Do you know how to make your swimwear last?

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cómo conservar mejor tus vestidos de baño

Alejandra Hinestroza
Personal Shopper


How do you take care of your swimwear garments? Here you will find 8 tips on what you should do and what you should definitely NOT do.

This has happened to me many times — I take my favorite swimsuit on vacation to the beach, and when the season is over, I realize that my suit no longer looks the same: it looks faded, the fabric looks very stretched and has little bunches of fabric on the back.

This is something super common that can happen to all women who don’t know how to care for swimwear when we sunbathe, go to the pool or go to the beach in the summertime. Bathing suits undergo many changes due to the heat and extreme temperatures when we wear them out in the sun.

Having to replace your favorite bathing suit after a long time of wear is inevitable, but ther are several things you can do to extend the life of your garment and save yourself a bit of money

This is why as a Personal Shopper, it’s super important for me to share with women how to properly care for their garments, making them last much longer in your closet.

So, how do you take care of your bathing suits? I'll give 8 tips and then some do’s and don’ts that will be really useful for you!

    • 1. Never wash your swimwear in the washing machine (not even on a delicate or gentle cycle).
      Believe it or not, your washing machine can damage the fabric of your bathing suits and create damage that deteriorates your swimwear. For best results, hand wash your bathing suit as quickly as possible after use, in cold water using a mild soap designed for the most delicate fibers.

    • 2. Dry your suit very delicately, and put a towel over it to remove any excess water. Never twist your bathing suit as this can damage the spandex fibers (and I'm sure no one is going to want that!)

    • 3. Never put your bathing suit in the dryer, as this can damage it too! Did you know that heat weakens the elasticity of spandex fibers, causing your swimwear fabric to become looser over time? So, the dryer is a definite NO. The best idea is to dry your bathing suit in the shade on a flat surface.

    • 4. Say no to bleach. This may seem obvious, but try to stay away from bleaches when washing your suits as they can damage the color of your swimwear or create unwanted bleach stains.

    • 5. If you ever want to get into a hot tub, don't worry! This will not immediately damage your bathing suit, so long as you don’t do it frequently (wearing the same suit each time.) However, if you go in the hot tub almost every day, avoid wearing the same bathing suit, as the heat can permanently damage it. For these instances, I recommend wearing different suits, alternating their use.

    • 6. Avoid sitting on very rough surfaces while wearing your bathing suit. Pool edges that are made of concrete or wooden chairs can damage your suits. Always use a towel to sit or lie down anywhere!

    • 7. It's no secret that chlorine and the sun can be a bad combination, and this applies even more to your swimwear. To remove the chemicals that you encounter in swimming pools or even on the beach, I recommend rinsing your suit in cold water after using it. It is important that you do it immediately take it off; Even if you don't have much time, it is very important that you give your suit a rinse and lather it up a bit. This way you can remove saltwater or chemicals such as chlorine, prolonging your swimwear’s life.

  • 8. If you are going to put your wet bathing suit away, always try to remove as much excess water as you can and try to store it in a bag where it can remain wet. Plastic bags that your suits usually are shipped in are a very good option since they are reusable and you can take them everywhere, preventing the rest of your clothes from getting wet. Ideally, you should rinse and wash your bathing suit immediately when you get home to avoid bacteria.

I hope these tips that I shared with you have been very useful to you!

Our swimsuits are very special garments that we must take care of if we want to continue treasuring the best moments under the sun with them.

Until next time 🙂,


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