How to Pack Bras and Panties When Traveling

Packing can feel like a puzzle that, no matter which way you arrange it, never quite fits together correctly. Even with foolproof packing accessories to aid in the process, it's still difficult to pack certain items, which commonly includes smaller and more intimate items like bras and panties. 

When it comes to packing different types of underwear and bras prior to travel, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Additionally, we have a few tips to help you quickly and effectively pack your intimate items so you arrive organized and get through your stay without losing anything in the bottom of your suitcase. Here's our guide to packing bras and panties when traveling. 

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Lay It All Out

Start by choosing the underwear and bras you'll need throughout the duration of your travels. Underwear is often the item that is severely overpacked, and while you might want to pack an extra pair or two just in case, you definitely don't need three pairs for each day away from home. A good rule of thumb is to pack one pair for each day with two to three extras, depending on how long you'll be gone, plus a black bra, nude bra and a sports bra if you need it. Choose your underwear based on what you usually wear and what you'll be doing while you're away from home. If it's a work trip, bring what you typically wear to work and what won't show through pants or dresses. For trips that involve lots of exercise, walking or sightseeing, it's a good idea to bring seamless panties or the type of underwear you usually wear with activewear in general. 

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Choosing bras to pack might involve a bit less thinking because you can rewear them with multiple outfits, but don't just throw any of your bras in the suitcase. Think about what you'll be wearing during your trip and pack according to bra style. Among other options, you might need a sports bra, nude bra and a strapless bra option for everyday wear. Additionally, don't forget
a sexy bra if you're going away with your special person! In general, don't pack anything that's uncomfortable or that you would never reach for at home. These bras and panties will most likely stay in your bag the entire time and take up space. Choose styles that fit well, stay comfy all day and make you feel great. Lay them all out on your bed or a surface where everything can be seen at once so you know exactly what you'll need to pair with specific pieces and outfits.

Winning the Packing Game

Once you have curated the perfect selection of undergarments to wear during your travels, it's important to know how to fold your underwear and pack it thoughtfully. When you arrive at your destination, you should be able to choose which underwear to remove from the suitcase without messing up the entire inventory. In other words, don't pack three bras and eight pairs of underwear in a scrunched up ball. 

While there are many packing and folding methods for bras and underwear, consider rolling your underwear in a condensed tube shape before placing it inside your suitcase. This helps you to know what you have in your suitcase without having to sift through a flat stack of underwear during your trip. For bras with cups, think about folding them in half and stacking the cups on one another with the straps tucked in to avoid any added mess. The bra stack can then be placed atop your underwear rolls to keep them from moving. Sports bras and other specialty pieces should be rolled or folded in the way that takes up the least amount of space so you have room for the rest of your outfits and accessories! 

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