A sustainable


In every step of our production, we take special care in regards to water management, improving air quality, saving energy, and reducing material waste.

We reuse or sell all of our waste fabric so that nothing goes to waste.

Water Management

Our dyeing machines are state-of-the-art and have different capacities, which allows us to optimize our water use. They are also routinely checked and undergo strict maintenance, ensuring that they’re always in optimal conditions.

Our goal for the coming years is to reuse 60% of our treated water.

Energy Management

We have a set of solar panels, capable of generating 700,000 kW a year of electric energy using only sunlight. In that way, we’re able to reduce our emissions by 250 tons of CO2 every year. To clean up that much CO2 would require 920 mature trees.

Out of all the energy we use, 6% is renewable energy. Our goal over the next few years is to increase it to 15%.

Air Quality

Our state-of-the-art technology keeps volatile organic compounds out of our emissions. Our production plant workers have changed out single-use containers for reusable ones, such as drawers and production organizers made from leftover fabrics and other waste.

Eco-friendly Materials

We’ve developed 100% compostable corn-based bags, thus avoiding using 50 tons of plastic bags per year. We’ve stopped using plastic hooks, switching to reusable hooks, allowing us to save 11 tons of plastic per year. Some of our tags are made of seed paper. You can plant them and grow a plant!
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