Different Types of Underwear for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Different Types of Underwear for Women: The Ultimate Guide - Leonisa

Underwear comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and cuts. And it's a good thing because so do we, ladies! It's also worth noting that women's underwear and panties say a lot about each of our unique personalities. Any woman knows that the right panties on a bad day can boost our spirits and make us feel more confident.

However, we need more than one style to fit our wardrobe and multi-faceted lifestyles. You wouldn't necessarily wear the same underwear to the gym as you would on a date, would you? Sometimes you need flexibility and comfort, while other times, you might just need some support and discretion.

But how do you know what type of underwear to slip on and when to wear them? From thongs to high-rises and boyshorts, here are six types of underwear to keep in your drawer for every occasion. Leonisa will help you discover different types of underwear for women so you can find the best fit for you.

Different Types of Underwear for Women

Ready to get started? We've examined all the different types of underwear for women, and we're ready to guide you through this process. Below each section, you'll find some suggestions for outfits and wardrobe items that go best with each style. We also explain what butt shapes look best with each type of underwear, so you have a better understanding of how to make your silhouette and derriere look especially flattering.

Shaper Panties

Shaper Panties - Leonisa

Shaper panties are perfect for ladies who want underwear that provides the coverage they're used to with a little extra compression. Leonisa ladies, if you want undies that shape, flatten your tummy and shape your butt, well...ta-da! Your perfect fit awaits. Shaper panties come in many styles, so no matter how much coverage you want, you can find shapewear that feels comfortable. These panties are also available in various compression levels (slimming, moderate and firm), so you can choose a style according to your exact needs. Whether you prefer high-waisted panties, mid-rise panties, shaper shorts or butt-lifters, you will find shaper panties to fit any outfit.

If you want a bit more support around your thighs, lower tummy or butt, shaper panties will give you that tiny boost of confidence you're looking for.

Apparel Match: Shaper panties work with multiple styles and outfits. It really depends on what type of shaper panty you wear. If you're wearing something a little more sheer and want to avoid panty lines, nude shaper panties are the best option. But, if you're slipping on a comfy pair of jeans, shorts or a skirt, any shaper panties will work well. Just be sure to choose a seamless shaper panty if you're wearing a very tight outfit.

Butt Shape: Shaper panties are great for all types. Just as we mentioned for the apparel match, there are so many different types of shaper panties that it depends on your specific size. But, if you do have a more apple-shaped butt, these shaper panties are made for you. Our shaper panties help accentuate your rear and highlight all your right curves.

Butt-Lifter Panties

Butt-Lifter Panties - Leonisa

Butt-lifter panties are the perfect panty to give your bottom that extra bit of oomph! These panties amplify your booty's size and shape by lifting and toning your backside for that extra firm look. We also offer butt-lifter panties with removable padding, so you can pick and choose when exactly you want that extra booty boost.

Whether you're looking for more definition or better support, butt-lifter panties are soft, breathable and very discreet. They also help prevent chafing in the groin area and are made with various compression levels to fit your size and needs.

Apparel Match: Butt-lifter panties are perfect for so many occasions. While you may want to lounge around the house in a panty with a little more give, wear your butt-lifter panties with those super sexy jeans that show all your curves when you go out.

Butt Shape: Butt-lifter panties are perfect for women with a slightly longer or elongated backside. For ladies with less definition toward the bottom of the butt, butt-lifters will lift your backside for a perkier derriere. Butt-lifter panties are also great at providing extra support for women with larger butts. Whether you have square hips, a square-shaped butt, a V-shaped butt or a different shape, Leonisa butt-lifter panties help you feel #UniqueLikeYou.

Invisible and Seamless Panties

Invisible panties- Leonisa

Invisible and seamless panties are made to go completely unnoticed. If you can see them, they are not doing their job. But don't worry, these panties are like the best hide-and-seek players ever. They stay hidden. Want to wear that tight dress or those skinny jeans? Try a pair of invisible panties to make sure that everyone notices your sexy new outfit instead of your panty lines.

