Get your figure back after giving birth!


Recupera tu figura después del parto

Susana Posada
Personal Shopper


It is clear that as women, the better we feel emotionally and physically, the better we can play our role as mothers. And it is right there where underwear becomes a key piece

Without a doubt, facing a pregnancy and thinking about the future can be a bit overwhelming, since being faced with an unknown reality promises a challenge that requires great responsibility, and it is clear that as women, the better we feel emotionally and physically, the better we can carry out our duties. mothers role. And it is right there where underwear becomes a key piece, since it will be in charge of providing you with the comfort and functionality you need in the days after the baby arrives.

There have been many pregnant women that I have met as Leonisa's Personal Shopper and it still surprises me that their questions about underwear are always the same: what size bra should I choose, whether or not it is good to use postpartum girdles , which size is the most recommended or for how long they should be worn... in short, there are so many questions raised by this new challenge that I have decided to write this article to answer these and many other doubts about postpartum underwear.

To begin with, it is important to know that maternity garments are designed with their functionality in mind, either because they facilitate interaction with the children, as is the case with nursing bras, or because they help in the body's recovery process, as is the case with postpartum girdles So as you can see, in this world each garment has a solution to offer, and here I will explain why.

Maternity garments are designed with functionality in mind, either because they facilitate interaction with the baby or because they help the body's recovery process after giving birth.

A bra that makes your life easier

When it comes to bras, the ideal ones for this moment in life are completely different from the ones we usually wear. Unlike these, which in many cases help to lift the bust and even help it look bigger and rounder, the design and functionality of maternity bras are geared towards breastfeeding, making feeding time more comfortable. much more practical and comfortable for the mother.

The design and functionality of maternity bras are geared towards breastfeeding, making feeding time much more convenient and comfortable for the mother.

Their main feature is that they have a design that allows the cups to be detached, leaving the nipples exposed, allowing for the time of breastfeeding not to uncover the entire breast or remove the bra, but rather to reveal only the side on which she is going to breastfeed In addition, it is common for them to also include a marker, which is a very small piece on the side of the cups or straps that can be moved from left to right, allowing you to remember which was the last breast that was used, and thus alternate them without the danger of repeating (Believe me that you can forget that... or what about those early mornings when you need to feed the baby, but you are so sleepy that in the morning you will surely not remember which side was used?).

Recupera tu figura después del parto

Now, it doesn't mean that because you're lactating these are the only bras you can wear; in fact, many women are looking for garments that do not necessarily have these characteristics but that they can easily wear while breastfeeding. So if this is your case or you are simply looking for different options, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Try that the cups are not foam but fabric, allowing you to discover the nipple more easily. Opt for ones that are made of elastic fabrics that adapt to the volume of the bust. My advice: use the cotton pads on the nipples to avoid staining. Recupera tu figura después del parto
  • Other options are front snap bras that allow you to easily open the front of the bra. Most of them have wide straps to give more support to the bust, and an X-shaped reinforcement on the back that will help you not only to facilitate a better posture but will alleviate the feeling of heavy bust, typical of this stage. Recupera tu figura después del parto

In general, keep in mind the following aspects to choose the postpartum bra:

In conclusion
correct size The size of the bust changes and it is normal that in the first days it is not only too sensitive but also feels hard and heavy, so my recommendation is to use a size larger than what we usually wear to avoid it being too tight and feel uncomfortable.
My recommendation is that a few days before the baby's birth date, you validate the size to use, either by trying on one of these options or by taking measurements from home and verifying them with our measurement calculator or with the Leonisa app Calculate your size.
arcs Many recommend wearing bras without underwires because if they are too tight, they could put pressure on the milk ducts; however, and as we know that for many women arches are essential to support their bust (especially at this time when it feels so heavy), the most important thing to avoid discomfort is to use the correct size, because if you do, they won't even They shouldn't even be felt.
Material The skin needs to breathe, so the ideal is to use very fresh materials such as cotton, which is also very absorbent and hypoallergenic, or microfibers that allow perspiration.

