The 8 Best Rear Lifting Shapewear Pieces

8 Best Rear Lifting Shapewear Pieces - Leonisa

A lot of different things can go into helping you look and feel your best. You might feel best when you’re comfortable, whether that means wearing comfy clothing or feeling like you are in a safe and familiar place. On the other hand, you might feel best when you’re excited about doing something new or wearing a killer statement outfit. There’s no right or wrong way to feel confident in your clothes and your unique answer might fall somewhere in the middle of these two examples. What matters more is knowing how you (and your closet) can get to that confident, feel-good place.

Dressing for confidence isn’t all about how you look to other people. While it’s nice to present yourself in a way that exudes positivity and poise, it’s also a great life hack for boosting your own mood, morale and overall pep. If you could have the choice, wouldn’t you want to feel absolutely great in what you wear every single day? The resounding affirmative replies might seem obvious, yet not all people have the tools to help make this a reality in their everyday lives.

You probably already know that maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine will help you feel great and reach your personal goals when it comes to how you want to look. However, it’s absolutely okay to utilize more than this. Accentuating your very best features is okay. Adding some extra coverage to the other features you’re learning to love is also okay. Enlisting a bit of assistance from quality shapewear for women is okay, too!

Skin Color Shapewear

While the world of shapewear includes a myriad of styles, compression levels and even specific occasions for wear, the focal point of these pieces is most commonly found within the general lower torso and upper leg area. This includes the tummy, love handles, hips, lower back and butt. Shapewear works to compress all of these areas except for the butt region. Instead, Leonisa’s best rear lifting shapewear options work to accent the rear region and lift the area without compressing it too much. The resulting look is both comfortable and natural, making for an instant confidence boost every time. The best part? There are so many styles to choose from, allowing you to target multiple areas at once and curate a butt lifting shapewear collection that goes with your entire closet.

Smart Shapewear for Your Behind

So you want to wear the best rear lifting shapewear pieces. Now what? First, it’s important to know what they can do for you (and what they won’t) so you can have an idea of how they work and what to expect from wearing them. This type of shapewear won’t give you an instant bubble butt the size of a Kardashian’s unless you’re already in that size range. Instead, they help to shape what you already have and highlight the area in a way that makes it look more lifted and full. It’s a your-butt-but-better situation, if you will. The difference is both noticeable and super natural looking.

What rear lifting shpewear can do

Leonisa utilizes revolutionary shaping technology that is not only effective, but also truly undetectable underneath even tight clothing. Many pieces feature soft DuraFit® fabric that compresses in the front and smooths and lifts in the back. You might be wondering where a butt pad fits into all of this, but guess what? You won’t find one single bulky booty pad within the butt lifter shapewear lineup at Leonisa. Why? Because the quality, super-effective compression materials used to build Leonisa shapewear pieces don’t require any uncomfortable, unnatural looking pads. Our version of booty pads are always removable, allowing you to take it up or tone it down a notch with ease. That trade-off is a no-brainer when the results bring reliable, confidence-boosting results.

In short, these butt sculpting pieces can be tailored to fit your outfit, occasion and mood. They are designed with real people in mind as well, which means comfort and discretion are at the top of the list. Speaking of lists, you’ll find one full of the very best lifting, shaping and enhancing options for your booty below. Whether you’re trying shapewear for the very first time or you’re a seasoned shapewear lover looking for pieces that specifically target the butt area, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the eight best rear lifting shapewear pieces.

Butt Lifting Shaper Short

1. Butt Lifting Shaper Short: If you’re looking for a classic piece of butt lifting shapewear, this one has you covered (and supported) in all the right places. The Mid-Rise Sculpting Butt Lifter Shaper Short is designed to keep you supported, lifted and super comfortable all day long. These shorts are made with PowerSlim® fabric that offers firm compression in both the tummy and hip areas to help define your fabulous sculpted look. In the booty area, you’ll find two circular cutouts in the cheek region that feature microfiber material to maximize comfort and take your natural butt shape to the next level. Speaking of comfort, this pair of lifting shaper shorts is great for everyday wear. The mid-height rise and SmartLace® additions around the edges ensure a secure, no-slip fit at all times.

Body Shper with Butt Lifter

2. Body Shaper with Butt Lifter: Some of you might expect a little more out of your shapewear and, no, that’s not too much to ask. Thankfully, we have an extensive list of multitasking shapewear that includes a butt lifter like the Strapless Short Firm Body Shaper with Butt Lifter. This open bust body shaper is made with PowerSlim® fabric, a material that is trademarked by Leonisa and delivers firm and comfortable compression. This piece will sculpt and firmly compress in the tummy, hips and waist while lifting (and not flattening) the butt using specialty bands and butt area microfiber cutouts. Extra features like an open gusset, removable straps and front zipper make this a true standout shapewear piece.

