How Should a Sports Bra Fit?

We know that sports bras are supposed to be comfortable and come in a wide variety of fashionable styles. But how else should cute sports bras actually feel on your body? How can you know what's normal and what's a sign that your sports bra is in need of an upgrade? First, we invite you to take our bra size quiz to better understand your specific bust type and unique needs. Once you've taken the quiz to find your most optimal styles, read on to see what we at Leonisa believe a great sports bra should do for you. Hint: It involves extreme comfort and excellent support.

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Featured: Seamless Reversible Sports Bra

The Perfect Sports Bra Gives the Right Level of Compression - We can't talk about sports bras without talking first about compression. It's important that you find the right level of support for your bust size and shape so you can move freely through your workout activities without pain or worry.  The perfect sports bra will not be too tight or compressing on your chest. If you have trouble taking deep breaths and find it difficult to wear your sports bra for long periods of time, you may need something less compressing. However, you don't want it to be so loose that you find yourself lacking sufficient support and needing more of that "held in" feeling a good bra provides. If your bra does not hold your chest in place well enough to allow you to jump and move steadily in your fitness activities, then you're in need of something more supportive. Take inspiration from Goldilocks when shopping for sports bras - find the perfect one to give you not too much and not too little support, but just the right amount. 

Featured: Seamless Reversible Sports Bra

It's Never Painful or Uncomfortable - Next, it's important to note that a sports bra should not ever be painful or so uncomfortable that you avoid wearing it. A good sports bra will not leave behind any red marks or indentations from digging in around the shoulder straps or band area. Bras for women today have come so far in terms of comfort and proper support. With Leonisa's high-quality fabrics and wide range of sizing options, your perfect sports bra is out there waiting for you.

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A Good Sports Bra Doesn't Itch or Irritate -
 The key to a smooth fit and ultimate wearability? Seamless fabric. With our SkinFuse ® technology infused into our seamless fabrics, our sports bras are super soft, non-irritating and comfortable enough to wear all throughout your day whether you work out or not. Supportive seamless styles keep your bust held in where you want it as you move through your activity. If your sports bra is itching you with poor quality fabrics, annoying tags or irritating straps - it's time to go seamless. 

Lastly, It Keeps You Dry Throughout Your Workout -
 The final and maybe most important factor to keep in mind with your sports bras is how dry they keep you as you rack up the sweat in your workouts. Our quick-dry fabrics wick sweat off and away from your skin so you stay dry with no distractions to throw off your focus or make you feel uncomfortably damp. One study found that as much as 24 percent of the women surveyed never wear a sports bra. The sweat-wicking fabrics of a sports bra are game-changing when it comes to your level of comfort in a workout or other sweaty activity. If you're still wearing a regular bra while exercising, it's definitely time to change it up and see what quick-dry fabric can offer you. In summation, a sports bra should be so supportive, soft and dry that you forget you're even wearing it. A great sports bra that fits right will be the last thing on your mind so you can get back to thinking about whatever your busy day has in store for you. Whether it's your workout, errands or anything else, you got this and your sports bra has your back.

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