How To Prevent Thigh Chafing

how to prevent thigh chafing

For many women, thigh chafing is a fact of life. You’re more likely to chafe when the air is warm, when you’re working out, or any time you sweat, regardless of the weather. No matter your size or body type, you might be prone to chafing if your thighs rub together. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent this condition. Read on to learn about how to prevent thigh chafing so you can stay cool and comfortable in any situation.

What Is Thigh Chafing?

Thigh chafing is a skin condition caused by friction that usually affects the upper and inner parts of your legs. Any activity that causes your skin to rub against other skin or fabric, like walking, running, cycling or horseback riding, can irritate, blister or break your skin. Moisture can increase the potential for friction, so you’re more likely to chafe when it’s warm.

What Are the Signs of Thigh Chafing?

When your skin is chafed, it may sting or burn and look pink and puffy. Chafing can look like a rash or blisters, and the condition can even lead to broken skin.

How Can I Prevent Thigh Chafing?

With a little planning and know-how, chafing is preventable. Keeping your skin clean, applying topical treatments and wearing the right clothes can keep your skin smooth and dry.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is the first line of defense against chafing. Moisture, salt, dirt and anything that makes your skin feel sticky can increase the potential for friction. When your skin is clean, it is less likely to become irritated. Bathe, shower, or wipe any sweat off your body after you exercise or spend time outside on a hot day.

Use a Specialty Powder

You can use absorbent powder to help you stay comfortable and dry. Talc-free body powder, baby powder and specialty anti-chafing powders can absorb moisture and keep your skin smooth. In a pinch, you can use cornstarch with similar results. Usually, you’ll need to reapply the powder during the day to stay dry.

Use a Lubricating Salve or Stick

If you dislike powder, you can prevent chafing by treating your skin with a salve or stick made from specially formulated oils and waxes. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to the skin to keep it from rubbing together. By keeping your skin slick, these products decrease the chance of irritation. You can apply them to your skin at any time.

Use an Anti-chafing Cream

Another option in your fight against friction is using an anti-chafing cream. These products can lubricate your skin, soothe irritation and reduce the potential for blistering.

preventing thigh chafing

How To Treat Thigh Chafing?

If your skin is already irritated, it’s important to keep the problem from getting worse. Take a break, and remember to be gentle with yourself. Wash your skin with a soft cloth dipped into cool or warm water, pat it dry and apply a healing lotion, cream or salve. Give your skin time to calm down, and avoid any activity that could worsen your condition.

How To Choose Anti-chafing Clothes?

While anti-chafing topicals can keep your skin calm, they can also be messy. Salve, sticks, oils, creams and powders can stain or leave residue on your clothes. If you want to prevent chafing without using powders or creams, you’ll want to take extra care in choosing your clothes. 

Garments that leave your skin exposed or have seams that will rub against your skin are more likely to cause problems. Any clothes you wear should keep you cool and dry while reducing the chance of friction.

Wear Moisture-wicking Undergarments

Anti-chafing underwear is made of breathable fabric that helps to keep your skin dry. When it comes to chafing, cotton is probably not the best choice because its fibers can trap moisture in warm weather. Instead, look for underwear that is made from specially designed, quick-drying synthetic fibers. You’ll want to pick a style that covers skin that is susceptible to irritation. Make sure the fabric is sturdy and smooth enough to stay in place without sticking together or bunching up.

Wear Quick-drying Workout Wear

Quick-drying workout wear and athleisure apparel can also keep you comfortable. Leggings or biker shorts can reduce friction by preventing your thighs from rubbing together when you run or rubbing against equipment when you sit on your bicycle. They protect your skin from irritation while keeping you cool.

Prevent Chafing With Shaping Foundations 

When you’re looking for undergarments and workout wear that will help protect your skin, it’s good to know that there are options that will help you stay cool and look great, no matter your outfit or situation. In most cases, a breathable, close-fitting, short-style foundation garment that guards your skin against chafing will be your best bet. Take a look at our recommendations that will keep you comfortable in any weather.

Truly Undetectable Sheer Shaper Shorts

Breathable, durable mesh can be a great choice when you want to prevent skin irritation. Our shorts from Leonisa make use of soft, sheer fabric that hides cellulite and protects your upper inner thighs from chafing. It has the added benefit of shaping your tummy and lifting your butt with an integrated compression panty. If you want a garment that is undetectable under dresses, skirts and figure-hugging clothes, this is it.

