What Are Saddlebags on the Body, and How Can You Hide Them?

What Are Saddlebags on the Body and How Can You Hide Them

Many women are self-conscious about the fleshy areas on their outer thighs known as saddlebags — named after the storage bags that hang from a horse’s saddle. Saddlebags are typically thought to be caused by hormones or genetics, and getting rid of them can be challenging. 

Although it’s possible to reduce the size of saddlebags by exercising and eating carefully, you can get immediate results by wearing the right clothes and undergarments. I know how much my confidence grows when I find the right outfit that perfectly accentuates all of my favorite assets! Just like me, you’ll instantly gain confidence when you choose flattering fits and supportive shapewear. 

Read on for tips to help you leave your saddlebags at the door and carry yourself with style.

Choose Flattering Clothes

You can minimize the look of saddlebags by emphasizing the parts of your body you feel great about. If you have a small waist, wear a bright belted top with dark, straight pants. Clothes that glide over your hips and thighs or flow from your waist will help your figure look sleek. You can also accentuate your décolletage with ruffles or a plunging neckline while balancing your look with a flowing skirt.

A-line Skirts and Dresses

A-line shapes skim your hips and fall away from your thighs. The subtle triangle shape takes attention away from your saddlebags and draws the eye to your torso. A waistline that circles the narrowest part of your torso will elongate your body and mask the spots you don’t want to show off. I recommend fitted A-line shapes that end at the calf or just above the knee because they can be especially chic and flattering.

Empire-waisted Dresses

Empire-waisted dresses have a high waistband that allows the skirt to fall away from your ribcage. The lower part of the dress will flow freely over your hips and thighs and hide any areas you want to avoid.

Knee-, Midi- or Maxi-length Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses are great for camouflaging saddlebags. Both straight and full skirts can flatter your figure if they fall away from your hips. A skirt that ends just above your kneecap will cover the widest parts of your legs while accentuating your calves, knees and ankles. Longer skirts balance wide hips and thighs while adding feminine elegance to your look.

Longline, Monochrome Outfits

You can soften the look of your saddlebags with long tunics, jackets or cardigans that hit mid-thigh. When you wear a long top with pants in a similar shade, you’ll streamline your silhouette, cover your thighs and draw attention to your upper half. In warmer weather, a long, loose tunic is a great option for hiding your hips and legs. I love detailed, well-cut collars and bright jewelry that can draw attention up and toward your face.

Fitted or Cropped Tops and Jackets

For a put-together look, pair a fitted or cropped top with a loose bottom that is tailored at the waist. Skirts or pants in fabrics that skim, flow or glide over and away from your thighs will feel comfortable and look lovely. Dark colors, neutrals and coordinating prints can hide and camouflage any bumps.

Straight-leg, Wide-leg and Flared Pants

Mid- or high-rise pants and trousers that fall straight from the widest part of your hips or thighs will elongate your legs. Wide-leg and flare-leg pants that flare out from the knee or calf will also balance your lower half. I suggest adding a cute boot or other details at the ankle to bring your entire look into focus.

choose flattering clothes

Functional Fabrics

When looking for clothes that will flatter your figure, choose the right fabric to hide your saddlebags. Clingy, too-thin and tight-woven fabrics can accentuate the areas you would likely hide. Medium-weight knits should hold their own shape and gently follow your curves. Heavier woolen fabrics may drape better than lightweight woven cotton or linen. Dark and neutral colors can slim down your look. Black, navy, chocolate, olive, charcoal gray and dark blue denim are great colors for pants. Prints on drapey fabric can also camouflage the areas you want to disguise.

Styles To Avoid

When it comes to hiding your saddlebags, some styles are best left on the rack. Clothes that draw attention to your thighs won’t do you any favors. As you update your wardrobe, I suggest avoiding the styles listed below:

Bias-cut Skirts and Dresses

Bias-cut clothes are made from fabric that is cut diagonally to emphasize your curves. Unfortunately, these clothes can draw attention to curves you’d like to minimize, like saddlebags. Since bias-cut skirts and dresses can make your hips, thighs and bum look wider, choosing other options is best.

Tapered Pants and Skinny Jeans

Narrow, close-fitting tapered pants and skinny jeans can make your thighs and hips look disproportionate. Unless you have a very small torso, you could easily look broad in these bottoms. A relaxed cut can add more balance to your look.

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts will draw attention to your saddlebags because the hem stops right at the widest part of your thighs. Longer skirts will cover your problem areas, hide cellulite and put the focus on slimmer parts of your body.

