Colombian Shapewear and Body Shapers


Colombian Shapewear and Body Shapers

Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


Which level of compression is perfect for you?

Body positivity has become a hot topic in recent years. Women, especially, have become empowered to embrace our natural curves! It’s increasingly common to see women proudly showing their curves in their day-to-day life, and on social media. I love that!

I vividly remember that, when I was little, plastic surgery was very much in style. These extreme procedures had the end goal of making women look perfect, like the models we’d admired in magazines. I never dreamed of having surgery, though - I’ve always accepted my body. I didn’t really understand the lengths some people went to appease their own vanity.

Some years later, I came to understand that insecurities and self-criticism were super common in many women’s lives. Even I fell victim to the desire to look perfect, and I tried out more diets and workout routines than ever before. I’m sure this has also happened to you - over time, social pressure and beauty standards make us more self-critical.

Now that I’m a Personal Shopper, it’s really gratifying to live in a moment where society realizes that it’s totally normal to have cellulite, a stomach that isn’t flat, and a body that generally doesn’t meet unrealistic standards of “perfection”. Who decides what “perfection” defines, anyway?
Nobody has ever been able to achieve these unrealistic standards, and the world has finally woken up to that fact. Our society has evolved tremendously from the days when having plastic surgery was a dream, to this moment when we recognize that embracing our natural shape and loving ourselves are essential to our happiness.

But just because we’ve reached a point where our natural curves are totally accepted, doesn’t mean we can’t want a little extra help and a boost of confidence. In reality, when we take care of our outer self, we’re also taking care of our inner self.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

To achieve balance in life involves making good decisions for your body. It’s a proven fact that eating well, exercising, and liking how you look play a powerful role in your state of mind and how you feel. It’s very important to consider these factors equally. And there’s no better way to feel good about yourself than to wear pieces that show off your curves and enhance your self-esteem?

Right now, I want to tell you about a category that has become very popular over the last few years, one that has revolutionized the world of beauty.

You’ve probably heard of Colombian shapewear (also known as fajas colombianas) and know that it can transform your curves in seconds. But do you know about Leonisa’s shapewear? Do you know what makes our line so special that you’ll never want to take it off?

In this article, I primarily want to teach you about the 4 different levels of compression that we offer: Super Comfy/Slimming, Moderate, Firm, and Extra Firm. I want to help you find out which style will work best for you and your lifestyle. I’m 100% certain that once you’re done reading this, you’ll want to try our shapewear. In fact, I think you’ll want to incorporate it into your every look!

As a Personal Shopper, I understand that every woman is unique and perfect just as she is. I also know that many of us have insecurities with different parts of our bodies, ones that we wish we could change, ones that we wish looked different in some way. It doesn’t matter your age or body type - we’re all in the same boat. Here, you’ll find the perfect Shapewear Solution to meet your needs and make you look precisely how you want to.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

Did you know that, here at Leonisa, we have Shapewear for every taste, every body type, and every occasion? Of course we do! Whether it’s to shape your curves, correct your posture, or just for a little confidence boost, every piece we make is designed with cutting-edge technology, benefits worth dreaming about, and touches of style you’re sure to love.

Whether you’re new to the world of shapewear, or have been a faithful wearer of it for years, keep reading to learn more about these style allies.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect shaper to suit your needs and that, once you try it on, you’re not going to want to live without it!

Compression Levels

All you need to know about our 4 levels of compression.

In a lot of the consultations I’ve done, when I suggest shapewear to women, they say things like: “Shapers are so uncomfortable!” “Ugh, they’re too hot. They make me overheat!” “You mean like the ones people wear to recover from plastic surgery?”
In these moments, I realize that there are a lot of myths and preconceived notions about these foundation garments. So today I want you to give you the opportunity to really get to know shapewear, and to learn all that it can do for you.

The first thing you should know about our shapewear is that you can choose it based on the level of tightness you’re looking for and how comfortable you want to be. That’s why we have 4 levels of compression, from super comfy to extra-firm, each made of different fabrics that have special benefits.

