Tight Fitting Dress

Whether you're going out for a night on the town, attending a wedding or just want to go for a form-fitting look, a tight-fitting dress is a great option for many different occasions. Tight dresses show off your curves and define the shape of your body so you can show off your very best features. With the form-fitting look comes little room for extra layers or materials underneath, however, and the tighter the fabric, the more the extra layers underneath will show. Avoid a fashion faux pas and slay your tight dress look with these underwear tips and guidelines.

Finding the Perfect Underwear Fit

The first step in hiding underwear underneath your clothing is making sure it fits you perfectly. For example, if your favorite pair of panties create a skin bulge around your hips or feel uncomfortable or painful when you sit down, they're probably too small! Not only can this be super uncomfortable, but it can also make your underwear line more visible through your clothes. 

How Should Underwear Fit?

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Get a better underwear fit by sizing up or down based on material and style. Thongs should be form-fitting but never too tight. They should hug your hips around the sides without creating any bumps or bulges and the "T" shape in the back should be moderately snug. Thongs should not be excessively loose, so if you find yourself needing to pull up the sides throughout the day, consider switching to a smaller size or a style with a higher leg cut. 

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The Best Underwear Styles for Tight Dresses

Let's get one thing straight. You want to have a little coverage underneath your tight dress, but you also want to remain comfortable and avoid visible panty lines. Despite what you might think, that's not too much to ask! A pair of undetectable seamless panties is the go-to underwear you can wear underneath a tight dress. The thin, stretchy fabric boasts a laundry list of perks including softness, breathability, moveability and, most importantly, a no-show quality that rises above the rest. You'll have the coverage you want without sacrificing comfort or fit. 

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Seamless panties are also versatile, allowing for their superb qualities to be enjoyed all the time! Wear a pair of seamless panties underneath jeans for a sense of comfort you never knew you needed. Hate having panty lines at the gym? Seamless panties are also your best workout accessory because they can go unnoticed, even underneath tight leggings or spandex shorts. 

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Seamless...and Then Some

Want a pair of underwear that does even more? Consider a piece of seamless shapewear that will contour your body while remaining unseen. Some shapewear target areas you might explore include the back, tummy, hips and butt, all of which can define your shape underneath a tight dress. The point of shapewear and seamless styles in particular is to help you feel confident in your clothes and beautiful when you leave the house! Seamless shapewear can help you define, sculpt or lift specific areas for a special look once in a while or for everyday wear. 

When choosing shapewear to be paired with a tight dress, focus on garments that sculpt the midsection or lift the butt. These shapewear garments make the most noticeable difference when worn underneath dresses and are fun to wear with your other outfits, too! 

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