Short Shorts

Like miniskirts, short shorts are unlikely to flatter large thighs. Longer, looser shorts hemmed between your knee and the widest part of your leg are your best bet. They will also be more comfortable than short shorts, preventing your skin from chafing.

Self-care, Nutrition and Exercise

Women of all shapes and sizes can have saddlebags. If you are genetically predisposed to saddlebags, they may be difficult to reduce. Even slim women can carry extra bulk on their thighs.

Lowering your stress levels, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep will help keep your hormones balanced and your weight in check. Eating whole fresh foods while exercising to raise your metabolism may help you minimize these bulges over time. Toning your hamstrings and glutes with yoga, lunges and other exercises can help contour your hips and legs.

slimming nude skort

Hip and Thigh Slimming Shapewear

Shapewear is the secret weapon for looking flawless in well-fitted clothing. Sculpting undergarments are the perfect quick fix for your saddlebags. They can take your wardrobe from unflattering to fabulous and make you feel like a million bucks. Thigh-slimming shorts, slips, leggings, tights and bodysuits can smooth out your bulges, hide cellulite and make your legs look slimmer. They can help your clothes glide over your body and make your figure look flawless.

Undetectable Step-in Mid-thigh Body Shaper

If you’re looking for mid-thigh shapewear, a sleeveless bodysuit made with DuraFit® firm compression fabric is great for sculpting your thighs and your torso. The single-layer short-style bottom covers your thighs and leaves your knees bare. It will comfortably smooth your saddlebags while staying invisible under your clothes. I love this shaper because it looks great with dresses or jumpsuits, and the shaper will lift your bum. It’s easy to wear and lets you flaunt your curves with confidence.

Undetectable Sculpting Skort Slip

Another option is to choose a shaping skort slip with firm compression for a feminine solution to saddlebags. This gorgeous shaper features inner shorts that sculpt your thighs, prevent chafing and lift your bum. At the same time, the outer skirt creates the perfect silhouette under skirts and dresses. The DuraFit® fabric is comfortable and supportive, and the anti-slip lining keeps everything in place.

Invisible High Waist Capri Shaper

Staying comfortable while slimming your saddlebags is easy if you choose the right shaper. A high-waisted capri legging with targeted compression along the outside of your thighs will give your legs a slim, longline look. The thong-style back will give your bum a natural-looking, lifted shape. Soft SkinFuse® fabric is seamless, undetectable and comfortable. This type of ultra-light shaper makes your pants and slacks look great and helps them flow freely over your body.

Well-rounded Invisible Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts are perfect for the job when you want to target your saddlebags and leave the rest of your body free. Lightweight SkinFuse® fabric smooths out any bumps while targeted firming technology sculpts and slims your thighs, hips, belly and waist. Special bands and mesh panels will boost your bum and make your curves look great. Best of all, this shaper is invisible under pants, skirts and dresses and comfortable enough to wear anytime.

Extra High-waisted Firm Shaper Shorts

Shapewear shorts made with firm compression technology will transform your thighs and torso. PowerSlim® fabric will contour your waist while soft, flexible paneling smooths out your bumps and shapes your thighs. Seamless leg bands keep these shorts undetectable under your clothing, while ruched seaming lifts your bum. This shaper works with dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans, and you can wear it anytime you want to sculpt your silhouette.

Mid-thigh Sculpting Bodysuit Shaper

A full-coverage bodysuit shaper specially designed to sculpt your thighs will put your saddlebags out of commission. Firm compression PowerSlim® fabric will contour your legs while the soft lining keeps you comfortable. I love this piece because the bodysuit lifts your bum and provides plenty of all-over support. It’s great for special occasions or post-surgical wear, but you can also put it on whenever you want extra firm control.

Sculpting Body and Thigh Shaper

You can’t go wrong with a sculpting body and thigh shaper made from PowerSlim® fabric. This offers firm, effective compression to contour your thighs and torso while supporting your back. It’s a full-coverage thigh shaper that will smooth your body for a sleek look under clothes. The soft microfiber lining will keep you comfortable all day. Stay-put SmartLace® leg bands will keep your saddlebags in check and everything else in place.

sculpting body and thigh shaper

Sculpt Your Saddlebags With Style, Self-care and Shapewear

If you want to slim your saddlebags, there are many solutions to choose from. Combining flattering clothes, exercise and a healthy diet with great shapewear will work wonders for your figure and help you feel amazing. I believe that this act of self-care will boost your confidence, and great shapewear to enhance hips is the perfect foundation for a streamlined look. Shop at Leonisa today for the best lower-body shapewear available, and you’ll love your legs daily.

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