Underwear that does more

3. Underwear That Does More: It’s no secret that it can be difficult to hide your underwear underneath tight or thin clothing. Panty lines are not only annoying, but they can be emphasized in photos and bring the focal point of your outfit to the underwear area. To avoid this, stock up on the bestselling Truly Undetectable Comfy Panty Shaper and banish panty lines for good. These panties do a lot of work for such a small piece of shapewear. The unique thong design in the back features thicker fabric in the middle and microfiber on the sides to give you some serious butt lift action. You also get secure, smooth compression in the front with DuraFit® fabric that will keep everything in the right place. This panty shaper in particular is a great alternative to a full panty girdle while still offering firm support and optimum lift.

Invisible Shaper Short

4. Invisible Shaper Short: The great thing about shapewear is that there are lots of options for different outfits and occasions. While the aforementioned shaper shorts are a top pick for everyday or regular wear, the Well-Rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Short is a must-have for any tight clothing. It’s made to be undetected and won’t leave a trace of any lines, bumps or bunching fabric. These shaper shorts feature butt lifter bands that will bypass flat cheeks and give you that extra lift under skirts, dresses or even tight jeans. The Invisible Shaper Short also smooths the entire surrounding and front area including the hips and tummy for an extra sleek look. You’ll love these shorts if you’re looking for serious butt lift and an all-over smooth look.

High Waisted Capri Shaper

5. High-Waisted Capri Shaper: Turn things up a notch with the Invisible Super Comfy Compression High-Waisted Capri Shaper. These cropped shaper leggings don’t mess around when it comes to multitasking. Here’s the skinny: These feel like a second skin, so you don’t have to worry about them feeling too bulky underneath your clothes, even if you’re wearing tight pants. They’re designed to move well and allow for an extended range of motion so you don’t have to choose between mobility and support. As for features and target areas, the Capri Shaper has it covered for most of the lower body region from the waist to mid-calf. Enjoy light but effective compression in the hip and tummy areas without having to compromise in the butt area, which is not covered or flattened by compression fabric. The Capri Shaper slims all the way down the thigh for an ultra seamless look that won’t bulge or crease, making it a true all-star lower body option for shapewear.

Padded Panty

6. Padded Panty: While an all-in-one lower body shaper is fantastic when you need it, sometimes it’s better to target only the butt area. The Magic Benefit Instant Butt Lift Padded Panty is here to give you eye catching results and a look that will make you want to walk into the room backwards. This pair of panties is just about the closest you can get to a natural-looking and noticeably lifted butt without doing squats or going under the knife. It features removable pads for different levels of lift, flat seams that won’t show through clothes, seriously comfortable fabric and an added layer of cushion whenever you take a seat!

Lace Shaper Panty

7. Lace Shaper Panty: Who says shapewear can’t be sexy? You absolutely don’t have to choose between shape and sexiness with your undies. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds with the High-Waisted Sheer Lace Shaper Panty, which wraps both of these into one sleek piece. This shaper panty packs a punch with features like moderate tummy compression, comfy and secure DuraFit® fabric, a no-show elastic waistband and seamless leg bands for undetectable wear. Both the SmartLace® fabric and the thong band in the back give you the butt lift you desire without having to compromise on coverage or comfort. The Sheer Lace Shaper Panty features sexy translucent cutouts in the front and back, making for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Classic Compression Brief

8. Classic Compression Brief: There are certain times when you just need a lot of support. When those times come around, the Classic Satin Butt Lifter Firm Compression Brief won’t let you (or your butt) down. This no nonsense brief offers firm tummy compression while smoothing the hips and love handles. It has both a high waist and a high cut leg, making it perfectly balanced in terms of support, comfort and coverage. This brief features a ruched seam in the back for an added butt lift as well. To finish it all off, the Classic Satin Butt Lifter Firm Compression Brief is made with satin fabric that gives off a slight sheen, adding a touch of luxury to the look.

Though there are countless options when it comes to the best rear lifting shapewear, these eight options are trusted and praised by many, making them our top must-haves. While this list might not be totally inclusive when it comes to specific occasions, it definitely covers all the bases in terms of support and butt lift. These shapewear pieces work hard, too! They all offer more than just a butt lift and truly create a smooth, balanced look that accentuates the booty while giving you an extra boost of confidence. These butt lifting shapewear pieces offer a range of cuts, compression levels and unique styles to cater to any occasion. Whether you desire something for comfortable everyday wear or a firm shaping piece that’s perfect for special occasions, you can find it all here at Leonisa.

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