Firm High-waisted Shaper Slip Shorts

Our high-waisted slip shorts made from soft, breathable compression fabric can help you feel secure, supported and comfortable. The shorts style prevents chafing by sculpting and covering your skin with a single layer of fabric that extends to mid-thigh. The high waistband is made of double-layer fabric that shapes your waist, smooths your tummy and keeps the shorts in place. This fast-drying, moisture-wicking garment will keep you cool and comfortable all day.

Stay-in-Place Seamless Slip Shorts

If you need an undergarment that will stay put when you move, these shorts are for you. Even better, our seamless shaper is made from a light and extremely soft fabric, so it’s lovely to wear. An anti-slip grip keeps the waistband from rolling down, while laser-cut leg bands stay discreetly hidden under your clothes. The design minimizes the appearance of cellulite and covers your upper thighs to keep them from rubbing together. It also lifts your butt and smooths out your belly, making it perfect to wear under dresses and skirts.

Invisible Extra High-waisted Shaper Shorts

If your skin is easily irritated by seams, seamless shorts could be just what you need to stay carefree. Our moderate compression shaper will smooth out your torso without flattening your butt. The SkinFuse® fabric will shape your thighs and protect your skin from chafing. Best of all, you can wear these shorts with anything, from skirts and dresses to jeans and slacks. The seamless design makes it undetectable under your clothes.

Firm Compression High-waisted Sheer Shorts Shaper

When you want to sculpt your body while minimizing the chance of thigh-rub, choose our high-waisted shorts made from PowerSlim® firm compression fabric. This high-waisted shaper has a sheer bottom with laser-cut leg bands. It’s undetectable under skirts and dresses, and the fabric will prevent chafing along your upper thighs. You’ll feel comfortable and secure knowing the shorts won’t slip as it streamlines your curves and flatters your figure.

firm high waisted shaper

Firm Compression Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

For a cheeky, feminine look that will keep your thighs feeling smooth and sleek, choose our shaper shorts made from PowerSlim® firm compression fabric. This shaper covers and sculpts your upper thighs to prevent chafing under dresses and skirts while smoothing out your waist and tummy. The leg bands are specially designed to lie flat against your skin without rolling up. The back features sheer fabric with special bands and seaming that give your butt a lifted look.

High-waisted Side Pocket Shaper Leggings

Chafing is the last thing you want to deal with when you’re working out. Fortunately, you can stay comfortable and look great in firm compression leggings. DuraFit® fabric sculpts your tummy and slims your thighs, while copper-infused fibers help keep you cool and fresh. This innovative, quick-drying shapewear is great for your skin and helps to fight free radicals that can age you. Whether you’re spending time outside or at the gym, you’ll feel super cool and confident in this great-fitting activewear.

Smoothing High-rise Long Active Shorts

High-tech, super-comfortable shorts can be just the thing for preventing chafing when you’re active. This shaper is made from SkinFuse® compression fabric that smooths out your thighs and tummy. It’s designed with three ultra-flat seams that slim and firm your legs with targeted compression. The quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool and prevent thigh-rub when you’re running, cycling or working out. This piece can be worn on its own, or you can wear it with a skirt for a streamlined effect.

Super-soft Moderate Compression Butt Lift Leggings

When you want a comfortable shaper for all-over shaping, choose these super-soft compression leggings. The breathable, quick-drying fabric is light enough to keep you fresh while providing enough shaping power and coverage to keep your skin from chafing. You can wear these leggings inside or outside during all your favorite activities. Whether you’re power-walking, jogging or going to spin class, this shaper is a perfect fit and works well as an athleisure item. When you’re out and about, pair it with an oversized tunic or sweater and feel great all day.

smoothing high rise long active short

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing With Everyday Shapewear From Leonisa

Thigh chafing is definitely not something anyone wants to experience. Fortunately, it’s entirely preventable. When you choose to wear everyday shapewear, shorts and leggings made from breathable, durable, high-quality fabrics as undergarments or athletic wear, you’ll stay cool and confident all day. 

With seamless, anti-slip designs and soft fabrics, Leonisa’s moderate- and firm-compression designs keep you comfortable whenever you’re active. Whether you’re dancing in a dress, working out in shorts or walking in slacks, you’ll never have to worry about chafing when you wear shapewear from Leonisa.

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