that resist chlorine and dry quickly.

For formal occasions, you can opt for a special-occasion mastectomy bra with lace trimmings or decorative straps. Remember to keep to colors that go with your clothes to maintain a natural look.

Wearing a Mastectomy Bra

Your scars after your surgery will take quite some time to heal properly. However, a post-mastectomy bra will help speed up this process, minimize pain and reduce the risk of infection.

Doctors often recommend wearing these bras all the time for a number of weeks after the operation. This is especially important for women with a high risk of lymphedema, as they help to reduce the amount of fluid that collects in the affected area.

Doctors also recommend keeping the incision areas clean and dry for at least one week after your surgery. So, you might want to avoid showers and take sponge baths instead. In order to avoid further irritation, let the incision areas air dry completely before putting on a mastectomy bra.

A mastectomy bra should be worn as part of your daily wardrobe even after the healing process is completed. Not only will this help you feel more comfortable and secure, but it will also provide support for any breast prosthesis that you use.


The mastectomy bra is designed to make women feel comfortable and secure in their post-surgery bodies. Leonisa post-mastectomy bras are made from special fabrics that are gentle on the skin and provide a snug fit. There are several different types of mastectomy bras available, each designed for different needs.

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