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Susana Posada
Personal Shopper


Each woman is unique and perfect just as she is

At Leonisa, we know that every woman is unique and perfect just the way she is, but it’s no secret that we all have some insecurities with areas of our body that we would like to improve. So, at some point in our lives, we ​​might find ourselves wanting to wear a girdle or control garment. Whether to help the recovery process after pregnancy or for a special event in which we want to look spectacular, shapewear girdles will help you look and feel your best!

So, do you relate to any of the following points?

  • Are you someone who prefers well-fitting clothes and seeks to highlight your curves by using a control garment in your day to day activities?
  • Are you looking for a girdle to help you recover after a cosmetic procedure or after pregnancy?
  • Do you have a party or event coming up and you want to wear that dress that you have saved for a long time but you’re afraid to wear because you don’t feel confident in showing off your curves?
If you said ‘yes’ to any of the points above, I have very good news for you ... there is a control garment for every occasion, which will not only make you look beautiful (thanks to the fact that its effects are obvious) but its materials and technology will give the security and comfort that your body needs in order to wear your girdle confidently.

You will no longer want to live without them!

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And that is precisely the reason why our girdles are a 5-star solution for your needs:

1. They are easy to use because slip one on in the morning and take it off at night

2. Girdles are fast because when you put them on, you feel the effects immediately

3. They are safe because they’re non-invasive, unlike cosmetic procedures

4. Girdles are affordable because they are not as expensive as a treatment

5. And lastly, there are a variety of silhouettes and compression levels to suit all needs and different occasions of use.

I can confirm all of this because from my experience as a Personal Shopper, I have witnessed the confidence that thousands of women when wearing their shapewear garments, either because of the changes they see in their bodies when wearing them regularly or because of the security shapewear offers when hiding those areas some women might want to hide. I have also come across many other women who are looking for girdles for a special occasion because they’re aware of the benefits that shapewear girdles can bring. Here are the top five times to wear a girdle to feel like your most confident self.

It is no secret to anyone that we have some areas of our body that we would like to improve, so at some point in life we will use a control garment

5 Times to wear a girdle:

1. Wear a girdle on a daily basis

Whether for confidence or for functionality, many women have become accustomed to wearing control garments in their day to day lives; In fact, there are statistics that indicate that today, 2 out of 5 women wear girdles every day, so this category of shapers has evolved over time. From rigid and stiff garments (which was very common a few years ago) to styles that offer newer technology, girdles are better than they ever have been before, with features such as their soft touch and lightness, combining functionality with a feeling of comfort.

2/5 of women wear control garmentsevery day

That is why in this market, we find endless options, but it is very important that we keep several factors in mind when choosing a girdle to use on a day-to-day basis:

  • If you've never used girdles before, I would suggest trying one that makes you feel more shaped and slim. The best options for you to try would be either a light or moderate compression girdles, both of which are ultra-comfortable without feeling too tight due to the innovative technology they’re made of. In addition to being super functional, these girdles are so practical and versatile that you can use them in different ways, without anyone noticing that you’re wearing shapewear. Find shapewear styles such as t-shirts that can be used both indoors and outdoors, shorts that are perfect to wear under dresses, skirts and tight pants (which will not only help to refine the waist and control your stomach but will also slim your legs by hiding cellulite), and panties that will compress your lower half so comfortably that after trying them, you will never want to take them off.

  • If, on the other hand, you’re used to wearing girdles and have been using them for a long time so you’re looking for a garment that is more slimming, I suggest trying firm compression girdles, designed slim your sides with strong compression.

2. Wear a girdle during a special occasion

Is there a woman in the world who doesn't want to look good on a special occasion? Well, without a doubt, social events bring to light our greatest insecurities, causing us to resort to those “extra help” garments that guarantee us instant results, so it is common that for parties, weddings and other celebrations, girdles are essential to wear.

Also, what better occasion than a party to wear that dress that has been kept for years in your closet waiting for its moment, and that looks spectacular on a smooth body, without rolls and with the curves that we have always dreamed of?

Well, for these special moments, my advice is that you look for shapewear pieces that are very comfortable so that you can dance without even remembering that you are wearing them ... that's why I recommend Leonisa's light and moderate control garments that are lightweight and soft. They feel delicate to touch and due to having fewer seams, they will not show through your clothes.

We also have options for specific needs, from girdles that flatter your figure by hiding rolls to control shorts that also smooth our curves, lift the butt and shape the legs, making stubborn cellulite disappear, which bother us so much!

3. Wear a girdle before and after pregnancy

Motherhood is perhaps the occasion that most unites us as women, knowing that most of us probably are or will be mothers one day, and that is why here I will explain what the do’s and dont’s are regarding the use of girdles during pregnancy and after it.

  • During pregnancy: Wearing a garment that helps support the tummy and alleviates the feeling of extra weight is key to making this pregnancy easily. Our maternity shapewear pieces are highly functional and technological: many of them have innovative seams that gently cover the stomach, and have feature a band on the lower part of the belly to help "carry" the baby's weight, (also combating pain in the lower back that afflicts many women during these months.) So if you are pregnant or know someone who is, keep in mind that there are garments that, because they are specially designed to be worn during pregnancy, will take care of your body and that of the baby, and help you achieve a greater feeling of comfort.
  • After pregnancy: Postpartum girdles are perfect for women after a cesarean section or natural childbirth thanks to the fact that their compression helps reduce the inflammation of the abdominal area, which although it takes a natural time is to heal, these girdles help new moms move with greater freedom and less pain. In addition, these garments will allow you to have a better posture, alleviating the pain in the lower back that remains after a pregnancy. However, the most important aspect about these girdles is that with their progressive technology, new moms can see the slow transition back to their bodies pre-baby and feel more secure and comfortable with their figure.
  • Keep in mind that Leonisa's postpartum girdles are unique due to their softness on the skin and that some products have velcro on the back that allows the level of compression to be adjusted for the perfect amount of support, without hurting you or making you feel comfortable. You can start to wear these girdles a couple of days after giving birth up to about 3 months; After this period, our recommendation is to wear a moderate compression garment that you can use on a day-to-day basis and allow you to resume your activities while you flatter your figure.
  • Many women believe that wearing a postpartum girdle one size smaller than their normal size will help them regain their figure more quickly, but this will only make the recovery process uncomfortable and painful. It might be so tight that it will not only hurt your wounds but will prevent you from moving comfortably: so wear a girdle in the correct size, which in most cases will correspond to the same size that you use for panties.

