How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger: 4 Tips

Butt Look Bigger

When it comes to the booty, behind, rear, or butt, the world has an obsession, and we cannot lie. Enhancing this area of the female silhouette has been popular since the Victorian era. Even back then, women wore a padded or metal undergarment known as the bustle to create fullness and/or curviness to their backsides under their skirts. More than 150 years later, a rounded, high and voluptuous bottom remains an appealing look in both beauty and fashion. If you’re wondering how to make your rear view look bigger and better, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and relax; making your body curvaceous is easier than you think.

1. Concentrate Exercise on the Glutes

It’s important to look at the muscles that make up the behind. Some women are born with naturally fuller and bigger bottoms, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shape a rounder butt. You can sculpt an amazing curvier bottom, but you will have to hit the gym and be consistent. Professional trainers say that you can grow a bigger butt via strength training. There are three glute muscles to zero in on, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The maximus is the most important muscle as it gives the rear end its pop. An effective bum workout would consist of a number of exercises that target and shape each of the three gluteal muscles. You could hire a trainer to help you sculpt your behind. You can find exercise how-to instructions on apps and/or social media platforms such as YouTube to guide you along.

  • To work the gluteus maximus, include squats, donkey kicks, deadlifts and hip thrusts.
  • To work the gluteus medius, use the seated hip abduction machine, and do sideways leg raises.
  • To work the gluteus minimus, include the side bridge (side plank) as balancing exercises.

A steady routine will help you grow your glutes for a firmer, more voluptuous behind. However, you need a little patience. According to fitness experts, glute growth usually takes about six to eight weeks to see noticeable changes. For some women, they may find that it can take from 10 to 12 weeks to observe effects depending on diet, body type and training.

2. Create Instant Results With Shapewear

It’s no secret that some of the industry’s most popular celebrities do what many non-famous women do. They purchase high-quality shapewear for women, such as women’s compression panties, to achieve the perfect silhouette from every angle. These underwear garments are made with innovative fabric technology and excellent design features. The compression fabric allows you to enhance what you’ve got to the next level. It acts just like a “second skin” and smooths your curves, flattens the belly and lifts your behind. Shapewear has revolutionized the way that women can create curvier figures with invisible boosting technology. It works on women of all ages and body types and can deliver self-confidence with clothing that fits better and enhances one’s physique. Body shapers are must-haves in today’s modern world of style and beauty. These wonderful undergarments have improved over the decades and are now extremely comfortable for everyday wear. When you’re wondering how to make your butt look bigger instantly, the answer is rather simple. The fashion industry has come up with several cool designs that can sculpt the body and accentuate your butt.

Butt Look Bigger

Many women desire that full, high, rounded behind that genetics didn’t provide. When you choose a shapewear panty made with advanced technology, stretch and fabric, you can see those curvy results in seconds. The right shapewear not only delivers the look you want but provides a premium experience expected from undergarments. For example, a padded butt lifter shaper short is a versatile butt lifter panty that’s seamless and undetectable under your favorite clothing. The short comes with removable contour padding. The design also flattens the belly and features moderate compression. You can wear it with the padding for a more rounded behind or without the padding for a natural, boosted effect. Another bestseller is the firm compression butt lifter shaper short. The unique ruched seam in the back creates that butt uplifting along with special bands and sheer fabric. Your waist and thighs are also smoothed in the process. The sculpting results are impressive! Shapewear panties for a boosted butt come in elegant brief designs in high-cut styling. There are even extra high-waisted sculpting shaper panties that accentuate the behind in the most glamorous way. The world of shapewear garments gives you many choices for enhancing your unique figure. In addition to shapewear panties, there are seamless-shaping bodysuits, waist trainers and/or waist cinchers, sculpting skort slips, firm compression leggings and a lot more. The key here is to invest in quality fabrics with awesome stretch, compression and comfort. You always want to feel fantastic in your shapewear undergarments. The right pieces will allow movement, slimming effects and perkier, lifted curves.

Butt Look Bigger

3. Wear Booty-Conscious Jeans and Fashion

After you’ve found the ideal butt-lifting shapewear, it’s time to look at your wardrobe garments or outerwear. Fabrics that contain stretch, such as elastane, can accentuate your figure, especially your booty. Avoid loose-fitting pieces that give a shapeless appearance. Jeans are one of the best fashionable choices for showing off your behind. Choosing skinny-leg denim is one of the easiest ways for enhancing your booty, especially a pair with a high waist. The attention goes right to the rear end. If the stitching on the back pockets features some kind of embellishment, that can create the illusion of a larger derrière. In other words, fancy pockets draw more attention to the behind. There are also plenty of famous denim brands that sell butt-lifter jeans. Modern denim is often made with compression fabrics that have been designed to define a perkier and more rounded bottom. Fans of butt-lifter jeans say that these special denim designs do give that big bum illusion while smoothing the tummy and thighs. Certain patterns can make a butt appear larger as well. Horizontal stripes on a skirt, for instance, are one way to give your behind a noticeable boost. Pencil skirts add curve and size to your behind. Flared or A-line dresses and skirts can make your bum look larger without any stretch added to the fabric. Choose leggings with large, colorful patterns to draw attention to your booty. Don’t forget a belt! When you emphasize your waist to appear smaller, your booty will look larger. A belt is a simple accessory that can showcase your curvy silhouette. Even the right footwear can flatter your behind. Of course, high heels can do the trick for any ensemble you’re wearing. You walk differently in heels, and there’s a boost. High heels allow your backside to have a nice, instant lift. The heels cause your pelvis to tilt forward and your lower back to arch slightly.

4. Try Bum-Enhancing Creams and Serums

You may have seen creams, serums and lotions that have been formulated to promote a curvy bottom. While these do not offer the same slimming effect provided by physical exercise, they may help you achieve a shapely behind. How? Most of these products include ingredients that deliver a smoother booty for that non-cellulite appearance. Will your behind grow in size significantly? It probably won’t, but some women have noticed good results when they massage in these products. Bum-enhancing creams provide temporary results, but when you’re on the beach in that fab bathing suit, your butt will have the look you want. These formulas can create that tight behind that looks lifted and fuller. Some of the ingredients that promote these results can include caffeine-rich guarana, acai oil, shea butter, plant-based collagen and marine algae. These kinds of nourishing and natural elements can help fill in cellulite dips, drain toxins and firm and plump the behind. Some of these creams come in packaging that includes a rollerball applicator to help massage the formula deeply into the skin. There are lots of bum-enhancing products to apply topically that are safe and moisturizing. Of course, you can take it a step further with cosmetic surgery for a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift. This is a personal decision that you should consult with your doctor before pursuing.

Make Your Style Statement With a Bigger Butt

People have always been fascinated with a big, curvy bottom, and that doesn’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon. All women have unique shapes, and beauty can be celebrated at every age and with every body type. It’s wonderful to embrace your curves, and if you desire a bigger butt, there are steps you can take to get there. Whether it’s through an exercise routine, elegant bum-enhancing formulas, booty-lifting fashion and the perfect body shapewear pieces, you can define your figure instantly. Bottoms up, ladies!

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