What Is a Personal Shopper?

6 Ways Leonisa's Personal Shoppers Can Help You


You might have heard of the term “personal shopper” once or twice. More than likely, you assumed it was for very wealthy people. But think again. While that may have once been the case, Leonisa has begun to offer personal styling services free of charge. It’s a win-win, after all. The customer receives a tailored shopping experience and leaves feeling utterly pampered and confident in their purchase. And Leonisa gets to help the customer choose the perfect garment, knowing they will walk away satisfied, potentially leave a glowing review, and even become a loyal repeat customer.

But what is a personal shopper, exactly? And more to the point, what can they do for your fashion tastes and style? Discover what a personal shopper can do for you and your wardrobe. Plus, meet Leonisa’s four online stylists who are always here to offer free consultations. Here are several ways Leonisa’s personal shoppers and online stylists can help you.

What Is a Personal Shopper?

Personal shoppers are essentially consultants who can provide individual shoppers with handheld customer service and undivided attention. We know that choosing the right underwear is not always an easy task, and there are so many options. Most of the time, we choose panties that are stylish but might not be the best fit for our body. That's why receiving the advice of an expert is a smarter way to buy, ensuring that we choose the ideal garments for our body type and needs. Fortunately, our personal shopper service goes beyond the physical store. Leonisa also offers virtual personal shoppers, where you can get in touch through email, phone and even schedule a virtual chat.

A Time Saver

One of the best ways a personal shopper can assist is by saving you valuable time. Think about it: How much time do you spend on average hunting down the perfect garment, only to have to return it because it simply didn’t fit or the color just wasn’t what you envisioned? Instead, once you describe the goal and what you’re looking for, a personal shopper can offer numerous suggestions. It saves you valuable time browsing the web for hours on end or getting sore feet hitting the pavement store after store.

An Attentive Listener

Our personal shoppers are attentive to each customer they meet. Before they even begin the process of finding you the perfect garment to complete a look, they need to understand your unique tastes, discovering what you like and dislike. Some personal shoppers are wise enough to determine this in your personality and a single ensemble you’re currently wearing. However, over the phone, it’s definitely more about listening and advising you as a friend.

A Body Expert

Whether you are pear-shaped, apple-shaped or have an hourglass figure, each woman’s body shape is unique. Therefore, a personal shopper must be an expert in body shapes, knowing exactly what styles and cuts of garments will look best on you. Because the truth is that many women just don’t know.

In the same vein, personal shoppers must also understand how certain clothes and materials flex and hang. They must also have an understanding of how to pick a well-constructed garment that will flatter particular body types. Personal shoppers must even understand which colors complement specific skin tones and hair colors, guiding customers toward an agreeable hue.

An Adventurous Friend

Personal shoppers are friendly with customers and good listeners. It’s true. However, they are also there to pull you out of your comfort zone. They can give you advice, but also make you a bit more adventurous and try a particular style of cut or color that you may never have considered. That’s why we call Leonisa personal shoppers your Style Confidants. People can often get in a fashion rut, wearing what’s tried and true and bound to work. But, with a little trust and expert advice, a stylist and personal shopper might surprise you and make you feel sexier and more confident than ever.

A Confidence Booster

Above all, a personal shopper is a confidence booster. While it can be intimidating to allow someone to examine your body as closely as a doctor, a personal shopper will respect your personal boundaries and make you feel at ease. They understand that customers can often feel insecure about particular traits of their body, too. But a personal shopper will act like a supportive friend who’s there to help steer you in the right direction and give you a boost of confidence at the same time. They understand that each woman’s body is unique and their goal is to make you feel amazing in your own skin.

Meet Leonisa’s Personal Shoppers

At Leonisa, our team of personal shoppers is made up of four talented women we call, as mentioned before, our Style Confidants. Each of our four ladies is an expert in fashion and intimate apparel, bringing numerous years of experience to the table. Let’s meet each Style Confidant.

Susana Posada
Susana, who also goes by Susi, is a wonderful listener and loves to give good advice to shoppers. With a super relaxed style that’s not overly simple, she loves to wear and combine a basic wardrobe with extra details that convey a natural beauty. As a Style Confidant, she likes to think that underwear speaks for us, representing each woman’s essence and giving them complete confidence.

Melissa Restrepo
Melissa, or Meli, loves fashion and her work at Leonisa, where she gets to connect with thousands of women. Lace undergarments are her favorite type of intimates and she adores lace bralettes. Most of all, when it comes to fashion, she wants to feel comfortable and sexy all at once, all the time. As a stylist, Meli tries to surprise women with exactly what they need, giving them confidence.

Alejandra Hinestroza
Alejandra, is a risk-taker when it comes to fashion. She’s obsessed with animals, therefore animal prints (naturally), and is obsessed with color, even though she loves black underwear. To her, underwear is intimate, but a way to show the whole world who you are. Alejandra believes that when women practice self-love, they look that much more beautiful. And she wants to change the lives of women, giving them self-love as a friendly voice that offers fashion tips.

