What To Wear Under a Mini Skirt

Hemlines have risen and fallen over the years, but mini skirts are always in fashion. As the weather warms, you might be eager to wear your favorite mini skirt again. Or, you might have a special event coming up and find that it’s perfect for your night out on the town.

Feeling your best can enhance any outfit regardless of where you plan to go. Figuring out what to wear under a mini skirt isn’t hard and can make you feel more comfortable. All you have to do is start searching for the perfect undergarments and shapewear that make you look and feel your best.

Find Shapewear That Makes You Love Your Curves
plunge back classic sculpting body shaper

What Panty Styles Work Best Under Skirts?

Panty styles range from lengthy shaper shorts to thongs that won’t ride up. The right style to wear under your mini skirt will depend upon your comfort and the length of the hemline.

Many women opt to wear a cheeky panty or thong that is as small as possible to lower the chances of someone seeing them. But, you also have other options for styles to wear under your mini skirt.

Our undetectable classic shaper panty has sheer panels on the sides that give you full coverage without making you worry about visibility. Trying on several different panty styles is a great way to discover which type feels best under your skirt.

lace stripe underwear

Can You Match Undergarments to Your Skin Tone?

Matching your undergarments to your skin tone makes them magically disappear under sheer and light-colored skirts. You’ll also feel more confident when you know that no one can tell where your skin ends and the panty begins.

Our undergarments are known for offering a wide range of colors that match a variety of skin tones. Whether you prefer a tan shade or a dark brown, we’ve got the perfect hue for you.

What Types of Body Contouring Can Underwear Provide?

Your unique body is part of what makes you so amazing! However, it's also common for people to wear shapewear under revealing clothes, such as mini skirts. Our body contouring experts have struck the perfect match between gentle compression and comfort.

seamless thong panties

We offer several panty styles with shaping around the tummy area, and you’ll love our high-rise thong that creates smooth lines along the waistline. Our body contouring options also extend beyond tummy compression to give you an instant butt lift if you desire.

If you want to add curves to the back of your mini skirt, try our padded panties. Bottom sculpting is also an option with compression bands that go just under the areas that you want to lift without adding padding.

Either way, you have more than one option for creating the look you deserve to achieve. We encourage you to try out several different body contouring types to find what works best with your skirt.

Since every skirt is different, you might find that you like to add some lift with one type. Then, you could add some compression with another mini skirt made from a different fabric or style.

How Do You Avoid Panty Lines?

There's no need to stress over panty lines when you're wearing high-tech, seamless undergarments like the ones we make. Wearing a thong has long been a trusty way to avoid having seams show on your backside.

You can opt for a seamless panty in a traditional bikini or brief style. We’ve also created a full-coverage seamless panty that hugs your curves and ends where your legs begin. Even if you’re wearing an ultra-tight mini skirt, you can be sure that no one will be distracted by unwanted panty lines.

Pick Out Your New Favorite Pair of Panties

Feel Confident Wearing Your Favorite Mini Skirt

When you’re planning a night out, the last thing on your mind should be the technology behind our compression garments. So, we’ll tell you now that we’ve put together the best-shaping panty styles available to help you walk into any room with total confidence.

Are you ready to find the right things to wear under your hottest mini skirt? Go ahead and check out our Leonisa panty line to discover the most diverse range of styles to make you feel gorgeous both inside and out.

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  • Jane

    I often wear a high waisted shapewear thong that’s always tight up my bum but I wouldn’t wear it under a mini skirt, I wouldn’t want to expose myself at any time showing that I have my knickers right up my bum so I normally wear a shapewear thong under a knee length skirt that feels comfortable and sexy.

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