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Alejandra Hinestroza
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Marketer by profession and fashion lover by choice

If you were to ask me what I like most about underwear, I would answer: “Everything— Underwear is intimate, but at the same time you can show the whole world who you are with it.”

I am a marketer by profession and a fashion lover by choice. Fashion pioneer who wants to take risks all day, every day. I’m obsessed with animals, so much so that sometimes I think my two cats are my children.

"What I like the most about underwear: Everything— Underwear is intimate, but at the same time you can show the whole world who you are with it.”


I go to the movies a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Last year, I counted more than 70 visits.
I love everything from romantic comedies to independent cinema. I also consider myself a faithful follower of Netflix and I don't miss any series.

Prints, prints and more prints! I also love lots of colors, but I have to confess—I have more black underwear in my closet than any other color. If I could choose a piece of clothing to wear every day, I would choose a floral dress.

Although I am the youngest of the team, I have an infinite desire to change the lives of thousands of women through what I do and through small tips that can help them.


I like to think differently, and I think I do it from the time I get up until I fall asleep. I am not a designer, but I design for pleasure, for inspiration and above all, for passion.

I am 1000% creative with unlimited desire to write and to create content that is useful to real women like you.


I believe in self-love and when us women love ourselves, we look much more beautiful.

What makes me an ally?

My creativity, my refreshing attitude and my last-minute tips. I love being that friendly voice that always has the best recommendations for you.

Until next time 🙂,


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