What to Wear to Yoga Class

So you've signed up for your first yoga class - congrats, new yogi! Besides maybe being a bit nervous that you might stretch too far (don't worry, you won't!), you may also be wondering how you can best prepare.  Whether you paid for online yoga demonstrations or are attending outdoor in-person classes, you can expect a lot of movement and possibly lots of sweat. And how you dress can mean the difference between leaving class frustrated or practically glowing. Here are some pointers on what to wear to yoga class so you can be ready to start off on the right foot, or palm or whatever part of the body. 

Loose or Flexible Clothing

It's essential to be comfortable during your yoga class, allowing you to move in every direction. So, aim for non-constricting, loose clothing that can move right along with you, such as workout tank tops or T-shirts. The key here is not to go completely baggy so that a shirt blinds you in the middle of a downward dog. You can wear loose shorts, but just be mindful of gaps that may expose yourself. A better choice for your lower half would be leggings. Yoga leggings are typically made with stretchable material, providing you the same movement and flexibility. Leonisa yoga leggings are designed to feel like a second skin, so you can feel comfortable while smoothing your legs.

Sports Bra

Yoga poses require lots of movement. Therefore, you need to support your breasts, preventing them from slipping. You want to ensure you wear a comfortable bra, preferably made with a breathable fabric.  Sports bras can hold your girls in place, guaranteeing they will never spill out in front of your fellow yogis. Sports bras are so secure that many women forgo a shirt entirely.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

You need to wear flexible clothing. But make sure it's breathable and made with proper materials. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, but it can absorb moisture, getting soaked to the point that it's uncomfortable and creates added weight. If you attend a hot yoga class, remember to dress for the heat should you sweat profusely. In other words, this may not be a time for yoga leggings. Instead, wear some comfortable capri leggings, or at least shorts that offer some traction when supporting your arm during certain poses.   As you sweat inside a room set to 90 degrees, you also need clothes that are breathable and able to wick moisture. Think loose-fitting tank tops and T-shirts worn over a supportive sports bra beneath. 

Bare Feet

When you consider what to wear to yoga class, allow your feet to breathe. Unlike hitting the gym or running laps around the neighborhood, yoga class invites you to take off your sneakers to get a full 10-toed grip on the mat.  Of course, if you don't want to go completely barefoot and prefer to wear socks, that's okay, too! Just make sure you find yoga socks with rubberized padding on the soles to give you the grip you need. Everyday cotton socks can be quite dangerous and slippery on a yoga mat!


Accessories can make you feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Many yogis jump into practice wearing jewelry or bracelets that represent themselves. You can also wear smartwatches and fitness trackers, although many yoga instructors might frown upon their little chimes and pings, so be sure to turn them on silent. Wear a headband or bandana to keep hair contained and sweat from stinging your eyes. For ladies with long hair, keep a hair tie close at hand at the very least. When it comes to accessories, just make sure it doesn't dangle in your way or distract your entire yoga class. 

Other Considerations 

Most yoga studios will have a designated space toward the entrance where you can slip off and store those sneakers or sandals, and some even offer changing rooms. Also, they may have hooks to hang coats, hats and sweaters. Just in case, take a small bag where you can store personal items and some moist towelettes to wipe your face of sweat and freshen up.  Now that you know what to wear to yoga class, put together a cute little ensemble. Yoga is a lot about getting in touch with yourself, so find the perfect outfit that makes your spirit and body feel good. 


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