15 Best Shapewear for Tummy and Waist

15 Best Shapewear for Tummy and Waist

It’s no secret that shapewear can help you look and feel your best, especially when you wear form-fitting clothing. Shapewear can enhance your silhouette, but it can also help your posture, offer support while exercising or hold you in after surgery. Smoothing foundations can help clothes fit and hang better on your body so that you feel more confident while you’re at work or out with friends. They can also help you heal after liposuction, childbirth, hysterectomy and other medical procedures.

Women at all stages of life have different needs, so they may want different kinds of compression. Every woman is unique, and many choose shapewear to target particular areas of their bodies, like their tummy and waist. Some women are comfortable with a high compression level, while others prefer greater flexibility and freedom of movement. Many women like shapewear with targeted compression that frees and accentuates their bust and bum.

Shapers that are specifically designed to flatten or smooth the tummy and trim the waist may use boning, seams, special fastenings, straps and a combination of high-tech fabrics to do the job. This is to ensure that the best shapewear for women is crafted to be as comfortable and breathable as it is functional. Fortunately, women today have a wide variety of options to choose from when sculpting their torsos. If you’re looking to create an hourglass shape, take a look at the 15 shapewear options listed below to find the perfect version for your body. 

1. Boyshort-Bottom Body Shaper With Firm Compression

Some full-compression shapewear can be tricky to get into, but this cleverly designed body shaper features a flat zipper that makes it easy to put on. This piece is cleverly designed to sculpt your hips and torso under clothing without flattening your bust or bum. The top is open, so you can pair this shaper with the bra of your choice, making it versatile enough to wear with different kinds of clothing. The PowerSlim® fabric flattens your tummy and sculpts your waist. The entire garment is created with comfort and function support you won’t find in other shapewear. Removable thermafused straps, anti-slip leg bands, hook-and-eye fasteners and a microfiber lining provide the support and comfort you need for all-day wear. Many women choose to wear this shapewear style while they recover from surgery.

Firm Tummy Control Shaper Strapless Short with Butt Lifter

2. Firm Tummy Control Shaper Short With Butt Lifter

If you want to flatten your tummy and pull in your waist while giving your butt a little extra lift, then this shaper is for you. This versatile strapless short offers full compression for your torso and special MagicUp® construction with a ruched center seam that gives your bum extra oomph. The hook-and-zip fastenings make the garment easy to wear, and the PowerSlim® fabric is microfiber-lined for comfort. SmartLace® leg bands will stay put as you move and help prevent chafing, making this shaper perfect to wear under dresses. You can adjust the level of support with the included removable thermafused straps or wear this shaper with a strapless bra when you want less coverage.

3. Extra High-Waisted Classic Butt Lifter Shaper Panty

A high-waisted butt lifter shaper panty is a classic design that sculpts and enhances your natural curves. The inner layer is crafted from PowerSlim® fabric that provides firm compression to smooth your entire torso. 

Vertical seaming and flexible side and back boning help keep the shaper in place, improve your posture and create a streamlined look. 

Lighter fabric over your backside with a thong construction provides a light lift that brings out the best in your shape. With a high-waisted style that smooths your figure, you will feel confident in this feminine design.

Invisible Butt Lifter Full-Leg Body Shaper

4. Invisible Butt Lifter Full-Leg Body Shaper

Sometimes, a full-body shaper is the best choice for accentuating your waist. When you need shapewear that’s comfortable and invisible under clothes, choose a garment that offers targeted compression where you need it most. 

SkinFuse® fabric offers moderate compression throughout the day. It’s powerful enough to shape your tummy, and discreet vertical seams give you an hourglass look. The back of this shaper features a lighter fabric, so it’s perfect for giving you a smooth and natural look under pants.

5. Classic Post-Surgical Body Shaper With Diagonal Hook-and-Eye Closure

After surgery, shapewear can be an essential aid in your recovery. If you need a garment that offers adjustable yet firm compression for your entire torso, this body shaper is a great choice. 

Invisible Butt Lifter Full-Leg Body Shaper

A unique diagonal hook-and-eye closure makes getting dressed especially convenient if your mobility is limited. The multi-level adjustable gusset provides the customized fit you need, while the full-coverage design provides a streamlined look. The lined PowerSlim® fabric is powerful enough to hold you in and support your back, while the microfiber lining keeps you feeling fresh under your clothes. 

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6. Sheer Stripe Detail Sculpting Bodysuit

If you want an hourglass shape with minimum fuss, a sculpting bodysuit is a perfect choice. With double-layer support and feminine detailing, this shapewear design is both functional and elegant. The PowerSlim® compression fabric will give your waist a snatched look, while the SmartLace® bralette and backside make the most of the natural fullness in your bust and bum. The special lace fabric provides a subtle lift and maintains your rounded shape. Structured sides, vertical seaming and an underbust band provide plenty of support.

