Lingerie Gift Guide: Best Bras, Panties and More

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Lingerie gift Guide Best Bras Panties and More - Leonisa

Clothing and garments make challenging gifts to give to anyone. But when you want to give more intimate apparel, like lingerie, panties or bras, it presents its own set of challenges. Still, when you pull it off right, it can make a wonderful gift! That’s why I, one of Leonisa’s Personal Shoppers, am here to help you find the perfect lingerie gift for that special someone.

Whether it’s for a girlfriend, wife or best gal friend, I’ve listed the top bra styles and underwear styles that make fantastic gifts. Plus, I’ve included some other intimate gift options for more discerning, hard-to-buy-for ladies.

Occasions for Lingerie Gifts

When we think of lingerie gifts, we tend to conjure up an image of a guy giving his lady (girlfriend, significant other or wife) a box filled with lingerie for Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong–V-Day is a truly wonderful time to celebrate each other's love. However, there is more than one occasion lingerie gifts are great for. (And for the record, women can give other women lingerie gifts, too.

For starters, there’s anniversaries, best friends’ birthdays and even galentines! More specifically, there are lingerie showers, a pre-wedding day party where you shower a bride in sexy gifts like lingerie, robes and massage oils. Separate from a bridal shower (where it might get awkward in front of family members), a lingerie shower is essentially a time for bridesmaids and other closer friends to prepare the bride for her wedding night, honeymoon and more!

Sexy Lingerie

So, clearly, you don’t have to be a guy to give sexy lingerie gifts. Us ladies know each other quite well, too! Now, whether it’s a S.O. or your dearest friend, let’s explore some sexy lingerie gift options for your recipient:

Sexy Gifts


While there are many different types of bras, I want to focus on what makes great lingerie gifts. Here are some of my favorite jaw-dropping bra styles:

Lace Bras - Leonisa

Lace Bras
When you think of the word “lingerie,” doesn’t frilly lace immediately come to mind? Fortunately, Leonisa has a wide collection of lace bras to suit a variety of women’s unique shapes and sizes. Whether they have an interior lining and pad to enhance your cleavage, or are designed in a sheer fabric, lace bras are a lingerie must-have for any woman. The choice only comes down to cup style and shape.

Balconette Bras
Balconette bras give that flattering pin-up girl look. What is a balconette bra, you might ask? These bras are ideal for women with broad shoulders and firm breasts, and they are highly versatile. Some women find them comfortable enough for everyday wear. Designed to accentuate the cleavage, balconette bras are perfect for women who tend to wear low-cut or and strapless tops and dresses.
Balconette bras are not for everyone, though. If the recipient has more narrow, sloping shoulders, they may find a balconette’s wide straps to be uncomfortable or tight, pinching in the armpit.

Balconette Bras - Leonisa

Bralette - Leonisa

Bralettes are designed for fashionistas and for those who are looking for garments that make them feel both comfortable and sexy. Found in a variety of materials such as sheer laces and mesh stripes, bralettes lend a peek-a-boo look, flashing a little lace beneath a tank top. You can also find bralettes with high neck crop tops that can be worn under a sheer blouse.

However, knowing the recipient’s physique, keep in mind that bralettes would make a better lingerie gift for a woman with petite or smaller breast sizes. For this reason alone, bralettes are perfect for young ladies, making them the perfect gift for coming-of-age sisters and friends.

Push Up Bras

Push-Up Bras
Last, but certainly not least, are push-up bras. Designed with angled cups and extra padding, push-up bras showcase the bust and make a woman appear as sensual as ever.

This lingerie gift is ideal for a girlfriend or partner who loves to wear low-cut tops and dresses with deep, plunging necklines. But push-up bras can lift breasts under any ensemble just as well, adding a sexy confident look.


Panties and women’s underwear come in a variety of cuts and styles. Some are more practical than others and would be hard-pressed to come across as sexy. Here are the most sensual lingerie underwear styles.

Lace Panties - Leonisa

Lace Panties
Similar to lace bras, you can find lace panties in a number of styles, from hipstersto thongs. Lace is the pinnacle of sexy and, as a gift, you truly can’t go wrong. From a soft feminine pink to a provocative black, lace panties are a no-brainer for a lingerie gift. The trick is in finding the proper cut and style for the recipient.

With a come-hither look to entice your partner, thongs make wonderful lingerie gifts. As a practical purpose, thongs are excellent at hiding visible panty lines (VPLs), offering a discreet and seamless look beneath a slip or tightly-fitted dress. Thongs also come in many styles, such as G-strings and tangas/sambas.

Remember, however, that thongs are not for everyone. When giving someone a thong, there are some things to keep in mind so maybe make sure the person enjoys wearing a thong to begin with.

Thongs- Leonisa

Cheeky - Leonisa

Cheeky underwear styles are a cross between a boyshort and a bikini. Cheeky style panties make perfect lingerie gifts for those who enjoy low rise pants and jeans. Displaying the round plumpness of a woman’s butt is precisely how this underwear received its name.

