Visible Belly Outline: What Is It and How to Dress Confidently with One

A visible belly outline (sometimes referred to on social media as #VBO) is when your tummy creates an outline or shadow. It can happen to anyone regardless of size, and that's okay! We love to see body positivity continuing to trend upwards in our society, helping women feel less pressure to conceal their visible belly outline. That's a reason for us all to celebrate, regardless of our body size! At Leonisa, we think everyone should love the way they look and feel in their clothing every single day - visible belly outline or not.

Choose To Conceal Or Let It Show

The choice to proudly show off your #VBO is up to you. You're in control and should wear whatever makes you feel confident. If you love showing off your visible belly outline in an outfit, then work it, girl! 

If wearing an undercover helper (read: shapewear) helps you feel more confident with things smoothed down, then we're here for that, too. You may even change your mind depending on your outfit. Shapewear is exploding in popularity. In fact, the multibillion dollar industry is expanding so rapidly due to demand that reports predict an eight percent growth rate every year over the next few years. This means if you do choose to shape or smooth down your visible belly outline, you are far from alone.

We're here to help you feel comfortable with whatever you choose. Here are some types of shapewear that can help you feel tight and held in, if or when you want to be.

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Find the Right Style for You

When it comes to tummy control shapewear, there are tons of styles and designs to choose from. The right style of shapewear for you will depend on the outfit that you wear it with, as well as the specific area you want to smooth down.

It's best to try a few different styles of shapers underneath a variety of dresses and outfits to see what works for you and makes you feel the most comfortable.

If you're new to the shapewear game, a simple high waisted panty may be a great piece to start with and is super easy to throw on under a tight-fitting top or dress. Waist cinchers that wrap around your torso are another great option if you want to focus on smoothing down mainly the belly area.

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If you're looking to get more areas of compression in your shapewear, then a full bodysuit or high waisted shorts are an excellent choice. They keep more of your body held in, lifted where you want, and overall smooth underneath an outfit. These shapewear pieces will help soften your visible belly outline so you can stand confident with your shoulders back, ready to pose for any unexpected pictures.

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Choose a Comfortable Compression Level

After you decide on the right style of shapewear for your visible belly outline, the next thing to consider is compression level. This may change depending on the outfit or even your mood for how much you want to shape and tighten your silhouette. Again, we say body shapers for women should help you feel sexy and confident whether you want to conceal your visible belly outline or not - the choice is yours!

At Leonisa, we have four levels of compression. If you are new to shapewear, then our lightest and lowest level of compression, called Super Comfy Compression, is for you. It's made to fit like a second skin and provide a smoothing, breathable layer.

When you're ready to graduate to a tighter level of compression, the Moderate Compression level is for you. Still suited for beginners with super soft fabrics and targeted compression areas, a Moderate Compression garment is a trustworthy choice for smoothing down your #VBO if needed.

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And lastly, for experienced shapewear users who are comfortable in higher levels of compression, we have Firm and Extra-Firm Compression garments. These higher levels provide superior holding in capability.

Dress With Confidence

You have the power to choose what makes you stand tall and confident throughout your day. Maybe some days you want to proudly rock that visible belly outline and other times you might want to smooth it down. Play with different levels of compression and shapewear designs to see what fits your look best. Our body shapers give you the flexibility and control you want for the ultimate confidence boost.

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