7. Firm Shaper Bodysuit With Underwire Cups

For waist-sculpting, all-in-one shapewear with structure, choose a bodysuit with underwire cups. A stylish combination shaper featuring DuraFit® and PowerSlim® fabrics will provide targeted, firm compression for your tummy, back and waist. It gives your curves a sculpted look with a high-coverage, built-in bra edged in SmartLace®. The sheer bottom features a ruched seam to enhance your bum, setting off your waist so you can achieve a beautiful, hourglass shape under dresses or pants.

8. Sculpting Body Shaper With Built-In Back Support Bra

When you need support, sculpting and protection against chafing, choose an all-in-one sculpting body shaper with a built-in bra. An inner layer of PowerSlim® fabric will sculpt your waist, tummy and sides while the specially designed bra supports your back. 

An elasticized band and adjustable padded straps provide extra support at the bust, while soft-touch cups complement your natural shape. The 3-level hook-and-eye fastening system at the front of the shaper allows you to adjust the compression level so you get a perfect fit, with as much waist shaping and tummy control as you desire. 

Extra coverage at the thighs will keep you comfortable and reduce the appearance of cellulite, while MagicUp® bands and a center seam at the bum will further enhance your curves so that your waist will look shapely and lean under your clothes.

9. 3-Belt Custom Waist Cincher With Lumbar Support

Sometimes, you just need to cinch your waist. Adding a high-quality waist cincher to your wardrobe is a simple way to make the most of your shape. A comfortable, breathable shaper will provide moderate, adjustable compression and back support. 

Double-layered SkinFuse® fabric fastened with a hook-and-eye closure allows you to customize the compression level, while vertical boning at the side and back will help you maintain your figure and your posture. You can wear a three-band waist trainer anytime, and it’s perfect for all activity levels.

10. Latex Waist Trainer or Waist Trainer Vest With Extra-Firm Compression

When you want to invest in sculpting your curves, a specialty waist trainer can provide the extra-firm compression you need for a cinched, streamlined look. A two-layer design that features lightweight latex on the outside and a stretch cotton lining for comfort is perfect for all-day sculpting. 

Adjustable front hook-and-eye fastenings and flexible boning on all sides create a perfect hourglass look and can take up to an inch off your waist. You can wear a waist trainer for up to eight hours. 

Working out in your waist trainer can help you sweat more and increase detoxification, and consistent use may help shrink your middle over time. Waist trainers can be worn day or night with the bra of your choice. Choose a vest with straps for extra support, or go strapless if you want more freedom of movement.

11. Lace Stripe Extra High-Waisted Sculpting Shaper Panty

An ultra-high-waisted shaper panty will flatten your tummy, nip in your waist and smooth your entire torso while staying discreet under your clothes. PowerSlim® compression fabric and SmartLace® create a feminine, stylish shaper with a powerful sculpting ability that is perfect for daily wear. Shapewear panties are specially designed to stay put without slipping or rolling. A ruched back seam will lift your bum so that you can wear this shaper with form-fitting jeans, pants, and dresses while maintaining an hourglass figure. 

12. Truly Undetectable Comfy Shaper Panty

For comfortable, undetectable tummy control, a lower-waisted tummy shaper panty can provide targeted compression right where you want it. This specially designed DuraFit® underwear will hold in your mid-to-lower abdomen and smooth your figure. A thong design in the back can give your bum a lift. Perfect-fit waist and leg bands won’t roll up or create any tell-tale lines to give away your secret. Wear a shaper panty with jeans, shorts, dresses or anytime you want a little extra support. For a simple, discreet solution to a little extra tummy tissue, you can’t go wrong with this shapewear staple!

13. High-Waisted Shaper Panties

When you want to shape your waist, flatten your tummy, feel comfortable and free in your clothes, choose a high-waisted shaper panty. 

Moderate compression will smooth out your curves and give you a sleek look without making you feel confined. The DuraFit® fabric and non-binding elastic waistband will stay invisible no matter what you’re wearing. The leg openings provide freedom of movement, while a thong effect in the back gives your curves a sleek, lifted look.

Firm Compression High-Waisted Sheer Short Shaper

14. Firm Compression High-Waisted Sheer Short Shaper

An extra high-waisted shaper short will sculpt your torso and prevent chafing to keep you feeling comfortable and confident. The PowerSlim® firm compression fabric sculpts your tummy and waist while the sheer legs and back remain undetectable under clothing and prevent chafing. A grip lining at the top keeps the shorts securely placed over your ribcage so that your total look stays streamlined.

15. Slip and Shaper Shorts

Slip and Shaper shorts can provide moderate to firm compression to sculpt your waist, hold in your tummy, and smooth your hips for extra coverage and a streamlined look. This easy-to-wear, versatile shapewear can help you feel more confident and prevent chafing. PowerSlim® fabric provides the control you need, while a microfiber lining keeps you comfortable. The anti-roll design will stay sleek under your clothing, and the simple design creates a flattering, slimline effect.

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