You can find invisible or seamless panties in various styles. Whether you prefer hiphuggers, bikini bottoms, thongs, high-waisted panties, boyshorts or classic panties, there's no reason why you should worry about people seeing your panty lines through your clothes. You can even find shaper panties that are seamless for extra support without embarrassing lines. Does it get any better than that?

Apparel Match: Invisible panties go with just about anything. Remember, you can find seamless or invisible panties in almost any style, so it doesn't matter whether you're wearing a dress, skirt, jeans or shorts. It makes the most sense to wear these panties when you're sporting a tight outfit, but feel free to throw these on for extra reassurance with any outfit.

Butt Shape: Again, invisible panties are universal. So, it doesn't matter whether your butt is big, small, square, V-shaped or some other unique shape. If you want to make sure no one sees your panty lines, grab a pair of invisible panties to strut your stuff with confidence.

Thong Panties

Thong Panties - Leonisa

Nothing is as sexy or sensual as thong underwear. But, thongs do a whole lot more than simply entice your partner. In fact, thongs have a more practical purpose.

Thongs are the perfect choice when you want to be discreet and avoid panty lines from showing. Most thongs, as well as G-strings and tangas/sambas, offer a seamless look. They offer almost zero butt coverage and a narrow strip or band along the hips.

Because they're so excellent at hiding visible panty lines (VPLs), thongs are best suited for tighter garments like bodycons or wrap-style dresses. They also work great with fitted slacks or leggings for the yoga studio.

Despite their bad reputation of being awkward and “riding” in intimate areas, thongs are actually quite comfortable once you get used to them. However, should you decide to wear a thong, there are other important considerations to keep in mind. For instance, thongs come in a variety of styles, such as G-string thongs and tanga/samba thongs. It's critical to find the right shape to avoid that annoying “wedgie” feeling.

Apparel Match: As mentioned above, thongs are ideal for tight garments and hiding those VPLs too.

Butt Shape: Thongs are a perfect match for square-shaped hips. If you have a square-shaped bum, just be sure to pick a style that rides high on the thigh like a tanga (or risk a wedgie).


Bikini Underwear - Leonisa

Much like a bikini swimsuit, bikini underwear styles are designed with a lower rise along the hips and a higher cut along the legs. However, unlike a revealing thong, bikini underwear still offers plenty of middle coverage on your backside, too.

Since you can wear bikini underwear under many outfits, they have become many women's go-to panty styles. A pair of bikini underwear is a nice alternative to a thong and will go perfectly with jeans, skirts and dresses.

Panty Types - Leonisa

Apparel Match: Slip into a bikini panty style while relaxing around the house in a pair of jeans or for a night on the town in a sexy skirt. There's almost nothing you can't wear over a pair of bikini underwear, so be sure to keep a few of these versatile options in your drawer at all times.

Butt Shape: Bikini bottoms work much like thongs for square-shaped hips. For the same reason, bikinis ride high on the thigh. V-shaped butts also look great in a bikini with low-cut legs, offering just the right amount of coverage for your cheeks.

Bikini underwear is also a wonderful option for women with heart and A-shaped derrieres.

Hipster and Cheeky

Hip-hugger panties and cheekies look like a mix between a boyshort and a bikini. However, unlike a straight-up bikini, hipster underwear also offers a bit more coverage around the leg-line and rests a few inches below the waistline.

For women who enjoy low rise pants and jeans, hipsters are a fantastic option because they minimize the risk of your panties peeking out. And really, who wants that?

Cheeky underwear styles get their signature name because they tend to reveal the round plumpness of your butt cheeks. This type of underwear offers more coverage but is still flirty, like bikinis and thongs.

This playful underwear style is a wonderful everyday option for just about any activity or even a date night.

Apparel Match: Much like bikinis, cheekies are perfect for almost anything and will help you keep your underwear collection versatile. Reach for a hipster or cheeky when you step out in low rise pants or jeans.

Butt Shape: Because they help your bottom look lifted and perky, hipsters and cheeky style underwear are best for women with a reverse heart-shaped booty or a V-shaped bottom. Hipster style panties offer mid-level coverage, as well as rounded hemlines and lower-cut leg openings to lift your booty.

Cheeky panties, in particular, are also great for square-shaped butts and help create some extra curves on your silhouette.

