The Different Types of Leggings: An Ultimate Guide

The Different Types of Leggings: An Ultimate Guide - Leonisa

Leggings are quite a versatile fashion piece that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Chances are, due to their growing popularity in recent years, you already own a pair.

And as all-purpose apparel, leggings provide supreme flexibility at the gym as you work out or do yoga stretches. They can also be easily dressed up for a more chic look on a date or even to work. Or, you can simply wear them around the house for a self-care day or when you work from home.

Let’s explore some legging types, as well as their lengths, fabrics and styles. Plus, we’ll take a closer look at the shaper leggings that Leonisa has to offer. Learn some of our favorite styling tips on how best to wear leggings and pull them off as a classy and fashionable look.

Legging Lengths

Besides your choice in compression styles, leggings come in a variety of lengths from which to choose. The right legging length can offer you both comfort and confidence. Let’s take a look.

Wearing Black Leggings - Leonisa

  • Full-length leggings–Also called ankle length, these types of leggings work well with many outfits and can be paired with anything from T-shirts, tanks and jean jackets to ankle boots. They’re especially perfect for winters, worn with tall boots, and are available with interior fleece and fur trimmings. Full-length leggings also give the illusion of longer legs in petite height women.

  • Knee-lenght Leggings - Leonisa

  • Knee-length leggings–These leggings cut off just below your knees, which makes great workout clothes for anything from yoga to hiking. It’s important to note that you can wear full-length leggings during workouts, but most versions don’t offer the same flexibility as knee-length.

  • Mid-Calf Leggings - Leonisa

  • Mid-calf leggings–Also referred to as ¾-length leggings, mid-calf leggings cut off between the ankle and knees. Mid-calf leggings look amazing with a pair of high heels and a long shirt. You could also dress up your socks beneath your ankle boots or heels to peep through.

  • Footed leggings–This type of legging covers the entire leg and stretches over the feet, giving a dancer aesthetic. In fact, they look wonderful with ballerina flats or heels.

  • Stirrup leggings–Stirrup leggings are best known as horseback riding trousers. However, they’ve made a comeback as general sportswear for more than equestrian activities, such as skiing and yoga.
  • Legging Fabrics

    Leggings come in a variety of fabrics, but some are built for activities while others are made for comfort. You can find anything from cotton, spandex, nylon and even leather and suede. Since leggings conform to your legs pretty tightly, keep the fabric quality in mind if you have sensitive skin (or have freshly waxed or shaved).

  • Leather leggings–Leather and faux leather leggings lend a classy, sexy style. They can be dressed down for a concert or dressed up for an interview.

  • Wool leggings–Wool leggings are great for winters and colder climates. They can also act as an underlayer beneath pants to keep you toasty warm while hiking outdoors.

  • Jeggings–A combination of denim-like jean materials and leggings, jeggings are perfect for when you want the casual look of jeans but with ultimate comfort. Jeggings come in a vast range of lengths and colors, as well. For women who love the look of skinny jeans, but need more elasticity, jeggings are the answer. They also provide added posterior support. Jeggings also include pockets (even if they’re faux pockets.)

  • Nylon leggings–Nylon is a popular legging fabric, offering a durable material that’s wrinkle-free and lightweight. Just be sure to follow washing and drying instructions for specific nylon garments.

  • Legging Styles

    Besides the length and fabric, leggings are offered in a variety of styles to suit a number of activities and outfits.

    Compression Leggings - Leonisa

    Shaper Leggings

    When it comes to leggings at Leonisa, women can choose to purchase shaper leggings and sculpting leggings. And shaper leggings offer many benefits!

    For starters, shaper leggings may help women achieve their fitness goals by increasing perspiration. Typically made from stretchy, compression fabrics, these leggings apply gentle pressure to the muscles to create a smoother look and increase athletic performance.

    For women with cellulite, shaper leggings offer a way to smooth out the dimples that usually can be seen beneath the thighs and bum.

    To make you feel confident in your own skin, shaper and compression leggings can also conceal your skin during certain activities, like running in a public park. Compression leggings keep the skin stretched so that it reduces the dimpling effect of cellulite, essentially massaging it away.

    A much more optimal choice to shorts, compression leggings, in particular, offer lots of benefits such as:

    • Freedom of movement
    • Avoiding chafing
    • Help reduce shin splints
    • Help increase blood flow to the muscles
    • Help reduce muscle soreness and injuries
    • Allow you to jump better
    • Make you appear slimmer

    With all these significant advantages, let’s explore some of Leonisa’s shaper and compression leggings.

    Butt Shaping Leggings - Leonisa

  • Butt shaping leggings–Leonisa’s butt shaping leggings are made with our soft, breathable DuraFit® compression fabric, complete with an interior short lining of moisture-wicking PowerSlim® firm compression mesh fabric that sculpts and supports from tummy to thighs. Our butt shaping leggings also feature strategic cutouts that provide a butt-lifting effect. They’re wonderful for workouts, running, jogging, yoga and more, but are also great for daily wear to give a slimming appearance beneath jeans, pants or long tops and dresses.

  • Tummy control leggings - Leonisa

  • Tummy control leggingsTummy control leggings offer an extra high waistband meant to provide additional coverage and sculpt your curves. With an anti-slip grip lining, it’s sure to stay in place. Inside our tummy control leggings, we offer a breathable PowerSlim® fabric that provides a moisture-wicking firm compression. Capable of being worn as activewear or outerwear, tummy control leggings are perfect for hiding cellulite and shapes toward the ankles.
  • Tips for Wearing Leggings

    Now that you have a grasp of the different types of leggings and their numerous benefits (such as shaper and compression leggings), let’s take a look at how you can make them look super stylish. Here are some of our best tips to dress up leggings and wear them correctly.

    Leggings for the Office

    Leggings for the office

    While some offices have stricter dress policies, others are a bit more relaxed, allowing you to get away with dressed up leggings. However, even so, there are some tips to keep it classy. Make sure your tops cover and conceal the leggings’ waistband to keep the illusion of more formal pants or trousers. Also, keep printed leggings to a subtle pattern (like, maybe avoid tiger stripes) and keep colored leggings more muted with neutral tones.

    Leggings for Curves

    If you have a curvier silhouette, leggings can help to smooth out areas to allow you to feel more confident and secure in your body. Choose leggings styles with a high waistband, like our tummy control leggings, that help tighten your midsection and belly. Shaper leggings like this can also conceal cellulite, stretching your skin flat so it’s less noticeable.

    Pair Them with Heels or Loafers

    Leggings With Heels

    While you may be used to wearing leggings at the gym with your running shoes or sneakers, try switching your footwear to something more classy and super-chic like heels or loafers. Think ankle strap heels during summer or heeled booties during winter months.

    Loafers work great, too, and offer a more comfortable look. They’re also a great addition for office attire, especially when you choose a leather or suede animal print.

    Wear Them with Layers

    Leggings look ultra-stylish when worn with layers, like a silk button-up dress shirt or a flowy tunic top. Layers are also important to keep you warm in cooler weather, so consider a chic blazer, cardigan or even wear them under a sweater dress. You could even wear leggings under a summer dress to offer some extra comfortable coverage while preventing chafing.