What to wear under a weeding dress

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What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress - Leonisa

A huge congratulations! You’ve found the perfect dress for the big day! Now, let’s make you and your dress look even more stunningly beautiful.

While many brides never even consider what to wear under a wedding dress, we at Leonisa believe that the wedding dress undergarments you choose are second only to your something borrowed, blue, old and new. Even the brides who understand how crucial wedding dress undergarments are, some still treat it like a secret. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Women wear shapewear all the time, so why not for their wedding? After all, no matter what kind of budget you had for the gown itself, you want it to look amazing, don’t you? That’s why Leonisa wants to help you feel confident, secure and absolutely gorgeous on your special day.

Since many wedding gowns are made of delicate fabrics that easily show creases and seams, many brides wear wedding dress undergarments to make their silhouette smoother. It’s not always about tucking in the tummy area or smoothing out lumps. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best wedding dress undergarments to make you look your best. Plus, we’ll reveal which works best beneath your particular wedding dress style. From strapless bras to shaper shorts to invisible panties, let’s dive into some of the options to make your wedding dress as picture-worthy and jaw-dropping as it can be!

Here is a breakdown of wedding dress styles and cuts, and the best seamless shapewear and undergarment pieces to go along with them to enhance your silhouette.

Wedding Dress Undergarments

Woman in weeding dress holding flowers

On their wedding day, many brides wear invisible panties, shaper shorts and strapless bras and bustiers. Garments such as these can make a bride feel confident, without worrying over visible panty lines and bunching fabrics on her special day. They can also smooth out the silhouette from the bust to the hips, as well as target specific areas that a wedding gown is designed to accentuate.

Furthermore, wedding dress undergarments are constructed of soft, stretchable and often moisture-wicking fabrics that can keep you comfortable as you walk down the aisle and dance with your partner. To point you in the right direction, here are some of the common styles and features of wedding dress undergarments.

Invisible Panties

Invisible Panties - Leonisa

Bridal panties should have a seamless style and show absolutely no visible panty lines beneath your dress. You can even find seamless panties that lift the tush, which can accentuate your silhouette beneath a gown. Many of our bridal panties are also constructed with ultra-soft DuraFit® fabric, allowing brides to smooth out their curves by compressing the mid to lower tummy area.

If you want a more classic bridal panty that makes you feel sensual beneath it all, Leonisa offers panties with high-quality yet delicate SmartLace® technology. Our SmartLace® goes completely undetected, is never irritating and is perfect for daily wear, too, which means you can carry your panties along on the honeymoon, too! These panties are extra-durable and fast-drying for when you are breaking a sweat under all that tulle and silk on the dance floor.

Shaper Shorts

Shaper Shorts - Leonisa

Seamless garments and shaper shorts are designed to smooth out your silhouette.

Without squishing or compressing areas and making you feel stifling hot or constricted, high-waisted shaper shorts can tuck in tummy areas and smooth out any unwanted bumps, especially those with extra-wide banding. Plus, shaper shorts can also be worn simply to give your legs a more slimming and smoother shape.

Bridal Bra

Bridal Bra - Leonisa

At Leonisa, we believe it’s incredibly important for women to feel comfortable in their skin, which also means wearing a super comfortable bra. While there are some general tips on how to choose the best bra size, here are some extra tips when it comes to choosing a bridal bra.

The type of neckline your wedding dress has can direct you to the type of bra you choose to wear. For instance, if your gown has a plunging neckline or an open back, you want to make sure your bra doesn’t peek out, causing embarrassment or ruining decent wedding photos. From longline bras to strapless silicone cups, we can help you discover the best bra to add some lift on your wedding day, while also keeping it hidden and in place from first-look moments to last dance photos.

Also, once you find a wedding bra, take it for a spin and ensure it stays put. Wear it once or twice to make certain the straps don’t slip and that there’s no pinching or general uncomfortableness. If you can, plan a girls’ night out and go dancing to truly put the bra to the test. After all, you’ll be dancing at your wedding, too!

Extra Tips for Your Wedding Undergarments

Match the Skin Tone, Not the Dress

Choose undergarments that match your skin tone. The only exception to this rule is your bridal bra. Should your skin-tone bra decide to play peek-a-boo, it’s actually much less noticeable if the bra matches your gown.

Extra Tips For Your Weeding Undergarments - Leonisa

When to Buy Wedding Dress Undergarments

Once you decide on a wedding dress, you should begin the search for undergarments. Except–don’t make the purchase just yet! You want to make the purchase after your first dress fitting. In our experience, this is the sweet spot. Somewhere in this time frame allows you a few dedicated months to lose weight and for the seamstress to get a more exact measurement of your waist and bust on your second fitting.

