The Ultimate Postpartum Checklist: Shapewear, Underwear, Bras and More

Giving birth is an experience that changes your body and your life dramatically. As you spend time with your baby and adjust to your new life, you’ll need patience as your body returns to normal. During your postpartum recovery, the right shapewear can give you new confidence and provide support as your body heals. Compression underwear like shorts, briefs, panties, girdles and bodysuits can lift and smooth your figure and keep everything in place. They’re easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

Leonisa’s postpartum shapewear can help you feel secure and comfortable throughout your day. Bottoms with built-in, adjustable belly wraps can shape and support your abdominal muscles as you sit, stand, and pick up your child. Compression garments can alleviate lower back pain and help reduce swelling around a cesarean section incision. They can also hold stretched skin in place and smooth out bumpy areas. Targeted compression on the hips, stomach, and backside can help streamline your figure without pinching or binding. Postpartum belly wraps can be adjusted to suit your changing frame. From briefs to bodysuits, there’s a shapewear option to suit your body. Whatever style you choose, postpartum underwear can help you feel your best as you move into a new phase of life.

Shapewear, Underwear, Bras

Shaping Briefs

Our shaping briefs can help hold in your tummy no matter what you wear. High-waisted and seamless styles go a long way toward smoothing out your silhouette. Try our classic high-waisted brief made from soft SkinFuse®️ fabric for comfortable, easy-to-wear compression. This nearly seamless shaper smooths out your curves and goes invisible underneath your clothes. It provides enough compression to flatten your mid and lower tummy without feeling restrictive. The wide, double-layered waistband also helps shape your waist. Flexible side boning gives the panty structure and keeps it in place. The all-cotton gusset will keep you feeling fresh, while the thong-style detail and mesh back create a natural lifting effect for your butt.

Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts are the perfect choice for tummy control that smooths out your thighs and provides extra coverage under a skirt. The best options are carefully designed to be undetectable under your clothes. If you want to refine your silhouette under pants and dresses, our ultra-light, invisible shaper shorts are for you. They feature our signature SkinFuse®️ fabric and provide targeted compression. This shaper is specially designed to slim your thighs, waist, stomach and hips without flattening your backside. Sheer mesh inserts and butt lifter bands will lift your rear. Triangle-shaped cutouts on the legs provide flexibility and freedom, and leg bands keep these shorts from riding up. The seamless construction is designed to be discreet and comfortable enough for daily wear.

Shaper Panties

Shaper panties are the no-fuss answer to smoothing out your tummy as you recover from your delivery. Whether you choose a mid- or high-rise style, you’re sure to find a design that provides the perfect level of comfort and support. We have a wide variety of shaper panties to suit any style.

Extra High-Waisted Sheer Bottom Sculpting Shaper Panty

Shapewear, Underwear, Bras

For a complete sculpting effect that leaves your upper body free, try our extra high-waisted shaper panty made with soft, double-layered PowerSlim®️ fabric. This daily-wear, no-show foundation features a nonslip silicone band to keep it in place without the need for boning. The anti-slip grip lining provides strapless support, while hooks in the back of this shaper allow you to attach your bra straps for extra security.

Lace Stripe Undetectable Classic Shaper Panty

There’s nothing like a touch of lace to accentuate your feminine curves, and SmartLace®️ bands make this lace stripe undetectable classic shaper panty extra special. Striped accents complement the sheer back panel detailed with a ruched seam to naturally lift your butt. The convenient, adjustable hook gusset with inner cotton lining makes this panty easy to wear. The seamless design and laser-cut edges stay invisible under your clothes. You can achieve a streamlined silhouette with firm-compression PowerSlim®️ fabric to hold in your tummy.

High-Waisted Classic Style Shaper Panty

When you need to keep things simple, a high-waisted classic style shaper panty lets you go about your day in secure comfort. Its all-cotton gusset keeps you feeling fresh. This high-coverage foundation garment has soft fabric on the outside with a PowerSlim®️ lining to shape your waist and tummy. The carefully placed back seam flatters your feminine curves without flattening your behind. A perfect fit is achieved with smooth, stretchy bands at the waist and legs.

Perfect Fit High-Waisted Seamless Shaper Panty

Choose this perfect fit high-waisted seamless shaper panty for extra comfort and sculpting power. The high-tech DuraFit®️ fabric is light, fresh-feeling, and completely seamless. It glides over your skin and never shows through your clothes.

Firm Compression Panties With Belly Wraps

Belly wraps and postpartum compression garments can help shape your silhouette. This combination offers customizable support that you can adjust to suit your changing body.

Post-Surgical Velcro Closure Firm Compression Panty

When you need adjustable support that accommodates your changing figure, this post-surgical velcro closure firm compression panty has you covered. If you’re recovering from a C-section, the PowerSlim®️ firm compression fabric will help support your stomach and lower back without irritating incisions. The simple, secure closure makes the panty easy to wear. The back panel stretches to prevent flattening and tapers toward a convenient, cotton-lined gusset.