Cheeky underwear might be a fantastic option for gifting to a friend or someone who you are not intimate with, as they offer more coverage than a thong, giving them a modest yet flirty look. Plus, it offers an everyday option for a number of activities. Give a pair of cheeky underwear to a bride, giving her something more versatile and comfortable for activities and excursions on the honeymoon. She’ll appreciate something sexy, yet practical enough to wear out of the honeymoon suite.

Other Intimate Gifts

Activewear Waist Trainers- Leonisa

Activewear Waist Trainers
Activewear waist trainers make wonderful gifts for your athletic friends. Constructed with an extra-firm yet lightweight latex material, waist trainers are designed to sculpt curves, eventually creating a flattering hourglass silhouette. What makes them a great gift for athletes though is that, with a mix of exterior latex and interior cotton materials, they can also be worn to enhance results during workouts. When searching for a waist trainer, it’s important to understand the difference between it and a waist cincher.

A Few Extra Tips for Buying Lingerie Gifts

Lingerie Gifts - Leonisa

Now that I’ve discussed a few lingerie gifts, I want to talk about a few extra things to keep in mind as you peruse your gift options. After all, if you find the perfect bra you know she’ll adore, make sure to get her the correct size! Many times, this might be a guesstimate, but I’ll help you make that best guess. You also need to keep the recipient’s everyday style in mind. So let’s dive into a few more tips for buying lingerie gifts.

Keep the Person in Mind
When choosing lingerie gifts, I want to remind you to be mindful of the recipient’s style. Take notice of what styles they wear on an everyday basis. Do they enjoy a frilly lace or something a bit more modest? Do they lean toward neutral shades or bold, saturated colors? Is lingerie a gift for a friend or a girlfriend? Is it for your wife? Or maybe it’s just a well-deserved reward to treat yourself and make you feel sexy. So, first and foremost, consider who the gift is for.

If it’s a complete mystery to you, try to get a sneak peek into her closet or underwear drawer. You might discover she favors smooth silks over cotton materials and boyshorts over thongs. Whatever insight you can find, make a mental note so you can present them a gift they will truly love and wear!

Know Their Size
Once you find the perfect lingerie gift, make sure you get the recipient the correct size. Guessing a woman’s size is a daunting task. On one hand, you might think to size down so as not to offend in case you guess wrong. However, should they need to replace the garment with a larger size, it could lower their confidence. It’s a tricky situation, to say the least. Ideally, again, sneak a peek of their underwear drawer and closet to determine her size. However, if that’s not an option, use these basic conversion charts:

Underwear and panties

Underwear and Panties
Underwear and panty sizes are fairly straightforward. Here are the basic sizes to help you determine the size she needs.

  • Size 2 = XX-small
  • Size 4 = X-small
  • Size 6 = Small
  • Size 8 = Medium
  • Size 10 = Large
  • Size 12 = X-large
  • Size 14 = XX-large

Unlike underwear, bras sizes are a bit more complicated to guess. With the band size and cup size, there are now two measurements. Although this is something we don’t recommend, I did some research and found a method that men like to use when they don’t know their significant other’s size.

If you are totally unsure and can’t peek inside a drawer or closet, there’s actually a very easy method some boyfriends and husbands use to help others determine the correct size–the “fruit method.”

Essentially, you arrive at a relative cup size by comparing breasts to fruit. For example, lemon-sized breasts are an A cup, whereas breasts the size of oranges are a C cup. Here’s an easy fruit-to-cup ratio breakdown:

  • Lemon = A cup
  • Apple = B cup
  • Orange = C cup
  • Grapefruit = D cup

Once you have a rough estimate of the cup size, you’ll also need the band. The band is easier and is just the measurement of the woman’s rib cage.

How funny is that? Of course, as a Personal Shopper, my advice is to try your best and ask your significant other (in a clever way) what their size is. For example, Leonisa offers a Perfect Bra quiz to find the perfect bra based on your size and shape. Suggest to your girlfriend that she should take the quiz to see what type of bra is best for her. I mean, what’s more fun than taking a 2-minute quiz and seeing your personalized results?

Matching Sets Make Great Gifts

When coming up with your lingerie gift idea, consider matching sets. For instance, you could pair a lace bra with matching color lace underwear or add a silky robe in a coordinating pattern. Presenting them with a complete ensemble for special date nights or self-care days around the house makes the gift that much more thoughtful.

If the idea of presenting them with a bra intimidates you, you can always give them a matching set of pajamas or loungewear. Without having to worry about band or cup sizes, you only need to estimate in general sizes like small, medium and large. It takes the pressure off a bit!

Matching Sets - Leonisa

Still Unsure? Get in Touch!

If you are still unsure and hesitant on a lingerie gift, schedule a one-on-one appointment with me or another Leonisa Personal Shopper. As your personal style confidants, we all can offer friendly advice and help you search for the perfect lingerie gift for your wife, significant other or best friend. Whether you only have 15 minutes to spare to chat or wish to communicate by email or video chat, we can offer you expert advice on colors, materials and styles that your recipient will absolutely love!