An Honest Opinion on Built-in Shapewear

Many wedding dresses come with modestly designed built-in shapewear. However, there’s only so much their bra cups and boning can do. For instance, it might offer a balconette look, but if you need some extra fullness and lift, you will have to wear a push-up bra beneath, too. Overall, wedding dress undergarments are intended to support and accentuate your body’s shape and silhouette, which will ultimately make your dress breathtakingly beautiful. What we’re trying to say is…chances are, you already feel stunning in your dress, but just wait till you add a few pieces of wedding undergarments.

Best Types of Undergarments for Your Wedding Dress

Woman in white lingerie - Leonisa

Now that we’ve discussed a bit about the types of wedding dress undergarments available to you and some basic tips to get you started, let’s go over the types of gowns and what shapewear will make them look worthy of your beautiful body

Mermaids and Trumpets

Mermaid and trumpet style wedding dresses offer a non-traditional look with a sexy fit and flare silhouette. However, while these form-fitting silhouettes can really flatter your figure, their snug and clingy fabrics can show everything beneath if you’re not careful. So for mermaid and trumpet style wedding dresses, we suggest choosing a high-waisted undergarment that enhances yet offers a seamless and smooth appearance from the chest to the knee.

If your mermaid or trumpet style dress is a slip-like gown made of a clingy silk, we recommend butt lifter shaper shorts. Shaper shorts, in general, can offer a seamless look beneath a silky, clingy fabric, especially if the dress has a tummy compressing panel.

Dress with a Snug Upper Bodice

If your wedding dress is a bit more snug in the upper body area, we suggest searching for shapewear that is more lightweight and flexible. As you dance and hug family and friends all night, you need wedding dress undergarments that can shimmy right along with you, not make you feel constricted. For this style of wedding dress, we recommend an all-over compression undergarment, like a bodysuit

Sheath Style Wedding Dresses

For a sheath style wedding dress that forms around the hips and thighs, we recommend shapewear that is designed to smooth out lumps and hide cellulite. You want the dress to appear as form-fitting as possible, so it’s essential to find shapewear that targets the areas that the sheath clings tightly to. For a sheath style wedding dress, wear a high-waisted seamless undergarment or seamless boyshorts for your big day.

Bodycon Style Wedding Dress

For a tightly-fitted bodycon style wedding dress, your undergarments are extremely important. They offer a more slimming and smoothing shape beneath the dress, allowing the dress to slide around and contour every curvaceous angle. When wearing a bodycon style wedding dress, you want to ensure that it embraces your body and the best way to achieve this is by wearing a shaper panty or shaper shorts

Corset Wedding Dress

If your wedding dress already has a built-in corset, there’s no need to add another beneath! But we suggest to give your breasts a little extra lift with a strapless push-up bra. You can also enhance the look of the lower part of the dress–whatever style it is–with a booty-boosting high-waisted brief or thong.

V-neck wedding dresses and bridal gown

Plunging Necklines

For a wedding dress with a dramatic and sexy plunging neckline, choose a bridal bra with a low neckline and special front cut-out. For example, a U-plunge bra with a low gusset still offers all the extra support you need, including extra support on the sides, without peeking through the middle dip. 

Open Back Wedding Dress

Backless wedding dresses require a special strapless or adhesive type of “sticky bra.” Silicone cups are perfect for providing a natural look. Plus, you can find a variety of strapless and silicone cup bras in push-up variations, giving your bridal bosom that extra boost.  

Final Checklists and Final Fittings

Woman Dressing in weedding dress

While it’s essential to wear your undergarments to your first fitting, you absolutely need to bring them to your final fitting as well. Plus, some other items! Here’s a list of a few more items you might need:

  • Shoes–Bring along your shoes! You want your dress length to be as tailored and flawless as possible, hitting exactly where you want. 
  • Accessories–Bring along your veil (if you’re wearing one), your belt and any other items that will be worn with the dress. 
  • Shapewear–Obviously, bring your shapewear! From your strapless bra to invisible panties, make sure it all pulls together effortlessly and nicely. 

  • Reach Out to Leonisa’s Style Confidants

    We understand that a wedding can be stressful. From mailing off formal invitations to finalizing the reception menu, couples want their wedding to be perfect as they publicly declare their everlasting love and commitment to each other in front of all of their family and friends. Up until the moment you say “I do,” there are still tasks to accomplish like hair, make-up and delivering bridesmaids’ gifts. So why not give yourself a little relief and allow us to help you locate the perfect wedding undergarments for your dress? 

    Schedule a session with one of our Personal Shoppers today. Whether you prefer a personal one-on-one phone session, video chat or want to communicate through email, get in touch with one of Leonisa’s Personal Shoppers so we can help guide you as best we can, helping you look amazing for your partner, photos and loved ones on your special day!

    Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

    Bride in Lingerie and Veil

    Whatever undergarments you choose (or Leonisa helps you choose), remember to enjoy your wedding day! Remember to breathe and stay calm and enjoy being surrounded by the love of family, friends and, more importantly, your partner. When you feel confident and happy, it shows–in wedding photos and to all of your guests around you! 

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