Firm Compression Postpartum Panty With Adjustable Belly Wrap

This firm compression postpartum panty with adjustable belly wrap is a wardrobe staple that can help you recover after a natural delivery or C-section. It can protect incisions as they heal and help support a prolapsed bladder. The double-layered PowerSlim®️ front panel comfortably holds your mid-to-lower tummy. At the same time, the Velcro fastenings allow you to adjust the compression level to suit your needs. The covered waist and leg bands have plenty of stretch and won’t create panty lines.

High-Waisted Firm Compression Postpartum Panty With Adjustable Belly Wrap

This high-waisted postpartum shaper panty with an adjustable belly wrap is perfect for your recovery. Its cotton-lined gusset keeps you comfortable. The Velcro closures allow you to change its size and compression level as your body changes. The triple layer of firm compression PowerSlim®️ fabric helps reduce swelling after your delivery as it slims your mid-to-lower tummy. On the back, soft DuraFit®️ fabric provides extra shaping power while blending into a light back panel that stretches over your hips and butt. A ruched seam gives your backside a lift without flattening your figure.

Short Girdles

A short girdle, like our post-surgical short bottom girdle with front hook-and-zip closure and wide straps, is a classic shapewear option that can help support your posture along with keeping you sucked in. This open-bust body shaper can help your belly recover after your delivery by supporting your torso. The PowerSlim®️ fabric compresses your stomach and upper thighs, while the soft microfiber inner layer keeps you comfortable. The cotton-backed front hook-and-eye closure, stretchy, adjustable straps and open gusset make this shaper easy to wear. Microfiber cutouts in the back flatter your curves.

Body Shapers

Many new moms prefer shapewear that will streamline their entire torso. Some open-bust styles can even make nursing easier by letting you choose your own bra.

Plunge Back Classic Sculpting Body Shaper

Shapewear, Underwear, Bras

If you need a comfortable, full-coverage body shaper you can wear with a nursing bra, try our plunge back classic sculpting body shaper. This bodysuit has wide, seamless straps and extra coverage in front to support your bust. It’s made from soft, ultra-light DuraFit®️ fabric that smooths your curves and stays cool. The double-layered fabric in the back and tummy provides firm compression that sculpts your figure. The adjustable cotton-lined gusset provides added convenience and keeps you feeling fresh. Stretchy leg bands are undetectable under your clothes, and the ruched seam in the back gives your butt a lift.

Sculpting Body Shaper With Built-in Back Support Bra

When you want an all-in-one body shaper that does it all, look no further. This sculpting body shaper with built-in back support bra has a front hook bra with built-in back support and an elasticated underbust band. The light, soft fabric cups are unpadded to give you a natural look. You can adjust the straps for ultimate comfort. PowerSlim®️ fabric streamlines your torso. As you adjust the compression level to suit your needs, the MagicUp®️ bands and ruched center seam will lift your butt without showing under your clothes.

Post-Surgical Brief Bottom Firm Compression Bodysuit With Diagonal Hook-And-Eye Closure

When you want to choose your own bra as you support your hips and torso, this post-surgical brief bottom firm compression bodysuit with diagonal hook-and-eye closure will fit the bill. Its diagonal, cotton-backed hook-and-eye closure and brief-style bottom with an adjustable gusset make this shaper easy to wear. The high-tech construction can help your body recover with added shaping power after delivery. PowerSlim®️ fabric provides firm compression, while wide, adjustable straps and a microfiber inner layer keep this shaper comfortable. The stretchy, light fabric and a ruched seam in the back honor your curves and help you love your shape.

Nursing Bras

A soft, comfortable and supportive wardrobe is essential for new moms who nurse. The best nursing bras will provide the discreet coverage and convenience you need while allowing baby easy access.

High-Tech Clip Cup Nursing Bra

New moms who want to nurse their babies deserve the ultimate in comfort, convenience and support. This high-tech clip cup nursing bra is designed with clip-down cups that let you nurse your baby without removing your bra. Structured sides keep the cups in place. Removable contour foam padding and a longline underbust band provide extra support. The ultra-light, soft fabric is comfortable to wear day and night, and the ribbed texture provides a cool touch. With an adjustable back closure and straps, this bra provides full coverage that will smooth your underarms and back.

Multipurpose Pullover Seamless Sleep Bra Daily or Maternity

Choose this multipurpose pullover seamless sleep bra daily or maternity for the best in functional comfort. You can also wear this bra during the day and use it for breastfeeding. Its light, soft construction and wireless, hookless design will help you rest peacefully, and the anti-bacterial fabric will keep you fresh. Wide straps, removable soft foam contour padding, and an elasticated underbust band offer extra support.

Great Postpartum Shapewear Can Help You Feel Your Best