High Cut Panties

High cut panties and high briefs, also known as “French-cut” panties, have a very undeniably retro or vintage appearance to them. While many have dubbed them “Granny panties,” they are completely comfortable and exceptionally useful in many situations.

Designed to offer full coverage to your low-to-mid tummy, hips and bum, high cut panties and briefs are perfect when you need some extra support. They offer a comfortable barrier between you and a pair of high waisted jeans or pants.

High cut panty styles and high briefs are best suited for women with high waisted bottoms. Don't worry--they come in more trendy colors and fabrics as well!

Apparel Match: High briefs offer a higher cut, which offers more security and coverage around the cheeks. They're fantastic at offering extra support, especially when you step out in a pair of vintage, high-waisted jeans, pants, leggings or joggers.

Butt Shape: High briefs are a wonderful underwear choice for women with square-shaped bums. For the most part, high-rise and mid-rise underwear types offer the perfect waistline to distinguish where your back and booty meet. These styles give square butts just a little more definition. On the flip side, women with reverse heart-shaped butts and round butts should avoid fuller-coverage, high-waisted briefs because they can be a bit constrictive and exaggerate the elongated figure. Most times, high briefs and mid-rise briefs can also cause unwanted bulges and clearly visible panty lines.


Mid-rise underwear is quite similar to high-rise but varies more toward a hipster style panty. They offer more coverage than hipsters and cheekies but a bit less than a high brief. Mid-rise underwear should just barely graze your navel.

Many women find mid-rise underwear to be a nice compromise and a comfortable fit. Mid-rise underwear is also perfect for your everyday attire and works well beneath mid-rise pants and skirts.

Apparel Match: Slip into a pair of mid-rise panties when you wish to wear pants or skirts.

Butt Shape: Like high-rise panties, mid-rise panties look best on women and ladies with square-shaped butts. Women with squarish bums need that extra assistance to mark where their back ends and their derriere begins. This is precisely what mid-rise panties can do. Women with V-shaped derrieres look great in mid-rise underwear styles, especially when they hit right along or below the butt crease.


Boyshorts and panty shorts - Leonisa

Boyshorts were inspired by men's boxer shorts (thanks fellas!), and offer an exceptionally comfortable fit. With full coverage, boyshorts are versatile and sit somewhere between a base layer and loungewear. Even if you don't wear boyshorts under jeans during the day, you can wear them around the house as mini boxer shorts, nixing the sweatpants or legging completely. Boyshorts come in handy when you want to wear a skirt or flared dress but intend to do a lot of walking. Essentially, instead of chafing your upper thighs as they rub together, boyshorts offer some sweat absorption and protection to avoid chafing and skin rashes.

In general, boyshorts are great for lounging around at home or even on dates where you might slip into a sexy, yet flash-prone outfit. Even the most careful of us ladies can be caught off guard on a windy day, and boyshorts offer some extra insurance coverage (pun intended). If you want to save what's beneath for your partner's eyes only--go for boyshorts!

Apparel Match: Wear boyshorts whenever you need that extra bit of security and comfort. Boyshorts work best beneath skirts of all lengths and sizes.

Butt Shape: Women with V-shaped bottoms have cheeks that appear as if they're sagging. However, with the right panties or underwear, you can find a more flattering look. Boyshorts offer great coverage for ladies with V-shaped bums, heart-shaped bums or square-shaped bums.

Find Your Perfect Underwear Style

Find your perfect underwear style - Leonisa

Still on the hunt for your ideal underwear style? From our signature SmartLace panties to our super-casual cotton styles and three-packs, there's something for every woman at Leonisa.

Leonisa also offers bridal panties in ivory and white laces to wear beneath your gown or to pack for some sensual honeymoon fun. Don't get married without them! Looking for a little more support during your workout?, Leonisa's sports panties are perfect for an active day outside or at the gym. You workout hard, so your panties should work hard for you, too! If you're recovering from surgery, our post surgical panties will help you feel like your old self as you recover. Likewise, our maternity and pregnancy panties will keep you comfortable as your body changes throughout your pregnancy. We even offer postpartum panties for a smooth silhouette that will give you a little extra boost of confidence.

Find the perfect fit for every occasion!