The fact that there are different levels of compression means that you can start light and work your way up to stronger styles. For example:

If you’re new to wearing shapewear, you may want to start with something more light and comfortable. Stick to styles that are comfy enough to wear all day, like our Super Comfy Compression or Moderate Compression.

On the other hand, if you’re an expert, you may want to go for pieces that have a higher level of compression, which will give you more of a sculpted look. For instance, our Firm Compression or Extra Firm Compression styles.

Want to know more? It’s time to discover the different levels of compression we have. Get to know the benefits they offer and find the one that matches your needs!

Super Comfy Compression (AKA Light Control):

This is the lightest compression level of all. It’s comfortable, fresh, and has a second-skin feel. If you’re looking for day-to-day smoothing without sacrificing comfort, this level is for you.

Have you ever wanted to wear a bodycon dress but were worried about how your body would look?

This is more common than you can imagine. Many times, the people I consult with avoid certain clothes because they’re self-conscious about their bodies. More often than not, they’d rather look more “smoothed out”, with a flatter tummy, less cellulite, and a more defined waist.

What surprises me more than everything is when the women who come to me for advice have never tried shapewear! That’s usually because they think it’s going to be too uncomfortable, too hot, or that it’s going to show under the clothes they wear in their day-to-day life.

But I have some good news for you! The shapers I’m talking about have a seamless design that fits your curves perfectly. They’re not heavy, nor will you feel like you’re being suffocated - that’s because they have a very light level of compression.

Keep reading to learn more about what our technology can do for you:

    What’s so special about this technology?

  • This compression level is made of our trademark SkinFuse® fabric. We called it that because it has a “second-skin” feel and is designed to “fuse” with your body for a totally seamless look and feel.
  • This seamless technology has minimal seams and a light feel to make it comfortable enough to wear all day, every day.
  • Think of this fabric like you think of pantyhose: at first glance, it may seem to be super small, but it’s actually really stretchy for a comfortable fit. You may be surprised at how easily it is to slip into!
  • The real magic in these pieces comes from the built-in targeted compression, which smooths where it counts - that is, the compression is strategically designed to be stronger in certain areas of the body and lighter in others to highlight your best curves.

    Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

    Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

    This level is perfect for you if:
  • You don’t have experience with shapewear.
  • You want to comfortably smooth out your curves.
  • You’ve just had surgery and your doctor has recommended light compression garments for recovery.

    What occasions is this compression level perfect for?
  • I recommend these garments to everyone I consult with because they’re perfect for daily wear. In my case, I wear super comfy compression shorts under all my dresses to smooth out my curves and get rid of any “rolls”, plus they prevent thigh rub.
  • I also recommend them under pants or capris to smooth out the appearance of cellulite and make the skin look firmer.
  • Are you going to a party or a special event? If you want to look your absolute best while remaining comfortable, these shapers are perfect to wear all night.

Moderate Compression (AKA Moderate Control):

If you’re looking for compression that’s a little stronger but still comfortable, this is the perfect compression level for you!

Are you dreaming of shapewear that will do the job but is also comfortable? We’ve got what you’re looking for!

I’m sure that, once you’ve felt the softness of our signature DuraFit® fabric, you’re not going to want to take it off. These pieces are designed for a perfect fit and offer moderate compression to effectively shape all the zones you want to smooth out.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

The best thing is that, although these garments are light and soft, they offer surprisingly effective compression to shape your curves. Everyone’s going to wonder what your secret is!

This fresh, durable fabric is perfect for those days when you gotta keep going.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

    What’s so special about this technology?
  • Our DuraFit® fabric is soft, light, and totally undetectable under clothes.
  • Imagine a soft, light fabric that’s cool to the touch.
  • The real magic comes from targeted compression: some of our moderate compression garments feature double-layered fabric in strategic areas.

