Why Does My Underwear Roll Down?

Underwear should fit well and stay put around your waist and hips. However, all too many people experience the annoying issue of having their underwear roll down during the day. Fortunately, it’s easy to solve this problem. There are a few likely causes of underwear rolling down, and pinpointing the culprit can help you find the right solution.

Low Cut

Low-cut underwear is popular, but it comes with a few practical drawbacks — especially if you have a curvy figure. Low-rise options often slip down because their waistband is too far from your natural waistline, causing the fabric to bunch up when you lean over or sit down.

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Full-coverage and high-waisted styles are a more reliable option if you’re prone to having your underwear roll down. Choose briefs or boyshorts that sit higher up on your waist and provide ample coverage around the bottom.

If you prefer the look of low-cut underwear, opt for a mid-rise instead. This style will sit comfortably just below your belly button, offering more coverage and support while still looking stylish. Mid-rise options also provide plenty of room for curves without cutting into your skin or feeling too bulky.

Wrong Size

Underwear that’s too small for your body can cause it to bunch up underneath your curves and roll down. Likewise, underwear that’s too large will tend to slip down because of the excess fabric.

Read the product label carefully, and double-check with the store’s sizing chart if necessary. At Leonisa, we provide sizing charts on every product page, making it simple for you to know what size to choose. It’s a good idea to have your measurements on hand when shopping for underwear so that you can ensure a perfect fit.

If you have the opportunity to try on the underwear in the store, pay attention to how it feels on your body. The right size will be just snug enough to hug your curves without cutting in — and not so loose that it shifts around or bunches up.

Unsupportive Waistband

A flimsy waistband won’t do much to keep your underwear in place. Whether because of excess wear or poor-quality elastic, an unsupportive waistband will cause your underwear to sag and roll down.

To avoid this issue from the get-go, choose underwear that has an extra-sturdy waistband. Look for elastic bands with wide widths and plenty of stretch recovery. Cotton waistbands are also an attractive option as they provide a secure fit. These types of bands will fit snugly around your body without being too tight or digging in.

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Thin Fabric

Lightweight fabrics are great for staying cool, but they won’t provide much support. Thin fabrics stretch out easily, causing your underwear to lose its shape quickly and slip down throughout the day. They also offer minimal friction, which means they won’t stay in place against your skin when you move around.

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For the best fit and support, opt for thicker materials such as cotton or polyamide blends. These fabrics will provide a snug fit that won’t stretch out with wear, so you can count on them staying in place all day long. They also offer more grip against your skin to keep everything where it should be.

If you strongly prefer the feel of thin fabrics, look for stretch-resistant options made from materials like elastane. These types of fabric will move with your body while still giving you a supportive fit.

Better Support Is Possible With Leonisa

Underwear rolling down can be a real drag, but you don’t have to put up with it any longer. The right style, fit and fabric can make all the difference in keeping your underwear in place for a smooth, seamless look.

At Leonisa, our collection of panties is designed to provide superior support without sacrificing comfort or style. We offer a range of sizes and fits, from full-coverage briefs and high-rise panties to mid-rise boyshorts, so you can move, work and live with greater confidence.

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