Bikini Top Too Small? 8 Signs Your Bathing Suit Is the Wrong Size

You feel like your swimsuit is the wrong size, but you're not entirely sure. Maybe it's just the style? If you're confused about whether your bikini top is too small, too large or just right, we're here to help you. Here are eight signs to watch out for that indicate your women's bathing suit is the wrong size.

Your Boobs Spill Out

There's a difference between showing a little cleavage on purpose and accidentally popping out of your bikini top every time you lean over. If you feel like you're falling out and it's not what you're going for, size up or consider a different style that offers a little more coverage for the girls. You don't have to have underboob or sideboob unless you want it.

Your Boobs Are Smushed

Sometimes, you won't spill out when your swimsuit top is too small; instead, your boobs will be squashed flat like pancakes. If you're having to really pack yourself into your swimsuit, to the point where the pressure is painful, it's time to size up or try a new style. A more structured bikini, such as a padded top with underwire, can help give your girls the lift they deserve and offer more of a rounded shape.

You Don't Have Enough Support

Maybe your boobs are perfectly covered, and they aren't squashed. Instead, they flop around so much it's like you're basically not wearing anything at all. If you find yourself in this situation, first of all, check the size. This particular bikini might be too big for you. If it is the correct size, the style might simply be too thin and flimsy. Look for more supportive features, such as thicker straps, padded cups and underwire.

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You Have a Wedgie All the Time

There are cheeky bikini bottoms, and then there are unintentionally cheeky bikini bottoms. If your bottom is hanging out (and not in the way that you want), or you're constantly picking at a wedgie, that's a sure sign that you need to size up. For a better chance at keeping your bottoms in place, look at more full coverage designs, such as high-waisted bikini bottoms and swim shorts.

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You Have to Constantly Adjust

You will have to occasionally adjust your swimsuit, especially after a plunge into the pool. It's just a fact of life. However, if you have to adjust your swimsuit literally every single time you move, then that's a sure sign that your swimsuit doesn't fit. Look at the other items on this list to help you decide if it's too large or too small, and adjust your size accordingly.

Your Straps Fall or Dig

If your straps are constantly falling, that means one of two things: either the swimsuit is too big, in which case you need to size down, or the swimsuit is old and stretched out, in which case you need to replace it. On the other hand, if your straps are digging, that means that your swimsuit is too small. Try adjusting the straps first (if they are adjustable). If that doesn't work, you can size up or down according to what your problem is.

Your Neck Hurts

This one is specific to strappy swimsuits. If you're wearing a halter top suit and your neck hurts, the straps are too tight! First, try adjusting them to see if that helps make your halter top bathing suit more comfortable. If it doesn't, you might need to size up-or branch out into other bikini top styles. Generally speaking, the bigger your boobs are, the greater the risk of your neck hurting because some styles transfer the weight of your breast tissue to your neck. Consider looking for bikini tops with thick straps that go over your shoulders instead.

Your Skin Is Chafed

With any article of clothing, chafing is a sure sign of a bad fit. Usually, it means that the garment is too small, or that it's cut strangely and doesn't give you enough allowance to move. Sizing up is usually the best solution to try first. If that still doesn't solve the problem, then you can branch out into other styles to see if those work better for you.

Bottom line: If your swimsuit is uncomfortable, then it doesn't fit you. If you have trouble choosing a bikini style that works with your body and lifestyle, don't hesitate to reach out to our Personal Shoppers and they will help you find a bikini top that's exactly the right size.


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