    What occasions is this compression level perfect for?
  • Just like super comfy compression garments, moderate compression is perfect for all-day, everyday wear. Body shapers or shaper panties are a fan favorite because they’re fresh and comfortable, plus they offer effective shaping.
  • This compression level is perfect for activewear because it’s stretchy, breathable, and durable. It helps you look and feel even better so you can concentrate on your workouts.

    This level is perfect for you if:
  • You have a little experience wearing shapewear.
  • You want to softly, but effectively, shape your curves.
  • You’re looking for a shaper that will go undetected under your clothes.

Firm Compression (AKA Firm Control):

On the other hand, firm compression is perfect for those who are shapewear experts - that is, those who are used to wearing compression garments. We highly recommend that you get some experience under your belt before you try these on.

I know a lot of women who just can’t live without this type of shapewear. For them, firm compression garments have become a must-have, an “old faithful”. I’ll never forget this lady I met who worked in an office all day, and she wore a body shaper every day! She told me that she just couldn’t live without it - that whenever she wasn’t wearing it, she felt “lumpy” and that she wasn’t able to maintain a good posture.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

This may be hard to believe, but many women love to wear firm compression shapewear every day. It helps them maintain a “tight” look with defined curves. These women are used to being more compressed, and they even tell me that these pieces help improve their posture. They feel more confident and secure while wearing shapewear.

Do you need a post-surgical compression garment because you’ve just had surgery?
You’re in the right place!
Keep reading and I’ll tell you why...

    Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

    What’s so special about this technology?
  • Our firm compression garments are made of PowerSlim®, our trademark fabric that has a honeycomb-shaped weave for effective sculpting power.
  • It’s designed to adapt to your body, sculpting your curves while staying breathable.
  • Don’t worry while washing - all of our fabrics stay intact no matter what, making them perfect for regular wear.
  • Although this compression level is thicker than the others, don’t worry if you’re prone to overheating or sweating. This fabric stays dry, so say goodbye to uncomfortable moisture buildup!

    What occasions is this compression level perfect for?
  • If your doctor recommends a post-surgical compression garment following an abdominoplasty, liposuction, brachioplasty (arm reduction), etc.
  • You can wear it day-to-day, but I will suggest that you don’t wear very fitted clothes over them. At this compression level, it’s possible that your shapewear may show under your clothes!
  • Wear it on special occasions when you’re looking for some extra “oomph!”.

    This level is perfect for you if:
  • You have a lot of experience with compression garments and want to feel even “tighter”.
  • You’re looking for a more striking, sculpted effect.
  • Your doctor has recommended that you wear firm compression post-surgical garments.

Chances are, you’ve heard of other brands that have similar fabrics and compression levels. But I’m absolutely certain that you’ve never tried shapewear as comfortable, or as effective, as what we have at Leonisa!

Extra-Firm Compression (AKA Extra-Firm Control):

I’d like to introduce you to the strongest compression level we have at Leonisa. I personally recommend these garments to those who absolutely LOVE shapewear. Why?
Because this level is stronger than the others, I really don’t recommend it to those who don’t have much experience with shapewear.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

Many of us dream of having a sculpted, cinched waist. Our extra-firm compression shapewear featured Latex, and it was designed to absolutely transform your torso by sculpting your waist and flattening your tummy. That’s especially true for waist cinchers and waist trainers.

You may have seen people at the gym wearing shapewear like this. Well, that’s because it can help produce more sweat, which helps sculpt the figure and eliminate toxins from the body.

Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels Colombian Shapewear and Compression Levels

    What’s so special about this technology?
  • These garments are made of Latex, which is similar to rubber. We add a light layer of Latex, so it’s not stifling.
  • These pieces sculpt your curves for a complete transformation.
  • An inner cotton layer protects your skin from the Latex and adds a soft feel.
  • While this level is stronger than the other ones we’ve talked about, don’t worry - these pieces are designed to effectively sculpt, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortable, especially if you start slowly. Start by wearing it for an hour at a time and work your way up!

    What occasions is this compression level perfect for?
  • Like I mentioned earlier, this shapewear is commonly used for working out. It sculpts your curves while enhancing sweat production.