What To Wear Under a Slip Dress

The allure of the slip dress is undeniable. It’s fluid, feminine and effortlessly chic. But what lies beneath this seemingly simple garment can make or break your entire look. This is why it’s important for you to master the art of layering and know what to wear under a slip dress for any occasion.

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Understanding the Slip Dress

A slip dress is made from soft, flowing fabrics that skim the body’s natural contours, highlighting the feminine silhouette. It’s essentially a shapewear-inspired garment meant to be worn as a dress.

The Right Underwear for a Seamless Look

The foundation of every good outfit begins with the right underwear. For the slip dress, that means choosing undergarments that ensure a smooth, seamless finish. Invisible underwear is a must, and depending on the dress’s cut, you might need a combination of options to prevent any visible lines.

extra high waisted sheer bottom sculpting shaper panty

Finding the Perfect Bra

The type of bras for women you choose should be determined by the dress’s neckline and your personal preference. A plunge bra suits low-cut slip dresses, maintaining a feminine silhouette without sacrificing support. For backless or strappy dresses, adhesive bras or strapless bras can save the day. Remember, when choosing a bra, comfort is key. You don’t want to spend the whole day readjusting it.

the wow bra
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Shapewear Solutions

While some slip dresses need no extra help in the slimming department, shapewear can provide you with added confidence and a more polished look. High-waisted shapewear shorts or a full-body suit smooths the silhouette and prevents the dress from clinging to unintended areas. Consider seamless options to avoid bulges or lines under your dress.

plunge back body shaper

Layering With Tops

A fitted T-shirt under a slip dress can give you a casual, cool look. If you want that winter-chic vibe, pair it with a cozy sweater or turtleneck. Layering adds versatility to your slip dress and gives you more options for different occasions.

Stylish Bralettes and Camisoles

For a more laid-back vibe, or if you want to add a lace touch, consider a bralette or camisole. Show a hint of delicate lace at the neckline, or choose a vibrant camisole to add a pop of color under a neutral-toned dress. Whatever you choose, ensure the layer under the dress shares its aesthetic with the overall look.

Accessorizing Your Slip Dress

Accessories are the exclamation points of a woman’s outfit, and they play a significant role in transforming a simple slip dress into a stunning ensemble. Here are some ideas to try.

Statement Jewelry

A chunky necklace or a set of bold, stacked bangles can take a slip dress to the next level. If you’re wearing a plain, neutral-toned dress, vibrant gemstones can inject a splash of color and personality. Conversely, if your dress is patterned or brightly colored, go for metallics or simple, classic pieces to maintain balance.

Belts for Definition

A belt can drastically alter the silhouette of your slip dress, defining your waist and creating a more structured look. Wide belts with interesting buckles can be worn with looser, flowy dresses for a bohemian vibe, while a thin metallic belt can add a touch of glam to a sleek, form-fitting dress.

Scarves and Wraps

Scarves and wraps are not just for practicality but for style, too. They add a layer of interest and can help transition your look from day to night. A patterned silk scarf tied delicately around the neck lends a vintage feel, while a cozy cashmere wrap thrown over the shoulders exudes luxury and warmth.


With its romantic history and modern appeal, the slip dress demands a thoughtful approach to styling. When you consider the layers beneath, the accessories that accent, and the details that define, you’ll find endless ways to make this wardrobe essential your very own. Remember, fashion is an expression of personal style, and there are no rules—only opportunities for creativity.

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