4. For after a cosmetic procedure or surgery

After speaking with many surgeons and hearing the testimony of women who have undergone cosmetic procedures, we are convinced that wearing shapewear garments can represent up to 60% of the effectiveness of recovery of the body after surgery.
But have you ever wondered how a girdle works after surgery? Well, to put it in very easy-to-understand terms, the purpose of a girdle after surgery is to exert compression on the area, helping the skin to adhere to the muscle, thus reducing the appearance of bruises between both layers, helping to reduce inflammation of the tissues and reducing aches and pains, which will facilitate a faster recovery process.

the purpose of a girdle after surgery is to exert compression on the area, helping the skin to adhere to the muscle, as well as:

  • Reduce the appearance of bruises
  • Facilitate a faster recovery
  • Reduce aches and pains

Although at Leonisa, we have a large number of options to choose from, it is very important that when choosing a post-surgical girdle you talk to your doctor first, because we know that since there are so many options, it is common for their preferences to choose between two types of garments:

  • Firm compression garments: most specialists recommend garments in PowerSlim, a material that, thanks to its excellent fit, is ideal after procedures that require maximum compression such as tummy tucks, lipoplasties and fat transfers, among others.
  • Light compression garments: a doctor will recommend these products for cases where the procedures are less invasive such as lazer liposuction. Doctors choose to recommend softer garments at the beginning, in Skinfuse or seamless technology, which, due to being delicate to the touch and having fewer seams, are ideal for a more comfortable recovery; and in the second phase of the recovery process, they usually suggest to wear firm control garments in PowerSlim, which will help maximize the results.

The recovery processes can take several months, so it is essential to wear a high-quality girdle that meets the following standards to guarantee not only the expected results but also so you feel comfortable and are able to return to your normal activities:

  • The materials in which they are made must be breathable and quick-drying, allowing air to pass through. For this same reason, many prefer to wear these garments in black, although in the market it is common to find them also in beige or nude tones, designed so that they are not noticeable under clothing.

  • The hooks and clasps must not come into contact with the skin; That is why all Leonisa girdles have a layer of cotton or smooth fabric that prevents them from damaging the incisions.
  • Leonisa's strong control girdles feature an inner layer of microfiber or a smooth fabric that will allow it to slide on the body, making it easy to take it off without pain and discomfort.
  • It is common for these garments to have bottom openings or snaps; this in order to make them more practical to use, for example, when going to the bathroom.

The function of a postsurgical girdle is to exert compression on the intervened area helping the skin to adhere to the muscle.

5. Wear a girdle while exercising

And last but not least, you can wear a girdle while exercising. Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing a girdle while doing an exercise routine, posted on Instagram and YouTube? I always think of Kim Kardashian who has "normalized" the use of girdles, both in everyday life and for exercise and has influenced an entire generation who now follow in her footsteps looking for garments that accelerate results while exercising.

However, it is important that you know that Leonisa maintains a neutral position when recommending these garments for a long period of time while working out - because we are not sports doctors and can’t officially recommend them, and doing so could be irresponsible on our part - so we prefer to explain both sides to you so that you are the one who makes the decision to use them (or not to.)

What those who use them say:

Maria Paula Santos is young, a fashion producer and a sports lover, and she tells us how she uses a girdle while exercising:

“I use Leonisa's latex waistband to go to the gym and go to jog, because due to a hernia in the lower back, I feell that by using the girdle I can maintain a better posture so the pain decreases ans it allows me to do my routines better; I like it so much that the day th girdle stays at home I feel like I really need the support so I end up more tired and sore”.

Other women use them while doing cardio because, in particular, latex, one of the most common materials in the exercise girdles, and latex makes you sweat more, thus eliminating toxins. However others claim that the fluids lost here are not exactly fat, so the results in fat loss are hard to prove.

What we do advise is that if you decide to use a girdle, it will be best for you to follow these recommendations so that you exercise safely:

  • Drinking plenty of water during and after your routine is essential because when wearing a garment that will make you sweat more, you will need to stay well hydrated.
  • Una vez termines de ejercitarte, quítate la faja inmediatamente para evitar la proliferación de hongos y bacterias generados por el sudor, los cuales se podrán darse al quedar atrapados entre la piel y la prenda, al usarla durante largos periodos de tiempo.

Once you finish exercising, take off the girdle immediately to avoid the bacteria generated by sweat, which can occur when they get trapped between the skin and the garment during long periods of time. So, whenever you choose to wear a girdle, do what’s best for you and your body. Keep in mind that the use of compression garments should be gradually in order to give the body time to get used to being held tightly. In order to do this correctly, our recommendation is to start with light compression and increase the level of control as your body gets used to and supports it.

Remember that the only way that you will get the consistency you need to feel the results is to make you feel comfortable with them, making it part of your routine and feel like a second skin.



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