A very comfortable panty

There is not much talk about panties, perhaps because they are such personal garments that it is difficult to give an opinion, however there are many questions that I am asked on this subject.

The first thing you should know is that the most important thing is that they are so comfortable that you do not even remember that you have them on, because the last thing we want at this moment, in which we spend a lot of time sitting, is an uncomfortable panty. So:

  • Keep in mind that the first few days it is important to wear pantyhose that help contain the abdominal area, so it is best to have them high on the waist.
  • Opt for comfortable materials such as cotton that will avoid any type of allergy; also make sure that they have very good elongation so that they stretch what is necessary and thus they will not "bury" in the abdomen.
  • About the size, keep in mind that the first days the body is still swollen and that is why perhaps the ideal would be to use a larger size.
Recupera tu figura después del parto

A postpartum girdle... for what?

Undoubtedly, one of the garments about which we find the most myths and concerns is about postpartum girdles... that they are good, that they bother you, that they will make you lose those extra pounds... in short, there are many doubts, that's why Then I will try to explain myself in the simplest way possible to solve all those questions.

1. What is a postpartum girdle for?

Well, its main objective is contain the abdomen Well, as all those who have gone through a pregnancy know, the days after the birth of the baby the abdomen feels "loose", so this type of garment Thanks to its compression, it will help “reorganize the organs” and the skin adheres to the muscle more quickly.

2. What differentiates a postpartum girdle from a common girdle?

In the case of Leonisa's postpartum girdles, their main characteristic is that they have a velcro system that allows you to adjust the level of adjustment ensuring that every woman can wear it as loose or as tight as her body will tolerate. Our recommendation is that the first few days you adjust only what is necessary to avoid discomfort or pain, and as time goes by, tighten it a little more.

Recupera tu figura después del parto

3. When to use it?

For this issue, it is best to ask the obstetrician-gynecologist what his recommendation is; however, what many recommend is that you start using it as soon as possible, hopefully the day after giving birth. In the case of caesarean sections, in addition to containing the muscles before movements such as getting up or sitting down, compression will also help prevent the formation of ceromas, which is the accumulation of fluids that can be generated after this procedure.
We must bear in mind that these girdles can be used 24 hours a day, and that it is recommended to use it for at least 3 months.

4. Use other different girdles… which ones and when?

Although the ideal is that these are adjustable, the truth is that the market does not have so many options of this type; however, there are other types of girdles that you could also use and then I will tell you what some of them are.

  • After a vaginal birth, soft control waistbands can be used, which have different levels of adjustment. *Avoid bodysuits, they may not feel very comfortable at the bottom. Recupera tu figura después del parto
  • If the procedure was a caesarean section, care should be taken not to wear garments with zippers or seams that rub against the incision, to avoid hindering the healing process.
  • Alternating the postpartum girdle with other garments is also possible, yes, the idea is that they gently compress the body, so the shapers in Skinfuse are perfect, achieving the ideal fit so that the body feels compressed and at the same time very comfortable.
  • If it is about recovering the figure, keep in mind that only after 3 months after childbirth is it recommended to use another type of girdle that helps reduce measures, and that to achieve this, they must be complemented with exercise routines and a balanced diet.

5. Other benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle

  • It is normal for the body to change (a lot), and that is why the figure will take time to be the same as before... however, wearing a postpartum girdle will (bold) It will help make the recovery process faster and more comfortable.
  • will give you more safety and comfort when walking, getting up and sitting down, especially during the first days.
  • will help maintain a straighter posture, protecting the back and avoiding pain in the lower back (which will greatly alleviate the feeling of tiredness, especially after carrying 9 months with the weight of the baby).
  • And last but not least, It will help the swelling go down and the body will look more stylized, concealing the volume. of more that remains after pregnancy.

Remember that this is not just an aesthetic or appearance issue; Feeling better about our body will help improve our self-esteem at a time when our hormones are running high and our relationship with our body changes completely.

As you can see, a new life begins in every way and underwear can become the perfect ally to give us the functionality, safety and comfort we need to live perhaps one of the most beautiful moments of our lives.

I hope this information is all you need for this new adventure,

A hug,



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