Pregnancy Underwear Tips and Secrets


Pregnancy Underwear Tips and Secrets

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Pregnancy can feel like an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions. As your body changes, it’s inevitable that your mood changes, too.

Expecting mothers are often under an immense amount of pressure. At Leonisa, we are undergarment experts who want to take at least one decision off your plate.

"A series of tips to keep you comfortable with your body and clothes during pregnancy."

During the first trimester of pregnancy, many ladies haven’t even started to show many physical changes. It’s common for women to continue to wear their usual underwear without feeling any discomfort.
However, in the second and third trimesters, the body gains volume and certain discomforts may occur. During this time, the abdominal area begins to grow, the hips begin to widen, the bust becomes larger and the hands and feet begin to swell. Once these changes occur, it’s important to wear the right maternity underwear to avoid pain and discomfort.

Of course, we receive many questions about choosing the right underwear while pregnant. Some of the most common questions are:
  • How do I know if my bra will fit me throughout my pregnancy?
  • What kind of panties should I wear?
  • Can I use bras?
  • Is lace a bad idea?
  • What bra size should I wear?

Below, I will tell you what you should take into account to keep your underwear comfortable and bearable during your pregnancy.

Choose the right bra

One of the most obvious changes that our bodies undergo during pregnancy is a growing bust. As our breasts prepare to produce milk, our mammary glands grow. This change makes our breasts bigger and heavier, and that is precisely why choosing the correct bra is essential to avoid discomfort. Here are my thoughts:

  • 1. Feeling sexy is possible

    We know it’s hard for some ladies to accept the changes in their body during pregnancy, but the truth is that feeling sexy is a state of mind. In fact, studies show that the clothes you wear and the care that you give your body have a powerful influence on your mood. If you enjoy and feel comfortable about your clothes, you’ll feel better in general. I know that wearing sexy, transparent garments, like lace and tulle, makes me feel pretty. Here are 2 bras that I am sure you’ll love.

    What could make you feel prettier than a beautiful bra in a red, black or red wine color? While the bust looks spectacular, these Leonisa bras also have a delicate, sensual and romantic feel. In addition to looking sexy, look for a bra that provides extra volume so you can feel comfortable when your breasts grow.

    The key to comfort is choosing a size big enough to keep the wires from pressing into your skin.

    If you love bralettes, but you’re wondering if they work for pregnant women, we have great news. Along with looking beautiful, bralettes designed for women with large breasts will offer the necessary support. They work well because their cups are easily adjustable, which will allow you to adapt to the volume of your bust. If you use this bralette in the early stages of pregnancy, it will adapt to changes in your bust and give you the support and comfort you need. A slightly transparent bra will help you show a little skin, so you can keep all your sensual vibes alive. The best part: its fasteners are adjustable, so you can stay comfortable and continue to wear your bra when your body changes.

  • 2. Greater softness, greater comfort
    During pregnancy, your breasts will become much more sensitive than usual, so bras with too many seams can cause discomfort. For this reason, my recommendation is to look for a bra that is light and made from soft materials that are delicate on the skin. Choose cotton and avoid irritation from other materials.

    My recommendation:
    The Leonisa All in One Bra is perfect for pregnancy because it has everything you need for a perfect fit. It’s wireless and seamless for extra comfort, plus, the bra top offers extra coverage at the neckline. This bra is made of elastane cotton, which gives your breasts room to grow up to 2 cups. With wide straps and an elastic base, this bra offers amazing support. Further, the extra padding on the shoulders adds to the comfort.

    Another great option is the Mastectomy Bra. Please don’t be scared by the name. Though it was initially intended for ladies who need to wear a prosthesis, the truth is that this bra is soft and comfortable for all women. It doesn’t have wires or seams, and it’s extremely breathable. Since women often sweat at increased rates during pregnancy, this bra is perfect to keep you feeling fresh.

    The Mastectomy Bra was made to stretch, so it will adjust to the width of your back as you grow during your pregnancy. Simply remove the cups and it works just like a normal top with an extra dose of support and comfort.

Essential tips for bra comfort

Wear the correct size:
Pregnant ladies often ask us what bra size they should wear. Well, the truth is that during a pregnancy, your breasts will most likely grow and your back will probably widen. This growth makes it necessary to go up an extra size in order to guarantee that your bra also remains comfortable at the base and on your back.
To find the perfect size, you should:

  • Measure yourself early in the process- pAt least 8 out of 10 women wear their bras at least 1 or 2 sizes too small. If you’re going for comfort, you must use the correct size. So, use our size calculator on the website to discover your correct bra size. If you tend to gain weight easily, you might consider going up even 1 more size.
  • Consider buckles- Try to choose bras and bralettes that have adjustable buckles so you can continue wearing your bras as you grow.
  • Choose elastic over foam cups- Bras and cups made with elastic instead of foam will adjust more easily to the new volume of your bust.
  • Avoid cups with little coverage- You will want to avoid bras with thin straps and narrow backs because they just won’t be as comfortable or provide enough support for a heavier bust.
  • Don’t use balconettes- Because balconettes are generally strapless, they often have non-slip elastics and are tighter to prevent slipping. Since you’ll likely be more sensitive during your pregnancy, balconettes are not the best choice.

Panties for pregnancy

When it comes to buying panties during your pregnancy, you need to consider your first few months differently from your later trimesters. Lots of women wear their normal panties until their tummies begin to grow.

However, it is still important to consider comfort:

  • Choose fresh materials- Since irritation and infection can be common during this time, consider breathable options like cotton or microfiber-based materials. All Leonisa panties have 100% cotton reinforcement.
  • Go for stretchy materials- Since your hips will likely become wider during pregnancy, it is best to choose malleable, stretchy materials to guarantee a great fit throughout your pregnancy. Stretchy materials will keep your waist and hips from feeling constrained.
  • Avoid panties with shape control- Elastics that compress and tighten the abdominal area will cause you all kinds of discomfort.

Functional panties for pregnancy

Functional pregnancy panties are designed to support the tummy and relieve the feeling of extra weight. Leonisa’s pregnancy panties are made with the latest technology that provides extra support for the lower part of the belly without squeezing or compressing.

The best part is that these panties can sometimes help relieve lower back pain that often accompanies the last months of pregnancy.

As you can see, there are lots of underwear options, so don’t worry! As long as you invest in quality garments, you’ll find comfortable, durable undies.

"All women should feel proud of their body's ability to generate life, even amidst the challenges of pregnancy."

Try to enjoy your pregnancy in style. This is such a wonderful, magical time in your life. You deserve to look and feel good!



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