What To Wear Under a Sweater

When the temperature drops, you reach for your sweater collection. Sweaters are undeniably warm and cozy, so as the temperature drops, you instinctively rummage through your collection. Unfortunately, some sweaters have scratchy fabric that may irritate your skin, while others are so thin that cold air could get through.

Thankfully, some undergarments can provide additional layers between your body and the sweater's fabric, giving you warmth and a smooth, comfortable feel. If the underlayer is going to show through, you can either wear a matching color so that it’s practically invisible or choose a standout shade that switches up your style. Below, you’ll find tips on what to wear under a sweater so you are never feeling uncomfortable. 

strapless long line push up bra

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Comfortable Bras

Leonisa bras cover your skin while accentuating your figure and providing an extra layer under your clothes. 

  • Strapless and skin-colored bras are practically unnoticeable. 
  • Wired bras provide extra support.
  • Wireless bras are snug and comfortable.
  • Lace, push-up bra or a brightly colored undergarment creates a bolder look.

Each bra creates a different silhouette, so pull on your sweater and check yourself in the mirror.

Lightweight T-shirts

Throw on a plain T-shirt for a breezy underlayer. Many T-shirts feature short sleeves and thin fabric that promote air circulation so that you don’t feel sweaty. Wear a shirt with a solid color or simple design instead of a shirt with graphics or logos that you could see through the sweater.


Thermals are undergarments made from thick fabric, such as 100% wool, that trap body heat. Wear thermals underneath your sweater if you’re going to spend time outdoors in the cold weather. They’ll provide warmth and serve as a cozy underlayer.

Silky Camisoles

A camisole is lightweight and breathable, so you can enjoy the sleek fabric without overheating. Common fabrics include silk and cotton, which are soft and gentle on your skin. Typically, camisoles come in neutral shades, such as white, black and tan, that can stand out underneath the sweater. You can also find them in a rainbow of colors.

Look for a form-fitting camisole that doesn’t feel loose or bulky beneath the top layer. Many camisoles have thin or nearly invisible straps, while some have thicker straps for a snug fit.

Smoothing Shapewear

Shapewear conforms to your body to smooth out bulges, makes your frame look slimmer and creates a sleek silhouette. The fabric is tight but not constricting, allowing you to move around easily. Shapewear for women pieces include leggings, camis, shorts, waist cinchers and bodysuits.

tummy control sports pant

Some pieces are black or tan, while others match your skin color so that they’re invisible under your sweater. Unlike other layers, they also shape your figure if you’re planning to wear a form-fitting top. Use a measuring tape to take precise body measurements before you shop.

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Collared Shirts

Collared shirts add formality to sweaters with scoop necks. The collar and top buttons are visible, creating a classy, varsity-style look. They provide warmth with long sleeves and a layer of natural fabric, such as cotton or linen.

You can wear button-up shirts tucked or untucked. Use contrasting colors, such as a light blue shirt underneath a navy sweater or use matching shades for a subtle look.

Snug Tank Tops

Tank tops are light, thin and airy, making them ideal for autumn and early spring. Tank tops made for activities like yoga are particularly cool and flexible. Some tank tops have flares at the bottom, while others hug your silhouette. Look for a form-fitting garment if you don’t want a bulge underneath your sweater.

2 way moderate shaper tank

Dress for Warm Weather

Typically, you can wear a sweater with pieces that you already have in your closet. If you need to stock up, browse Leonisa’s selection of bras for women and shapewear. Choose dark and neutral pieces that keep the sweater as the main focus.

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