Luz Maria Gomez
Luz Maria offers an honest opinion when it comes to critiquing looks and notices even the tiniest details. She also likes to propose to women different looks and even hairstyles–anything that will elevate your look! Her own personal style leans toward comfortable loose clothing and underwear that offers freedom and relaxation. While she prefers shades of white, black and nude color tones, she loves a good animal print, too. Luz Maria loves recommending shapewear to women of all ages and sizes and for all occasions.

How Can Leonisa Personal Shoppers Assist Me?

We Offer Expert Advice

Each of Leonisa’s personal shoppers is knowledgeable in fashion and able to offer each shopper with unique advice and individual insight to shoppers looking for help. This advice could be anything–from finding the perfect size of underwear that’s both comfortable and supportive to finding the right bra, shaper or compression garments designed to slim the figure and help you heal faster after surgeries.

Friendly Communication

Once you choose to speak to one of Leonisa’s personal shoppers, simply schedule an online stylist consultation with Susana, Melissa, Alejandra or Luz Maria. We offer super efficient 15-minute consultations, but it can be 30 minutes or really however long you need. Be sure to have a soft measuring tape close at hand and arrive on time so that we can provide you with the full experience.

Once you meet with one of our four ladies, they will lend an ear and listen to understand precisely what you seek in undergarments or clothing. If you have any questions, they will answer them honestly and be transparent about all of our garments. They will guide you to find exactly what you need.

After the call, your personal shopper will stay in touch with you by email, telephone or even a virtual meeting so they can follow up and make sure you received your purchase, that it’s indeed the perfect fit and that you are completely satisfied.

What We Can Specifically Help With

So what exactly do Leonisa’s personal shoppers do to help you? Glad you asked! Here are some suggestions on the different ways our Style Confidants can assist you.

Undergarments for Special Occasions

Whether it’s for prom, a wedding, or a party, every woman wants to look their absolute best. Our Style Confidants can find the perfect shapewear, strapless bra or undergarment to give you a flattering silhouette beneath the dress or ensemble of your choice. We can even help you select sexy honeymoon lingerie!

Shapewear for a Slimming Silhouette

Shapewear for a Slimming Silhouette - Leonisa

Speaking of shapewear, each personal shopper can help you create a more slimming silhouette. From arm shapers to butt lifters and waist cinchers, Leonisa offers numerous shapewear styles. If you’re unsure where to start, we’ll introduce you to specialty shapewear that will make you look amazing and feel confident in your unique figure.

Find the Perfect Bra and Underwear Styles

Find the Perfect Bra and Underwear Styles - Leonisa

Leonisa offers a Bra Fit quiz to help you determine the perfect bra style, shape and size to find the ideal fit. However, if you still feel indecisive or lost on what to choose, our Style Confidants are here to help. They know the ABCs of underwear, after all!

Postpartum and Maternity Undergarments

New moms experience lots of bodily changes. So whether you want a comfortable and supportive maternity garment to support your baby bump or wish to recover your figure after delivery, our personal stylists can offer all the assistance a busy mom like you needs.

Activewear for Exercise

Activewear for Exercise - Leonisa

Whether you already run in marathons or are just starting out on your fitness journey, a personal shopper can help guide you to find the best activewear for women. From moisture-wicking workout leggings, flexible yoga leggings and sports bras to support your best gals, we can have you looking super stylish whenever you hit the gym, studio or mat in your own home. Our personal shoppers can even help you find a proper workout waist trainer.

Post-Surgical Compression Garments

Leonisa’s personal shoppers can help you find the perfect post surgery compression garments. Whether you plan on having breast surgery, liposuction, a tummy tuck or an arm lift, we can help you find the most supportive compression garment to help you heal faster. We even offer advice and a compassionate ear for women who have undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Get in Touch with a personal shopper Today

Above are just a handful of ways Leonisa’s Style Confidants can assist you. And during a free consultation, we’ll answer any questions you have for us! Schedule an online stylist appointment to speak to the best of the best of Leonisa’s personal shoppers. Our stylists will not only take the stress away and help you find the perfect size or style, but will understand how to coordinate it with the right skirt, dress, slacks or top.

At Leonisa, we also understand that women experience shifts in their body image, which can leave them feeling insecure in their self-esteem. Our ultimate goal is to lift you up and make you feel confident, courageous and beautiful. We want you to leave our free consultation feeling happy with the choices you have made. But more importantly, we want you to feel amazing in your new garments.

Our personal shoppers have a lot to tell you! Schedule a 30-minute consultation with one of our personal Shoppers today and get the answers and advice you truly need to feel absolutely stellar. We look forward to meeting you!