What Should I Do with My Old Bras?

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There comes a time when a closet purge is absolutely necessary. You might come to this decision after being the victim of a closet avalanche (we've all been there) or after a bit of recent capsule wardrobe inspiration. In any case, a little refreshment and simplification are always nice, especially when it comes to your closet. While the removal of a few bulky items in the footwear and outerwear categories can create a lot of space, it's also important to think about saying goodbye to a few unwanted bras. Here are some tips to help you decide which of your bras to part with and what to do with them.

Which Bras Are Worth Keeping?

A bra purge can be both cathartic and absolutely shocking. Go ahead and empty your bra drawer. Yes, the entire thing. Take note of the different types of bras in your current collection. Do you wear all of them? Do you wish you had space for more of one style in particular? Think about these as you divide your bra collection into a "keep" pile and one that is made up of bras you know you'll never wear again. This includes bras that don't fit, styles you don't like to wear or any other type of bra you simply don't reach for when getting dressed. 

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Give Your Bras a Second Life

Now that you have determined which bras you will be keeping, you can focus on wearing these and maybe buying one or two new styles. Its also possible that you found an old favorite while digging through your drawers, which is always a nice surprise. For those that didn't make the cut, there are a few options to consider. 

Unless the bra is dirty, badly stained or simply at the end of its life, you don't need to throw it in the garbage. Your unwanted bras can be given to someone in need who is likely in your town or city. Take a few minutes to contact your local homeless shelters, schools or nonprofit organizations and see which of these can utilize your clean, gently used bras. For women struggling financially or under the poverty line, bras are not often a justified expense. Donate your sports bras, everyday bras and even maternity bras to those who can give them a second life! 

Repurpose Your Bras

If you have a bra you love but don't necessarily love to wear, then get creative and think of ways you might make use of it. For those of you who love to get crafty, this is your sign to break out the hot glue gun and get to work. Love your favorite sexy bra but don't like the way it fits? Transform it into a piece of framed art for your bedroom, bathroom, dressing room or closet! You'll love looking at it every time you walk in the room. 

Your bra can be reused or repurposed in other ways as well. A pair of good bra cups or pads can work wonders when cut out of the original bra and used to replace cheap pads or inserts. The results may just take an average bralette or shirt from average to amazing! Think outside the box on how to repurpose your bra in other ways. Host a bra swap with friends, offer them to a textile recycling organization or find another way to use your bra for the good of others and the planet!

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