What Color Underwear Should You Wear Under White Bottoms?

There's no better way to brighten up your outfit in warm weather than by sporting a pair of fresh white shorts or pants. White bottoms are an instant way to upgrade any casual outfit to a more polished look.

White or light colored bottoms - whether that be shorts, linen pants, leggings or a dress - will eventually have you asking yourself what color underwear would go best underneath. 

Choose a Style

Leonisa is here to help answer that question, but we say it's not only the color of the underwear that is important but also the style and fabric of the garment. There are tons of different types of underwear options for you to consider when putting together your white outfits this season. 

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When looking to minimize any potential sneak peeks at your undergarments, the less there is to possibly show through, the better. Thong panties are the perfect choice for shorts or other bottoms that are light in color or made of thin, tight fabric. There's no chance of panty lines showing because, well, there aren't any lines to show.

The minimal design of a thong will also help you avoid having your underwear pattern or color showing through your white bottoms. Definitely be sure to keep a few thongs in your panty drawer to wear with any light, bright and tight-fitting bottoms in your closet.

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Seamless Panties

If you prefer a full coverage style for underneath your white outfits, you're not alone. One survey showed that 52 percent of women prefer a full coverage panty.

If you're choosing a full brief, shorts or cheeky style, seamless panties are your secret weapon for ensuring your underwear stays unnoticed. They provide the comfort and coverage you are looking for in a seamless fabric that hugs you like a second skin. The no show feature of seamless panties is the perfect pairing for tight or sheer outerwear.

Because of their flattering and snug fit, seamless panties also ensure you avoid any awkward sagging or bunching beneath your clothing that can happen when wearing a full brief style of underwear.

When you choose seamless, you'll keep panty lines at bay on even the tightest of leggings or skirts. Stock your underwear drawer with seamless briefs or shorts for those times when you need a stretchable, comfy option and a bit more coverage than a thong.

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Choose the Right Color

We've discussed the best shapes and fabrics for wearing with white. Now, let's talk about color. Contrary to what your first instinct may be, white is not the best color panty to wear beneath white, sheer clothing.

Shades of beiges, tans and nudes actually perform better than white underwear when it comes to being undetectable beneath light colored clothing. Choose a shade close to your skin tone and you'll be able to enjoy your day worry free in your fresh, bright white outfits.

Find The Perfect Pair

In conclusion, the best underwear to pair with your white shorts and leggings this season may not be what you thought. Select a neutral or skin tone shade in a thong or seamless brief panty. Never ever wear a patterned pair of underwear and avoid white under white as well. Be sure to avoid briefs made of thick materials with heavy seams that may show through lighter fabrics. 

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Prevent anyone catching an unwanted glance at your undergarments by choosing smooth and seamless fabrics that fit you like a second skin, hug you in all the right ways and match closely with your skin tone. Now go confidently into those warmer weather outings with your best and brightest white bottoms on.

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  • Barb

    Hello. I’m Caucasian, so this works great for me. However, you say that 10 beige and so width are the perfect colors for underneath white. You should mention something about skin color because people of African heritage need to wear dark colored panties the black skin, the darker ship with the skin I believe.

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