What to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery

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For women who undergo breast reduction surgery, post-operative care is essential. Once the gauze and dressings are removed, you will need to wear a breast reduction bra for several weeks to control swelling and keep your breasts secure. Overall, this allows for proper alignment and for the tissue to conform.
That’s why it’s essential to know what to wear after breast reduction surgery and the most important features that offer comfort and proper, faster healing. Let’s dive in so you know precisely what to look for.

Benefits of Wearing a Post-Surgical Bra

After a breast reduction, wearing a post-surgical bra is an absolute must, as they provide many benefits that help you heal and recover faster. For starters, a post-surgical bra compresses the area, promoting proper blood circulation. Proper blood circulation has several advantages in itself, both decreasing inflammation and reducing fluid to avoid hematomas.

Overall, a post-surgical bra will also fully conceal the area to protect the incisions and prevent infection. But a post-surgical bra should also be comfortable and able to offer complete support, especially since you’ll be unable to raise your arms. Let’s take a look at some of the critical features that allow both comfort and support.

Essential Features of a Post-Surgical Bra

Leonisa offers highly-rated post-breast surgery bras that are recommended by many doctors. And once you understand what to wear after breast reduction surgery, it’s easy to see why! This post-surgical bra has all the best, essential features to provide ultimate comfort and support, made of our signature, exclusive DuraFit®, PowerSlim® and breast-leveling SkinFuse® banding created from the latest compression technology.

Getting in and out of a bra is already a bit precarious, but it will be even more so with the limited mobility of your arms. Luckily, Leonisa post-surgical bras offer must-have features such as:

  • Front hook
  • Soft fiber
  • Controlled compression
  • Wireless styles
  • Comfortable, three-level adjustable straps
  • Supportive underbust banding and soft cups

Doctors Testimonials

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Post-Surgical Wireless Bra

Post-Surgical Wireless Bra

Breast & Chest Compression Wrap

Breast & Chest Compression Wrap

Don't take our word for it... read these expert reviews from doctors!

Craig Staebel

"I have used Leonisa garments for my patients for over nine years. Leonisa's customer service is top notch and their garments are durable, long-lasting and aid in optimal results. In fact, many of my patients continue to wear them long after their recovery."

Craig Staebel, MD

Georgetown Plastic Surgery - Georgetown, TX

Elle Levine

"After trying Leonisa...I have left all other surgical garment brands in the past. The quality of Leonisa products far exceeds that of other brands...Not only are my patients receiving what I believe to be the best surgical garments on the market today, but they are doing so at a fraction of what it once cost me."

Dr. Elie Levine, MD

Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC - New York, NY

Pham Xuan

"It is recommended that post-surgical garments are kept on as much as possible during the prescribed timeframe by doctors. For this reason, EMCAS doctors recommend the use of Leonisa's high quality Post-Surgical Garments for their comfort to ensure our clients have the best care in their recovery."

Dr. Phạm Xuân Khiêm

EMCAS - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tim Zelko

"We are very happy we switched over to Leonisa for our post-procedure compression garments. They are so comfortable and securing for the patients, a lot of them come back for more! They offer a variety of options and colors to fulfill each of our patients’ needs as well."

Dr. Tim Zelko, D.O.

Zelko Aesthetics - Greenfield, WI

Peter Capizzi

"The Leonisa garment line is the most comfortable and effective for our needs. The quality of their garments is unmatched and is much better than other brands out there. These garments improve the final result of many procedures by reducing swelling and adding support".

Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, MD

Capizzi, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare - Charlotte, NC

Myla Benett

"Our favorite garment is ref. #018688N in Black or Natural Tan. We love the fit and comfort of this product and the breathable material. Our patients love that it's not detectable underneath clothing and the adjustable bra straps. We use this garment for our post- Liposuction and Tummy tuck patients."

Dr. Myla Bennett

Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery - John's Creek, GA

Gerry Sotomayor

"Leonisa's products are excellent. Once you start using them, there are no other better options for the briefs and interior garments. Our client patients -- women and men-- use them and are so satisfied that they always ask where they can continue buying them."

Dr Gerry Sotomayor, MD

Graceful Contour - Norcross, GA

Anthony Tran

"Our patients love the garments and so do we. The garments are well made, reliable, and compliment their new shape well. It certainly improves their final outcomes, not to mention the excellent customer service."

Dr. Anthony Tran, MD, FACS, PA.

Arlington Plastic Surgery - Arlington, TX


"The company itself is reliable and attentive, providing well-made garments at very reasonable prices that always arrive on time with great customer service. The materials used are exemplary, giving my patients the support they need in their first few weeks of recovery."

Dr. Julie Khanna, MD, FRCSC

Director of Plastic Surgery - ICLS Dermatology & Plastic SurgeryOakville, ON, Canada

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